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    Update on Piledriver FX6300 build

    Well guys, After going back and forth between a FX and Radon 7770 or just putting together an A10-5800K build, I went with the FX and Video card... FX 6300 8 Gigs of 1866 Radeon 7770 1GB Windows 8 With all stock settings, no overclocking of any kind I went and purchased Skyrim and...
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    Recommended PS Wattage for new build

    Well guys, I think that i've decided to go with an FX 6300 and a Radeon 7770 over an A10. What wattage PS is recommended? I will not be overclocking anything. Thanks in advance
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    Is this a good motherboard for a budget FX 6300 build? ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ AMD 970
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    AMD A10-5800K Skyrim performance?

    I'm looking to build an A10 rig, will a new A10-5800K with 16 gigs of 1866 play Skyrim at an acceptable level? Thanks in advance
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    Help me decide my new Win 8 budget build

    I want a nice general useage PC, Light to moderate gaming..... Skyrim and the upcoming Phantasy Star 2 Online, I'm not looking for a smackdown gaming rig. A10-5800K or a new Piledriver 6300 and discreet low cost Vid card? I don't want to build a full on gaming rig, when I simply...
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    New Piledriver 6300 build, please recommend a Motherboard

    I'm looking for a rock solid motherboard that will support the new Piledriver 6300 and Windows 8 out of the box, I would prefer Micro ATX and I do like either Asus or Gigabyte. Thanks in advance
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    New Build, best low to mid range Radeon

    I will be building a new system in the next couple of weeks, it will either be the new FX 4 or 6 core, along with 16 Gigs of 1866. I'm looking to do some light to moderate gaming, skyrim, diablo 3.... Looking for the best Radeon for under 150, low power would be better. Thanks in...
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    Building a FX6100 system need MB advice

    I will be ordering my new system soon, what is the most compatable and reliable Micro ATX motherboard that is out of the box ready for the FX processors.
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    32 Inch 1080P LCD TV as computer monitor?

    I currently have a 24, which i'm giving my wife. My rig is a bedroom computer that I use for very light gaming but mostly Netflix and Blu Ray moves. I'm currently using a PC TV Antenna but it sucks, I'd like to have a dual purpose Computer Monitor and TV. I will be connecting with HDMI...
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    Need Rock Solid Micro ATX MB under 100$

    I'm thinking of either going i3 or i5 Sandy Bridge this time around, i'm weighing the options VS going AMD FX. I'm usually an Asus user, I will not be overclocking at all, what is a good rock solid Matx MB. Thanks
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    AM3+ Micro ATX MB with out of the box FX support

    I will be doing a budget build over the next few weeks, which Micro ATX board out now has Bios support for FX Processors? I don't have a AM3 proc, so the bios must support FX out of the box.
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    Micro ATX MB out of the box ready for FX?

    I will be doing a December build and am thinking either FX 4 or 6 core, I want a MB that will work out of the box and not need a Bios update to recognize the processor. Thanks in advance.
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    New Christmas build, torn between FX6100 and Saindy Bridge 2500

    I'm at the 3 year build cycle... My current system is a Phenom 1 9950 BE, never overclocked... 8 Gigs of DDR2... Main uses are Surfing and Video.. Netflix and or Blu Ray. With my new build, I will be going with a quality Micro ATX MB, 8 Gigs of ram, I will NOT be overclocking...
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    Quit crying like nerdy babies....

    BD is the first of a new architecture, they don't have the resources that Intel has point blank and if one expects them to, just buy Intel. I'm a Geek like everyone here BUT, some folks need to get away from the keyboard, go outside and most certainly seek the company of the opposite sex...
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    Going with an FX 4100 to replace a Phenom 1 9950BE

    I love the fact that it is 95W as opposed to 125W and it seems to be a modelst upgrade to my old processor. It also seems to be faster in 50% of benchmarks against the i3, which the FX is a bit cheaper.... Can anyone recommend a decent Micro ATX MB to go along with this quad?
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    AMD Marketshare up! Can't wait to see the effects when Bulldozer desktop and Server are out.
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    New A6 3650 Llano locks up and artifacts while stress testing.. Any info?

    I've paired this new A6 with a Gigabyte A75M-UD2H MB. I've installed both Win 7 and XP, when running Sandra Lite and other stress testing software, the machine gets blue stripe artifacts on the screen and hardlocks. While running Sandra Lite yesterday, case open, I had hardware monitor...
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    Is the WOW basic client a free download for new players?

    If someone is totally new to WOW, is the full client a free download? Do they just need to open a paid account... Or do new players still have to buy the basic client? I'm not talking about any of the expansions...
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    Re-Starting WOW, creating new char is it worth buying BC just for Blood Elf?

