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    Apple studio for gaming

    The latest apple studio Is it an idle rig for high end gaming?
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    What is apple doing with its wearables?

    I saw September 14 apple event, its been 7 years and apple hasn't done much with the design language of apple watch. I am not here to criticize what apple is doing, I am here to express my opinion. No doubt Apple watches are the #1 selling smartwatches in the world or perhaps #1 wristwatch in...
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    iPhone 12 Pro Max Night mode video recording

    iPhone 12 Pro series have this photo night mode photography. But is video recording possible in the night mode?
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    Which Samsung Series SSD for my MacBook

    I am looking for a 2TB SSD for my 15 inch MacBook Pro 2015 model Though that MacBook already has an SSD, and its smooth, but its 512GB I am looking for an SSD that will provide more space and if possible better in terms of performance
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    Google has the money, why it doesn't reinvent Android Kernal System?

    First of all this isn't an apple appreciation thread. I own iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Both have the latest state of the art Mobile hardware. But from my years of experience I found iOS more polished and smooth, I've been using iPhone since the days of 6s plus and even in the...
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    What to do with my MacBook Pro 15, 2015 model

    I bought this MacBook pro 15.6 inch model way back in 2016 few months before the new models were announced. Its running good, but there are 2 issues with it. 1. Dead Pixels: Yes there are few dead pixel, not noticeable unless you pay close attention. 2. Speakers Burst: I replaced its speakers...
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    Looking for iPad Pro M1

    I am thinking of buying an iPad Pro M1 with 256 GB Storage. My only doubt, is it worth to spend extra $ for cellular functionality? iPads without cellular don't have the option of using GPS in their maps. Though I rarely use iPad for navigation. But occasionally the big screen with the maps is handy
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    Should I buy an iPhone 12 Pro or mini for dad

    I recently bought iPhone 12 Max Pro for myself. Love my device Now it’s time to get dad something, he owns an iPhone 7 classic. So I was thinking of getting him an upgrade. So I am stuck with iPhone 12 Pro (not max) and mini. My dad is an old man. Though he will prefer small form factor. But...
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    LiADR app for 3D model

    Can someone suggest me app that utilize iPhone Pro Max LiADR sensor to make a 3D map of a room or house used for architects?
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    Airpower alternatives

    Can someone suggest me an alternative to apple's cancelled product Airpower, that has all 3 in 1 charging but instead of normal wireless, it has Megsafe
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    Apple AirPods pro vs Bose QC 35

    I've been using Bose QC 35 headphones with my iPhone for 4 years but now these headphones have started showing its age and technology trend changes very fast. Now that I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, I am rather tempted to buy Air Pods pro because of these reasons. 1. QC 35 no doubt good, but it...
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    Protecting Camera Lens iPhone 12 Pro Max

    I just bought an iPhone 12 Max Pro, 256 GB Golden color. I always love my gadgets, always take extra care of it, Despite the fact that stainless steel ring, ion glass are durable than ever (not sure about ceramic back which is brittle and more prone to crack if it ever falls), the micro...
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    Should I buy iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Should I buy iPhone 12 Pro Max or wait for next generation. I already have an iPhone XS Max so with 12 Pro Max will i feel the 'Wow Factor"?
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    Golden Stainless steel Apple watch series 6

    I just bought a 3 months apple watch series 6, from a student who was in need of money to buy a PS5. It is stainless steel with golden color in brand new condition, with zero scratch. I separately bought a Milanese loop for 35$. Though this isn't the original provided by apple but its certified...
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    Apple watch battery life

    We all know that if a battery is fully discharged, it reduces the battery life. Now I have an apple watch. There are occasions when I don't wear that watch for weeks. So i don't charge my watch and keep it fully discharged and off as long as I am not wearing it. Will this have a significant...
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    iPhone 12 Pro and Max From Apple's event till now. Whats up with Apple putting so much hype with 5G? I can understand that its a mobile internet technology that provides insane speed for internet. But this isn't...
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    iPad Air (2019) vs iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

    I am looking for a new iPad, keeping the budget in mind, I decided to go for latest generation iPad Air. I read reviews of latest generation iPad Air, I liked everything about it, except for 2 things. 1) 2 Speakers instead of 4 2) Lack of ProMotion Display. Keeping the budget into the mind i...
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    Air Power Subsitute I was eagerly waiting for Apple to launch Air Power. But now that its cancelled, can someone recommend me some third party substitutes, that are closest to Air Power in terms of features?
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    Video Recording iPhone XS Max

    Last night i recorded stage show using my iPhone XS Max. According to specification, Apple brought stereo recording for the first time in iPhone. But when i played the recorded footage, I noticed, that the sound was hardly audible on the top speakers, even when i bring it close to my ear, it was...
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    Washing iPhone XS Max in water

    We all know that iPhone XS Max is IP68 certified water resistant, so it may imply that if it accidentally falls inside a pool, there is noting to worry. But If we make it a regular practice, gentle washing your smartphone with tap water, in case there is too much dust mounted, in areas, hard...
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    Multi Functional Laser printer

