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    X850XT-PE or X800XT

    Guaranteed: The X850 XT PE will have Xakt same speeds as an X800 @ 440/580.
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    6800GT overclock?

    Just a question: How am i going to benchmark D3?
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    Weird Error With 6800GT

    your temps are really hot, my GT runs @ 50° idle and 60° load...i would recommend the silencer
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    Best nVidia Driver

    And where can i get those 70.xx drivers? And have they produced any errors or something?
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    Best nVidia Driver

    Just a question: Which futuremark-approved driver runs the best 3DMark03 score?
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    Best nVidia Driver

    Yeah but newest drivers often aren't the best drivers
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    Best nVidia Driver

    Hello! I've got a simple question. What is the fastest nVidia driver for a GeForce 6800 GT? I'm currently using 61.77 or something like that and I'm not sure whether I#m using my resources perfectly or not. THX for help
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    Build a "dream machine" and need help picking video card.

    NICE! Can you show me the Motherboard which supports 512 slots for RAM? :D Would be my next system, with 512 GBYTE of RAM...^^
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    Could use some help with my PNY 6800GT

    AHHH! Always those ****ing benchmarks^^ - your score in 3dMark05 is very good, I would care not one minute. Your score is more likely to be achieved by a 6800 Ultra - sure you didn't buy one of those cards?^^ However: Just play the games. Don't benchmark.
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    6800 ultra/ultra extreme overclocking results

    Gainward GeForce 6800 GT Golden Sample GLH Edition Default cooling: 420/1220 NVSilencer5: 455/1370 :cool: Get's about 15900 points @ 3dmark03 And I'm wondering why this card makes this clock...normally, it would have to be fried, wouldn't it? However...I like it^^
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    6800gt install issue

    Question: How loud is it? Just pure interest...
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    Build a "dream machine" and need help picking video card.

    Full ACK. Difference between 6800 Ultra and X800XTPE is minimal - this is only a conflict between two sides of !!!!!!s and flamers. And I agree, you should buy more likely 1 GByte of CorsairXMS or Kingston Hyperx (which I own), a better PS (I recommend: LC Power supersilent with 550W - that's...
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    So maybe I can get some help

    Helping would be easier if you had posted your sys... Otherwise, it could be the 70.xx beta driver...try 61.xx, the 70.xx has a lousy performance
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    I'm currently using a GeForce 5950, worth an upgrade?

    I wouldn't buy an upgrade yet. Buying a card of every new generation coming out isn't really recommendable - first because you don't need it really and second it's devastating of you look @ money^^ . I would wait for maybe 1 or 2 new generations (the radeon X850s are not so far away anymore)...
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    As already said: Just order it (in case you want a geforce) directly at To OC: The Golden Sample was doing right well with default cooling at 400/1100, but this is nothing special because otherwise it wouldn't be a "golden sample"^^ (attention: i already heard about a few...
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    HL 2...Best game ever. Period.

    lol. nice way to look at this topic...^^
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    Review of my graphics and HL2

    And what is this going to say? :confused:
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    You pay 785$ for 6800GT Golden Sample? Not even is sending those cards to such prices... :confused: I recommend definitely not the X800 XT, for it's 1)far too expensive and 2)it has no shader model 3.0, which would be a great thing if you really want to stay on this system 2...
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    6800oc problem.....

    Full ACK. 6800OC's in fact are shit - i have seen 7 of those little bastards already and NO single one has made any point at OC, 2 of them even didn't work at stock speeds...;) good tip: get another card!
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    Why Am i Getting This???

    the look in the first screenshot is really weird ;) looks like you are developing HL²... just kidding. But it's odd that you've got no mixed up or wird looking textures, but NO textures (depending on 1. screenie) - doesn't really look like VGA mistake...or, in fact, I never heard about...
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    Is this card (link inside) a BFG FX6800GT OC?

    399$? I'm wondering if you really will get this card at this is much too low, isn't it? Or am i wrong? A more realistic price for getting this card is 450$.
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    Is this card (link inside) a BFG FX6800GT OC?

    399$? I'm wondering if you really will get this card at this is much too low, isn't it? Or am i wrong?
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    9800xt vs 6600gt?

    just one little comment... I think it'll be someway stupid to buy such a graphics card if you own only 256 mb of system memory - minimum for a good performance is 512 mb. the smart way would be to buy a cheap DIMM of RAM so you've got 512 mb and then buy a 9800pro and bios-flash it to...
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    What Do You Think Of XFX's Video Cards?

    I've just bought the XFX Geforce 6800 GT (but for AGP) and I've got to say it's excellent hardware. Overclockable to 430/1120 which is far higher than stock 6800u clock, without any problems and (compared to other 6800gts with default cooling) very silent. Warranty is 1 year i think, but that's...