    I'm re-opening my account, starting a new char on new server that has several friends, is it worth buying Burning Crusade just for the Blood Elf Option, I'll be creating a Horde Mage, is the BE that much better than Troll or Undead? Thanks in advance...
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    Have the origional WOW, only have low lvl chars and thinking of playing again

    My max char lvl is like 20 or so, is wrath of the linchking worth picking up for me? Or should I just re-open my account and play?
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    Forget Expensive Soundcards

    I'm just running optical out to this new 2.1 setup...
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    Computer Speakers VS Receiver and towers

    I'm debating if I should go with a high end sound card and computer speakers OR just buy a lower end receiver with some Polk towers, I have optical out on my Mobo that I could just route to my receiver. Thanks in advance.
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    Thinking of buying Denon AHD 2000 where are they made?

    I've found these on for about 230 shipped, I'm wondering where these phones are built? Thanks in advance
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    Looking for best Music PCI express soundcard for under 100

    I've just built a new system with a micro atx mobo, I've had creative cards for years the most current is in my old system which is an X-FI extreme music, the problem is that with this new micro mb and my videocard the PCI slot blocks my video card from getting air, but I have one available pci...
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    It's official, straight from the XFX website, ATI cards in 2009
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    No video at startup, unless I turn on the monitor before power up...

    My system is the one in my signature, it's only been together for a little less than 2 weeks. If I turn my monitor on first, then boot my system, everything is fine. No errors or anything suspect in Device manager. I have CCC 812 installed and the latest Bios for my Mobo. If I boot my...
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    Should I go with Vista 64 or XP pro with my new Phenom build?

    I've listed before that i'm building a 9950 BE, 4GB and a 4850. I already have a copy of XP Pro, should I spend the extra 100 on Vista 64, will it give me any benifits or utilize the quad core processor better than XP? Thanks in advance
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    New Build how is this Mobo? ASUS M3A78-EM AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Mother

    My plans are a Phenom 9950 BE, a single 4850 and 4 gigs of ram, I will not be overclocking anything on this system, I just want a nice quality stable board. Thanks in advance....
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    New system build Vista OEM VS Retail

    I'm building a new system from newegg, my question is if I buy the OEM version of Vista 64 and register it with my new system if the Mobo or video card dies in 6 months and or have to replace major parts will I have to buy a new copy of Vista each time I either replace or upgrade hardware...
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    Best NON sli or crossfire motherboard, prefer Asus

    I'm building a new system around a 9950 BE, 4 gigs of ddr2 1066 and an 4850 video card, I will not be overclocking, I just hate to invest in a board with 2 video slots when i'll never use one, I prefer Asus and quality and stability is the most important...
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    Best modular PSU or under 130.00

    I just hate to have a ton of unused cables that I will never use..
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    When will 45nm Phenoms be available for purchase?

    When will 45nm Phenoms be available for purchase?
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    What PSU for my system, no overkill

    My new system will be a Phenom 9950 BE, 4 gigs of DDR2 and a single 4850, 2 7200 hard drives and a single optical drive, what wattage PS should I get, I don't want to go overboard, I just want releiablily I will NOT ever be overclocking anything ever but may move to a better video card...
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    Best Radeon 4850 512 MB on the market, period, not looking to OC

    I'm looking for the best 4850 on the market, will not be overclocking, I want a card that has very good stability and is backed by a good warranty. Thanks in advance...
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    Building new PC, which version of Vista should I go with?

    I'm torn between Vista home premium 64bit or Vista Ultimate 64 bit, what is the difference in features? I can get the vista home for 99 and the ultimate for 179
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    List of the components that i'm ordering

    This is the list of components that I'm ordering for my new system, please keep in mind that I will never be overclocking this system at all. How is Vista 64 home premium, what is the difference between it and ultimate? Take a look at this combo and let me know what you think...
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    Building a new system, making the switch back to intel, need help

    I'm building a new system, i've decided to go with a 6600 Quad over the 9950 Phenom, my question is I will not be overclocking this system ever and i'll be running window XP pro for a while, until windows 7. My current system I have an ASUS board and have been very, very happy with it...
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    Putting together a new Phenom system, it's been a while

    Hello, I currently have an Athlon 64 3200+ with 2 gigs of ram and a 7800 GS video card, it still is a great running system but it's about time to build a new one. Please keep in mind that I will not be overclocking anything ever, the most important thing to me is decent performance but...
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    I love my new Zune!!!!

    Don't belive the horror stories from the Mac nuts out there, the Zune totally rocks, much better than my 30g Ipod video that was nothing but trouble. Installation and configuration was a snap and the all you can eat option at the Zune Marketplace rocks, and you can bet that there will...
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    I need help, with X-FI, Free burning soft and foobar...

    I have a xfi extrememusic sound card, well to make a long story short, first off I need a free cd burning software advise, and also, i'm thinking of switching to foobar for my mp3 player, I don't like the DRM in WMP and Creative Mediasource, well if I use foobar, will it support all of the...