    Can someone recommend me a good multi functional laser printer with these features.. 1) Colored printing, auto duplex 2) Scanning (Auto duplex), Auto feeding, ADF 3) Fax 4) Photocopy (Manual and auto feeding) 5) Wifi 6) Cloud printing (and scanning if possible) 7) I know the laser printers...
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    Home Security

    Can someone recommend me a good, reliable, durable and easy to install and configure IP / CCTV cameras for the home, which connects using Wifi and can be configured using iOS and Android?
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    Camera Lens protection for iPhone XS Max

    I recently bought an iPhone XS Max. Yes I always take extra care of my gadgets, so i do have a case and tempered glass protection. But the lens is expose, therefore vulnerable. My old iPhone 6S Plus which I am still using, also has a case and tempered glass protection, with lens unprotected...
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    Using E-Sim in iPhone XS Max

    I just got an unlocked iPhone XS Max. My main sim is still connected with my iPhone 6s Plus, which is still running great. Is there a way i can use e-Sim for my Max in such a way that, when I turn off my iPhone 6s, it should automatically enable network in Max?
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    iPhone XS Max is it just the frame made up of stainless steel?

    I am planning to buy a 256 GB version Golden iPhone XS Max. Being a part of Apple Ecosystem, I was waiting for a phablet like this come into the market, I skilled iPhone X, which it also a good device. But XS Max, its a near perfect device in my eyes, from camera, to screen to multimedia and...
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    Bose® Soundlink® revolve

    I am impressed with Bose® Soundlink® revolve speakers, Portability, durability, reliability, sound detail and above all else manipulating it using Apple Sir and google voice. The only thing that i didn't like about these speakers is ......... Bass. Is there any speaker system which provide...
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    Translation App

    Can someone suggest me a translation application for iOS, Where in chat application, anything that I type, it automatically translate into the desired language? Google translation is cool, But you type and then copy and paste the desired text is a lengthy process. What I want is, lets say, when...
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    Something happened to my MacBook speakers :(

    Not sure if its because of the latest update. But Whenever I play youtube or any movie. There is this crackling sound in the speakers as if the speakers are bursting. My MacBook is more than an year old I have started worrying that if the speakers are really gone, it will cost me a lot to get...
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    Onscreen fingerprint reader?? On screen fingerprint reader. That's revolutionary. If tech can allow on screen finger print reader, it should also be possible to have front facing camera that can hide behind...
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    H.265 in High Sierra

    High Sierra and iOS 11 introduced H.265 video format where the size of the video is compressed to 1/10 without compromising the quality. I upgraded my Mac Book Pro 15 to High Sierra, is there a way in the settings, through which any video that i synchronized with my iPhone automatically converts...
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    Intel 8 generation Core i7 What they claim, is this really a good CPU for gaming?
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    Looking for a new Rig

    Its been long time I decided to but a new gaming rig. Here are the requirements 1) Primary purpose: Gaming, but I want to do some development too. 2) Where do I live: South Florida. 3) How much is my budget: upto 2500$ 4) CPU: Latest or last generation Core i7 Quad Core, with enough room for...
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    MacBook Display turning off

    I have started facing this issue that my MacBook's display suddenly turns off. As a result i have to perform a hard reboot by pressing power key for some seconds. Can someone suggest me a solution?
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    Using Brother MFC Printer with Mac

    I own a Brother MFC 9340 multi function printer. I do a lot of scanning and printing using this machine. I own MacBook pro 15. Which uses Brother Control Centre for scanning. Is it possible to scan multiple photographs using ADP? When I scan a photograph it doesn't automatically crops the photo...
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    New MacBook Pro 15

    The new MacBook Pro 15 is a huge upgrade over an already good previous generation state of the art Mac Book pro. But apple removed the apple light, that lights up on its back :(( The light adds the extra premium look and feel which distinct's MacBook pro over other MacBooks.
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    Android Virtual Device for Mac

    Can someone suggest me an Android virtual device that i can run in my MacBook Pro? I am looking for a VDM, which I can run multiple instances and run any android application within that VDM
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    Android Virtual Device for Mac

    Can someone suggest me an Android virtual device that i can run in my MacBook Pro? I am looking for a VDM, which I can run multiple instances and run any android application within that VDM
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    Best Speech to text software

    My dad hates typing. Can someone suggest me some good speech recognition softwares using which my dad just speak and it should automatically convert it into text in MS Word?
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    Getting used to the forced trackpad of the new MacBook pro 2015

    Its gonna be almost a week when I purchased my new Macbook pro 15. Today for the first time I tried the forced track pad's deep touch. It is a great feature, that will take some time to fully explore. What I have noticed is, this deep click is bit harder compared to the forced touch of my...
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    Problem with the Brother MFC printer driver and softwares in my Mac Book pro

    Last week i installed Brother MFC 9340 drivers and softwares for printing, scanning for Mac. It worked fine. But today i could't find those applications in my MacBook I didn't uninstall it. When i try to reinstall it, it shows the progress bar for a second and then disappears. Although my...