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    Windows 10 black screen of death thanks nvidia

    Performing clean install of windows 10, install all other drivers, and as soon as I install nvidia's drivers, either 353.62 or 353.30. explorer is no longer running. The nvidia driver install complete dialog is minimized and it can only be closed. Device manager, command windows, control panel...
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    Intel SSD 750 PCIe SSD Review: NVMe for the Client

    Intel releases NVMe SSD for Clients at less than $1/GB and Bootable :D Sequential Read 2,400MB/s Sequential Write 1,200MB/s 4KB Random Read 440K IOPS 4KB Random Write 290K IOPS Tested Motherboards...
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    Missing SLI option: 2 x 6800 Ultra and Vista 32-bit

    I am not seeing the SLI option in the nVidia control panel. Motherboard is A8N-SLI SLI selector card in the dual-card mode BIOS set to dual cards SLI bridge connector installed Latest nVidia drivers installed Both video cards functional in device manager Both video cards are identical, BFG...
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    Fermi GTX480 is broken and unfixable

    Don't shoot the messenger
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    Marvell SE91XX SATA Controller with SSDs

    Does anyone have any further information on this issue raised by Looks like SSDs don't run well with this controller. :( I was looking at a P6X58D, but if the Marvell controller doesn't perform with SSDs what the point...
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    Nvidia castrates Fermi to 448SPs

    IT LOOKS LIKE we were right about Fermi being too big, too hot, and too late, Nvidia just castrated it to 448SPs. Even at that, it is a 225 watt part, slipping into the future. The main point is from an Nvidia PDF first found here. On page 6, there are some interesting specs, 448 SPs, not 512...
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    Why would anyone play CoD on a xbox instead of the PC?

    I can't understand the attraction playing CoD on the xbox. The console port of CoD to the xbox seems lame; Resolution 1024x600 No AA/AF filtering. (upscaling doesn't help much) Controller is difficult to aim requiring "aim assist" No free user created mods No free user created maps Multiplayer...
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    Nvidia kills GTX285, GTX275, GTX260, abandons the mid and high end market

    Take this information with a grain of salt, NVIDIA IS KILLING the GTX260, GTX275, and GTX285
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    Window 7 - Nvidia - Pan & Scan

    I have a 24" 1920x1200 LCD ( DVI connection) and a 1080p TV (component connection) connected to 8800GTS video card. If I enable clone mode (duplicate these displays), the resolution is changed on the 24" LCD to 1080p, 1920x1080. The native resolution 1920x1200 is not available. Tried switching...
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    Microsoft's about turn: Windows 7 tech testers will get free copy of OS

    Microsoft has taken a sharp about-turn and decided to let Windows 7 technical beta testers have a free copy of the Ultimate edition of the OS after all.
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    DataSlide reinvents hard drive

    This technology looks promising, ...2-dimensional array of 64 read-write heads, operating in parallel, is positioned above an piezo-electric-driven oscillating rectangular recording surface, and delivers 160,000 random IOPS with a 500MB/sec transfer rate...
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    SMM (System Management Mode) exploit

    Security Researchers Joanna Rutkowska and Loic Duflot are planning to release a research paper + exploit code for a new SMM (System Management Mode) exploit that installs via an Intel® CPU caching vulnerability.
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    Microsoft may ship Windows 7 in September

    According to Compal president According to Ray Chen, president of Taiwanese notebook maker Compal, Microsoft could start shipping Windows 7 in late Q3. “According to current planning, it should be late September or early October,” said Chen, and Microsoft has not confirmed nor denied his...
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    Windows 7 Looking Like a June 2009 Delivery

    ...Microsoft seems anxious to put Vista as far behind it as possible...
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    Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless by New Exploit
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    EVGA 9800 GX2 1GB $285
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    nForce 15.17 Drivers

    I am running a nForce4 chipset MB and my boot drive is setup in a RAID 0 configuration on the nForce SATA controller, running the 6.86 drivers, WinXP Pro. What is the proper procedure to update the drivers? If I uninstall the current drivers, I don't think the box will boot because the RAID...
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    HP DreamColor LP2480zx

    I want one, but not at $3500 :eek: The LP2480zx features a 30-bit LED backlit display, with a range of more than 1 billion colours. The screen was designed in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation and comes bundled with the HP DreamColor engine software and calibration kit. The LP2480zx is...
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    A8N-E Beep Codes

    My neighbor's PC has been working for ~2 years with no issues. Last night it would not POST, no display and made 5 beeps, two short pause 3 short. From the phoenix beep codes it appears to be CMOS read/write error, 1-1-3. Cleared CMOS in an attempt to resolve the problem but had no effect...
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    New LG W2600HP 26" S-IPS

    Just saw this at a CeBit 2008 post, It's only on the German LG site, 1920x1200 @ 60Hz response: 5ms GtG contrast: 1000:1 (5000:1 with DFC) sounds like Samsung's dynamic contrast brightness: 400 cd/m2 Inputs: 15 Pin D-Sub, DVI-D (with HDCP)...
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    Where are all the NEC 2490s?

    My CRT is starting to die, so I've been looking at LCDs since large CRTs are not made anymore :( Newegg and Tigerdirect do not list the NEC anymore. Could NEC be releasing a new 24" this spring? The 2490 is kinda dated. The new 3090 has a faster response time than the 24, 6ms GTG (12ms) vs 8ms...
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    8800 GTS 512 G92 Specs Leaked

    Core - 650MHz Shader - 1625MHz Memory - 1000MHz 256-bit
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    Laptop from hell

    No wimpy single shot weapons here ...
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    Silent Running: Stress test transition: L0 -> L0

    Anyone know anything about this event log error from nvidia? Event Type: Error Event Source: nv Event Category: None Event ID: 106 User: N/A Description: Silent Running: Stress test transition: L0 -> L0 0000: 00 00 00 00 02 00 4e 00 ......N. 0008: 00 00 00 00 6a 00 aa c0 ....j.ªÀ 0010: 00 00...
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    Asus A8N-SLI Revision 2 Coming Out

    The ASUS revision 2 of the A8N-SLI board is going to be a much better overclocker I have heard from my ASUS rep./ friend... They have added more voltages and what not, and fixed some SLI bugs. Should give DFI a run for their money. But, they don't expect this board to be out for a lttle while...
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    Toshiba Tecra A3

    I am looking at a laptop for visual studio C++ development and dvd viewing on the road and this looks too good to be true for $1100. The specs for the Tecra A3 are: Intel Pentium® M Processor 730 [1.60GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 533MHz FSB], Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset, 15.0” diagonal standard TFT...
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    DVD playback on TV with nvidia

    I have a nvidia FX5600 ultra rev2 with TV-out connected to a TV using a S-VHS cable and a standard monitor connect to the VGA port. Running WinXP SP2, nvidia's 66.93 drivers and nview set in clone mode (monitor primary display, TV secondary display) everything works fine except when playing...
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    Abit has the best RMA policy

    Last week a client had an old Abit BP6 start to crash on him. I had him examine the capacitors on the motherboard and he said they were leaking and bulging. The motherboard was purchased in April of 1999. He was able to get an RMA number form Abit online, and shipped the board to Abit. After...
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    Home Theater/Gaming God Box

    I am building a HTPC/Gaming computer for a friend of mine and money is no object. He wants the fastest STABLE system money can buy. I am using an Intel P4EE instead of an AMD FX-53 because I feel Intel's chipset drivers are more stable than VIA's or AMD's. I may be wrong on this account but I...