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    Furminator pet brush $13 for large, $12 for medium at amazon I bought one to try it out... i think my friend has one and it gets a shitload of hair.
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    Red Dead Redemption $45 at amazon

    PS3 and 360
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    Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and 360 $46!!!

    Xbox 360 PS3 Use code NEW15 at checkout to get it to $46. co-op download content comes out tomorrow. cant wait :cool:
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    Amazon kindle 2 now $189

    Free 2day shipping too Kind of want to jump on this, not sure. :(
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    Logitech ultrathin illuminated keyboard w/ backlighting $45 AR on amazon

    http://**************/9VU1BI ive seen this keyboard and typed on it... if i didnt have a perfectly good imac keyboard that i paid $50 then i would have this thing. it was sweet.
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    Cheap 360 games @ amazon: bionic command $11.26 mirrors edge $10.41 crackdown $12.75

    Dark sector $6.65 Mirrors edge $10.41 Crackdown $12.75 The Saboteur $18.96 Bionic Commando $11.26 bought some cuz im already sort of bored this summer
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    Final fantasy XIII PS3 $37 at amazon This is a deal of the day which im pretty sure means it only lasts for 24 hours
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    God of war 3 $37 with $10 future game credit at (and other ps3 games)

    Pretty ridiculous price.. depending on how you view it spending $27 for a great game God of war 3 for $37 with $10 future game credit You can then turn around the $10 and spend it on this... Uncharted 2 for $42 with $10 game credit
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    Silverstone cases at amazon + free shipping + rebates = good deals (RV02 $140!)

    In my hunt for deals on a FT02B i found that amazon basically beats everyone else simply by offering free shipping. Also theres free shipping on EVERY silverstone case, this along with rebates means some damn good deals RV-02B for $140 after rebate!!! RV-01 for $170 after rebate FT01B for...
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    Demon's Souls ps3 $30 at amazon

    Super super hard game, but pretty rewarding. harkens back to the old days of more hardcore style games
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    HD 5850 reviews?

    Where the hell are the benchmarks for this card, i certainly dont want a $400 graphics card and since this card *should* be taking the place of the 4890 price point right now I definitely want to see what it can do.
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    Is there a faster version of mem test out there?

    Im running it right now and i basically need to test several sticks of memory i have... i was having memory problems with my OCZ sticks (comptuer was severely screwed up), so i bought two new corsair sticks on MONDAY (2x1gb ddr2 pc6400). My comp is still crashing just not as much i guess you...
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    apple LED cinema 24"

    Anyone looking at this as their next monitor? Depending on the reviews im strongly leaning towards it. I need a monitor for graphic design and gaming, im wary of the 24" HP with its wide gamut display, otherwise id just get that. Are there any previews or reviews of this thing out already?
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    Anyone got an X-Fi titanium? Im having sound delays when encoding in DDL... this sux

    So i dropped $100 on a creative x-fi, and i enable DDL (dolby digital live 5.1) encoding because i have a 5.1 setup hooked up to my onkyo 805 via optical. I immediately notice in TF2 theres a significant 100ms or more sound delay... it really screws with your bearings. I find it weird, so...
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    HP LP2275W 22" S-PVA monitor $400 at this is an S-PVA 22" 1680x1050 monitor... im not in the market for anything less than a 1920x1200 monitor but somebody...
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    A lot of 9600GTs available now at Newegg ($180 starting)

    (list stolen from slickdeals) GIGABYTE GV-NX96T512H-B GeForce 9600GT $180 (650mhz) Leadtek PX9600GT GeForce 9600GT $180 (650mhz) PNY VCG96512GXPB GeForce...
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    My fan is broken in less than a week of having my 8800GT

    this is retarded, i got in the BFG 8800GT deal at bestbuy, got it last tuesday from them. Ive been using the thing on games for pretty much every day since ive gotten it, and tonight during crysis the fan makes this SUPER LOUD clicking noise, the temps seem to be fine, but the clicking noise is...
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    Anyone got a large file with unlimited bandwidth to download from?

    I need a large file that has unlimited bandwidth so i can test my download speed. I know theres tests on dsl reports but i never reach those speeds and i dont know why.
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    Need NEW heatsinks for chipsets on my evga 680i LT mobo Heres a picture of it BOTH fans need to be replaced on this thing, they are LOUD AS HELL, they are at least 35-40 decibel a piece, its absolutely terrible. Can someone recommend some heatsinks for both of them? im not...
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    Scythe S-Flex Fans - are the ratings bullsh#t? I was checking out quiet 120mm fans and looking primarily at 19-23 decibel fans. I look at the scythe one and their airflow is a whopping 49CFM Now check out the nexus one: 23 decibels, and only 37CFM The scythe...
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    EVGA 680i LT + Thermalright ULTRA-120 = STUPID DAMN BLACK PLATE

    So i buy an ultra 120 today because i got an e6400 that i plan on OCing, and the thing fits on the top, but on the bottom theres a tiny little chip or something thats maybe 1mm tall and its in the perfect place to completely fuck over the backplate for holding the ultra 120 up. Is there any...
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    Having troubles with Audigy 2 ZS --> TOSLNK --> Onkyo Receiver

    So my computer with soundstorm bit the dust and im using my newer computer with my audigy 2 zs soundcard in it (had it for a while), the problem is i have a 3.5mm "mini optical to regular optical" cable, but it seems my audigy 2 zs just WONT produce sound out of my damn onkyo tsr603x receiver...
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    I just bought an E6400 + EVGA 680i LT.. can i upgrade to Q6600 later?

    I just got a pretty good deals at frys: E6400 OEM + EVGA 680i LT (one with lifetime warranty) for $260 after rebate my current pentium D 803 is pure crap and doesnt overclock well at all, its holding back my x1800xt 256mb from running hl2 well. Today i picked up some of this stuff...
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    Want to use spare power supply to power some fans... how?

    My entertainment center gets hot as hell with a 360 in it and an onkyo receiver... i drilled some holes for some 120mm fans (antec ones i had lying around) in the back and now all i gotta do is power them somehow... i have this crappy ultra 500w power supply ($5 at frys!) that i figure i can...
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    New Westinghouse 22" (LCM-@@W2)??

    in the bestbuy ad is the "bestbuy exclusive" westinghouse 22" lcd specs: 1680x1050 5ms 700:1 DVI/VGA only $399 though, seems pretty solid for 22"...
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    Well, my 2005fpw has a ton of burn in.

    damn LCD monitors have more burn in than my plasma!! i dont even know how i get wavy line burn in... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! oh well, dell better honor their 3 year warranty..
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    Help me OC a 3200 venice w/ DFI ultra infinity please :(

    specs: 3200+ venice purchased very recently (so its not one of the earlier weeks) 2x512 of this XP-90 with sufficient cooling DFI NF4 Ultra Infinity I currently have my 2400 mobile OCed to 2.3ghz 24/7...
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    Antec P180 Released - yay for aircooling it has finally come! after waiting for several months we get the delicious p180 ohh and if you put 4 of these nexus fans (currently the best fans for silent cooling in america IMO): you would have one of the most...
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    Athlon +2500 FSB/FREQ HELP!?

    I have just recently finished building a new comp with my dad. Specs as follows: Antec Sonota case 430 truepower A7n8x deluxe +2500 athlon barton core radeon 9800 pro 160 GB WD 8 mb cache So.. heres the problem. Computer boots up fine, we have installed windows already. I go to BIOS...