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    Warm? Refurb Palm M500 + dock $11.98 AS Newegg

    Need a super cheap PDA? I'm trying to think of a reason not to spend $12 on this thing. :D
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    Staples Black Leather Computer Chair (mid-back) - $44.99 (FS on orders > $50) $44.99. Free shipping (overnight) on orders greater than $50. Just add some...
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    Stats Update in Progress!

    :mad::mad::mad::mad: I've tried to check my score the past 3 days. I've checked at least 9 different times over the past 3 days and it still says stats update. WTF??? :confused: Folding@Home
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    Looking to upgrade from Phenom 9600

    Looking to upgrade. Trying to stay as cheap as possible. Just looking for a CPU. I have an ECS A780GM-A v1.1 mobo (AM2+) Is the Athlon II x4 620 a decent upgrade? I do a lot of video editing. Not a lot of gaming. Rest of PC's specs in sig. What about an Athlon II X3 to save some...
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    Merom Celeron or Yonah Pentium Dual Core?

    My wife's laptop runs a Merom based Celeron running at 2ghz. It runs decent, but has a hard time viewing HD videos. Also, since there is no throttling, it gets a little hot in your lap. Since the warranty just expired, I was thinking of upgrading the chip, but C2D chips are really expensive...
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    Disable auto Phenom TLB in Windows 7

    OK, my BIOS doesn't have a TLB fix override toggle. In Vista I used the program here and set it to run on every boot up and it worked like magic: It doesn't work in 7 Pro x64. I've tried...
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    Been folding for Team 33 for at least 4 years

    And I finally broke into the top 1,000 for the [H]orde! I've been folding on 1 PC at a time for all this time. It's not much, but I'm glad I could help. Go Team 33 for a cure!
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    BFG 9600GT Coil Noise

    I know there is a big thread about it on the AMD/ATI board, but I wanted to see if any people on the green side have this problem. The noise is a high pitched electrical whine. It's not the PSU or the GPU cooler. It is definitely coil noise coming from the analog voltage regulators on this...
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    Install graphics driver for Server 2008 standard

    Installed Server 2008 in my server (ditched FreeNAS). It's just going to be a simple file server. Nothing fancy. I've heard from others that you should just leave the standard VGA driver alone. It's going to be a headless server connected via gigabit ethernet. Won't that offload the video...
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    Backup FreeNAS to Windows

    I have a FreeNAS server that I set up on my network. It contains all of my data. When I access my music, etc. it's sreaming the data from the NAS. I want to backup that data to a hard drive on my local windows box. I thought about using SyncToy. It's painfully slow, though. I can send...
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    Turn my old super thin p2 266 laptop to a netbook

    Is it worth it? I have an old Toshiba notebook. It has a p2 266 with 256mb RAM and 10gb hard drive. The reason I want to use this as a netbook is that it has a 12" screen and could give the air a run for its money in thinness. It was REALLY expensive back in the day and came with Win 98. I...
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    Stop a certain HD from spinning in Vista?

    I don't like my main HD to stop spinning in Vista, so I turn it off. But, I have a backup HD that only runs 3 times a week for backing up data. I don't need it spinning 24x7 when it is only accessed maybe a few hours a week at most. Is there a way to stop that certain HD from spinning, then...
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    ECS A780GM-A BIOS problem

    I flashed my BIOS to the newest BIOS because I had hoped it would solve IDT sound issues. Well, after I flashed it (the program said successful), I got a CMOS Checksum error. The BIOS would not save any changes. No matter what you did, nothing saved. It was as if the BIOS was in read only...
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    Wii Media Center

    I have been busy looking on the interwebs for a Wii Media center. I want to be able to listen to my music (mainly), look at pictures (some time), and watch video (rarely). I've tried Orb, but it took too much PC resources. There's one I haven't tried, but development stopped, so no...
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    ECS A780GM-A "Black Series"

    What are some people's thoughts on this board? I'm looking for an AM2+ to replace my crappy ECS 6100 mATX board that came free from a Fry's bundle last Fall. Newegg Link EDIT: Forgot to say that I'm looking to spend less than $80 with shipping TIA
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    Why can't I find a Wii???

    I have been searching for weeks now for a Wii that is not bundled with some crappy games that costs $400+. All I want is Wii and Wii Fit and I don't want 3 or 4 crappy games I'll never play. I have been paying close attention to, but no luck for at least 3 weeks. Every...
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    PCI-E SATA controller vs. onboard

    I have a crappy mobo (the free ECS 6100-sm mobo that Fry's hands out with their AMD CPU/mobo deals). It only has 2 SATA ports onboard (not sure of the chipset, but it is SATA-II). So here is my setup: Onboard SATA port 1: 160 GB WD Boot HD (although Vista insisted on putting the boot...
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    Not as dumb a question as it sounds: Celly or P4?

    My wife's Dell Inspiron 1150 lappy is starting to show it's age. It has 1.25GB PC2700, 2.6 celeron (no speed step) 400mhz, and an 80GB Seagate 5400.3 IDE. I opened it up one boring afternoon and to my dismay, it's just a desktop proc s478 chip, heat spreader and all. My question is, does this...
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    Dell Inspiron 1150 CPU upgrade?

    Just received a free Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop and am going to give it to my fiancee. It has a celeron (ugh) 2.6 ghz. 26 x 100 bus = 2600 mhz. I opened it up to see what was in it and much to my chagrin, it has a full fledged desktop cpu in it. The celly has a heatspreader and nowhere on...
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    I just retired my Emachines M6810...

