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    1100t Going back up in price?

    Wasn't it 179 at one point?
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    Jumped the gun with an XFX card.

    Anyway, I bid on a used XFX card on ebay, and (even though the auction isn't up), I've learned from the seller that he didn't register the card. :o He has had it for 3 months (supposedly), but I realized (even I though I should have known this dammit!) that you must register within 30 days to...
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    Possibly getting a SC

    Whelp, I'm thinking of getting a sound card.......I haven't had one in ages (I think :confused:), and would like to see how it compares to an on-board unit. Currently, my on-board unit is the Realtek ALC887 8 channels.....(whatever). In terms of sound cards, I was looking at these potential...
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    Can't decide!

    Okay, someone recently bought this Samsung monitor for me, which is pretty nice. However, then I noticed this particular Acer monitor. Well, since I play games, I figured the Acer monitor would be marginally better; particularly in terms of "future-proofness." Furthermore, it has a longer...
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    Upgrade Question

    One of the computers in my house is running an Athlon II X4 620, but I was wondering if I should upgrade it to a Phenom II X4 955 or 965. Upgrading to Phenom II X6 isn't out of the question either, since the motherboard supports it. Also, the computer might be used for gaming. Does it make...