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    Does anyone use a Prepaid service???

    Hey Hard, Just wondering about pre-paid cell phone companies. In the store the other day i noticed that there is some is some great deals (or so it seems) on some prepaid plans. For example, Netzero offers unlimited everything (including 3G data) for $50 a month. looking online...
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    Im right about to root my android, any last tips before i pull the trigger?

    Like the title states... Also, a big question, is it wise to back up my phone before i root? will i automatically lose my data and apps? Rooting HTC Thunderbolt
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    Is there an app for that? thread

    I thought this may be a good idea. If you want something from your phone and cant find a good app, chances are someone else knows of one to fit your needs. Ill go first, I need an app that allows me to manage Widgets, specifically, i would like to turn then off/on without having to go into...
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    Some trouble from the forums today

    Got a few different errors throughout the morning. First i got a 403 Forbidden error in the Firearms section. About an hour later i recieved an error message from my smart filter (DHS USCG "could not connect to") Later i went to reply to a thread and when i hit submit it...
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    Xbox 360 users: anyone downloaded the Black Ops' DLC yet?

    It was released this morning, havent had a chance to check it out, has anyone played it yet? Really interest to hear about the new Zombie map...
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    Which is better?

    well which one is a better experience/funner/better investment???
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    Radical Fishing: very fun but short Fun, easy, simple. A lot of fun once you upgrade, but the game only takes about an hour to beat. Enjoy
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    Suggestion for the Firearms sub forum in GenMay.

    Since FS/FT threads are allowed in that section, is it possible to make a Sub forum for it. Not that it bothers me or anyone else, but i think it could potentially encourage people to publish FS/FT gun items in Genmay, which, would be pretty nice. anyways, just thought i would ask, seems to...
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    problems with [H] and my mobile phone.

    This is a minor problem, but definitely an inconvenience. However i do not believe it is something to do with the forum, and more less looking for advice from other iphone users. The problem is, my phone will not "remember me" and i have to log in every time i visit [H]. yes i hit the...
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    Call of Duty is going to have a subscription service attached to it

    Don't know if this is true, but if it is, they are likely shooting themselves in the foot. i hope this is false
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    Adjust the Rating System..

    Hey I was wondering if you guys would consider adjusting the rating system.. In almost every section if you sort the threads by highest rated (or lowest rated) almost all sections have no threads that are rated. Even in General Mayhem there are only about 10 threads that display a rating.. I...
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    Need a program to password protect certain programs..

    Just like the title states, does anyone know of a program out there that i can password protect any program i wish?? preferably free :rolleyes:, Thanks Guys!
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    New MW2 Map pack..

    So i got online last night and noticed there was a new map pack. It's called the resurrection pack, The maps all seem to be pretty good. The Trailer park is my favorite thus far. They also added Vacant from COD4, which IMO is very nice, another great map from the last game. the pack includes...
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    New MW2 Map pack is out!

    the DLC is out, anyone tried it yet??? im stuck at work :(
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    Starcraft 2 TD game... awesome!

    this is a repost from the WLWC section in General Mayhem.. i thought i would share to those guys that don't have the subscription anyways this is a great TD game
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    Favorite current FPS consoles only!

    With all the new FPS's out, which is your favorite current ONLINE one???? -sorry if i miss any, seems like everytime i put up a poll i leave some out! -Poll incoming
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    Battlestar Galactica Gets Its Own Massively Multiplayer Game, Frack yea No release date yet, not sure if this will be good, but interesting
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    MW2 DLC Comig This Week!!!

    For those still plaing MW2, might find this interesting. This is from Robert Bowling (Fourzerotwo) via Twitter Link *Update 3, found this on xbox forums *update...
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    Now that BFBC2 is out which is better MW2 or BFBC2

    Now that both games are out, In your opinion which is a better game?
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    Modern Warfare 2- New Map Pack Info

    For those who still care about MW2, I came across some gossip. This website is pretty good on news, and updates. does not have a release date :( Source: (parent site) (source)
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    Mobile App for [H]??

    Hey guys, i was wondering if there are any Apps for [H] or any future plans for any? I apoligize if i posted this in the wrong section ;) Thanks Admin
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    One Click Bob

    this is a repost in General Mayhem, figured i post it here for all the non-Genmayers, pretty fun and easy, lower the clicks the better
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    FPS Freak? anyone tryed it?

    I just ordered this product, sounds like it might help, not expecting a big difference but it seems like you can be more precise with aiming etc. Has anyone ever heard/tried this product...
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    Gaming Headsets for the XboX 360, Any suggestions???

    I looking into buying a gaming headset. any suggestions??? i head mixed reviews about this one
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    Happy n00b Slaughtering Day!!

    Well today is the day that kids around the world will just now recieve the Infamous Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and will have no idea how to play it. So have fun slaughtering n00bs!!
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    2 cool warfare games... 1 is WW2 and the second one is WW1, there both pretty fun WW2 WW1
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    NCAA 09 for Xbox or PS3?

    The New NCAA has came out, Has anyone played it or heard anything good about it??