    Well, it was a good laptop. It still works just fine, but it is just too dang heavy. Have I really aged this much since Jan 2004? ;) I replaced it with a Gateway MT3423 14.1" Old Laptop: Emachines M6810 AMD 64 Clawhammer 3200+ (1MB cache) 512 MB DDR333 (added 1GB stick to make it 1.25 GB)...
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    Woot off TONIGHT!!!

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    Possible Woot-off tonight 5/30/07!!!!

    Just a heads up for the [H]ardforum guys! I'm 3 for 3 in predicting these things :) :D :D
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    New Lappy or stick with Emachines m6810?

    Hey all! Just graduated college and am headed off to law school. My folks (since they are not paying for law school) offered to buy me a new laptop. I currently have an Emachines m6810: Mobile Athlon64 3200+ Clawhammer 512MB DDR333 80GB Seagate 5400.3 (perp recording) 15.4" widescreen...
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    Cool & Quiet Vista 32-bit

    How do you enable it? I know that there is no official driver from AMD. It is enabled in my bios (see sig for specs) - I tried downloading that XP 32-bit driver, ran it in XP compatibility mode w/ admin rights, and it installed correctly. I can also see this when I create a custom power...
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    Possible Woot-off tonight!!! 1/29/07

    I received another woot-off alert!!! Stay tuned... I was right on the last one: proof
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    [W]arm: Palm Z22 (Refurb) PDA $59.99 + Shipping @ Outpost Kinda warm - good if your mom or gf needs a cheap pda Here's a review
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    [H]awt: Sennheiser HD202 DJ Cans (Headphones) $19.99 Free Ship w/Paypal @ Egg

    I just bought these and I'd thought I'd share: Free Shipping with PAYPALFREE promo code (from previous [H]ot Deal thread) - only works for Paypal, of course. :D :D :D More: If you can't spare the extra $2, then get...
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    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ or Sempron 3100+?

    Like the title says, which would you rather run? My soon-to-be-fiance has an Athlon XP 2500+ Barton core in her pc now. It's a mATX board and case. Is it worth it to buy an el cheapo $25.00 (after rebate) mATX mobo and throw in that s754 Sempy I have laying around? Or would she just be fine...
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    Possible w00t-off tonight! 11/15/06

    just got a text message alert from w00t...stay tuned! :D
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    61C too high for Opty 165?

    Folding now on both cores 100%. Chip is currently @ 2.4 w/ stock volts. I just noticed w/ everest that im @ 61-62C - too high or alright? Ambient room temp is about 78F - ambient case is about 47C My HSF is Artic Cooling Freezer 64 EDIT: the hsf is pretty hot to the touch, so it...
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    2GB PC2100 or 1GB PC3200?

    What would you guys rather have? Have a 1 GB stick of DDR266 laying around and wanted to know if it is worth the speed hit for 1 extra gig?
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    Which Sennheiser earbuds should I get? mx 400, 450, or 500

    Hey all, I want <$20 ear buds and I'm a loyal sennheiser user - so which ear buds should I get. mx 400 = $6 (pretty freaking awesome price) mx 450 = $11 (same as 400 but with "basswind" and nicer looking) mx 500 = $13 (mx 400 with volume control on cord) Thanks all!
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    So what's the difference in the new FXs?

    Saw it on the main page, The Afthlon 64 FX 70, 72, 74 are 2.6, 2.8, and 3.0ghz respectively. So what makes a FX 70 different than an FX 60? If it has anything to do with the performance numbers like vanilla Athlon 64s the 70 should be what about ~20% faster than the FX 60 - yet it is the...
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    s939 Semprons?

    At my grandma's house here in Mississippi and I was looking at her brand new Compaq PC. I saw the sticker on it and downloaded cpuz just to make sure she didnt get ripped off and got a socket A sempron. To my surprise, it says it is a s939 Sempron :eek: :confused: I didnt know they made...
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    Dapper Drake is out!!! Discuss... :D
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    buy AMD sempron lappy now (s754) or wait for socket s1?

    The GF needs a new lappy for graduate school. I was eyeing those 14" compaqs with a sempron in it (she uses word and firefox - thats it). They are socket s754 w/ single channel DDR333. When will the new socket s1 for laptops come out? Will they be as cheap? Should wait or get one now while...
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    1GB DDR400 or 2GB DDR266???

    Well, I ran into a stick of 1GB DDR266 Kingston Value. PC in sig. Is it worth running 2 GB dual channel DDR266 or would you rather have 1 GB DDR400? Right now I have 2x512 MB DDR400 in DC, but my server has a stick of 1 GB DDR400 and I received this DDR266 1 GB stick from a friend. If...
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    Adding MP3s to WM11 over a network problems...

    Hey all, thought this would be a good forum to ask this: When I want to add music to the Library to WM11 over my network, it only adds the WMA files. I have around 50 gigs of music (most are rips and 320 mp3s) on my file server (Windows Server 2003) that I want to add. iTunes...
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    Can anybody photochop this barn?

    My girlfriend is Aggie class of 2006 and I am class of 2007 This is a barn on the way to College Station from Dallas that the corps of cadets paint. For some reason it was the freshman year and the senior year. If possible, can any people with greater photochop skills change the '09 to an...