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    Sony set to reveal new Playstation on Feb 20, USA/Japan launch this year Only 3 weeks away. Although I'm not expecting pricing info until E3.
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    Next gen console poll

    What looks better to you ?
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    Need a $50 or less PSU recommendation for budget gaming build

    I'm building a new system consisting of an i5-2500k with ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 and GTX-560 or 6870 system. I will never use SLI or Crossfire. Just one optical drive, and one hard drive, looking for a no frills but solid psu. Around $50 or less from Newegg please. Thank you.
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    Recommend Gskill ram to go with ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

    I'm building a new budget priced i5-2500k rig from newegg. Is 4GB (2x2) sufficient for gaming and light multitasking ? So 240 pin DDR-3 1333 speed is what I want ? I see 10600 and 10666. What about latency, is 9-9-9-24 good enough ? Thanks in advance. Edit: Does this look ok ...
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    Best sub $200 video card ?

    Simple question, what's the best sub $200 video card out now ? I'm building a new system for the first time in a long while. I'm looking for something to go with an i5-2500k. I'm inclined to go with Nvidia since I haven't bought one of their cards since NV25. But ultimately I just want the...
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    Best "budget" LGA 1155 MoBo for overclocking

    I'm finally ordering parts for my new build. My last gaming system, which I haven't bothered to boot in over a year, was a single core opteron and X1900. :eek: I've settled on an i5-2500k and GTX-560 or 570. I don't need SLI. I just want a basic board that has the chipset to allow...
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    What's the minimum PSU for an HD4850 ?

    I helped my brother build a new system last night. And I need a recommendation for a decent, budget PSU available from Fry's Electronics or Newegg. Hopefully $50 or less. It's a budget build, we tried to reuse as much as possible. He bought a Phenom X4 925 and ddr-3 memory, MSI 790GX...
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    The Lost and Damned & Ballad of Gay Tony coming to PS3/PC March 30, 2010

    I thought it might happen eventually. ;)
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    Nintendo passed on Natal The natal games will be light on graphics so I doubt the loss of the chip will matter. Is Killer Instinct still in the works ? Or what is Rare doing ? Still secret ?
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    New GT5 time trial demo arriving Dec 17th

    :D It's part of a contest for the GT Academy.
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    Enhanced God of War Blu-ray announced

    I heard a rumor it might include a God of War 3 demo. :eek:
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    Alan Wake PC held back ?

    So I guess Alan Wake now maybe timed exclusive to X360. Apparently the developers have recently changed their tune in a recent interview stating "we're not discussing the PC version at this time". Some are speculating it might be delayed 6 months to a year after the console release due to a...
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    Rockstar Games Announces Agent Exclusively for Playstation 3 Despite a lack of footage, this is the megaton in my book. How can this game not kick ass ? :cool:
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    Nintendo's E3 Keynote

    New Super Mario Bros Wii "Mario 4D." 4 players
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    Rumor: Sony Has A "Megaton Announcement" In The Works For E3 PS3 slim ?
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    GTA 4 vs Saint's Row 2

    Pick the winner.
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    New GoW 3 Trailer - Epic scale

    SD: HD: :cool: Looks huge.
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    Middle East Gamer's Review

    I had another thread about Killzone 2, but apparently the review was taken down from their website until the embargo ends. But the review score and the other comment is still available on metacritic. Here was my favorite part talking about the graphics: There is simply no substitute for...
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    Killzone 2 makes Gears 2 look like a high school attempt at gaming an educational interview... Summary : Carmack says the PS3 is technically a more powerful...
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    Who makes a good DVI switch ?

    I need a box to switch between two DVI sources and a monitor. I don't need KB/M too. There is a new Belkin SOHO 2-port switch model F1DD102U no reserve on ebay. Looks like it was originally quite expensive but it has terrible reviews...
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    Eurogamer Killzone 2 hands on preview ^minor spoilers I wonder how many levels in total on SP campaign ?
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    Playstation 3 80GB $339 from

    Free shipping Promotion Code: P8KJNT4LV44T9S
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    GTA4 Read me (graphics bugs galore)

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    Fallout 3 stability

    Is Fallout 3 stable on your system ? And by stable, I don't mean performance, but if and how often it crashes or freezes.
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 release date + new PS3 bundle

    6/12/08 Metal Gear Solid 4 + 80gb PS3 + Dual Shock 3
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    Fallout 3 new preview Pete Hines says FO3 is around 50-80% the size of Oblivion. That actually sounds huge, if the content is more packed together. Also he says they're using 2-3x as many voice...
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    Mass Effect is coming to PC (May 2008)

    Optimized for the PC, Mass Effect for the PC incorporates the following features: * Optimized controls designed specifically for the PC. * High resolution visuals – Mass Effect for the PC features highly detailed textures, characters and environments. * Fully customizable...
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    GTA IV coming April 29th 2008 !!!!

    It's official. Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29th. No PC release info. Yesterday an embargo ended on new previews. Check the usual suspects. This game is phenomenal.
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    GTA IV New Trailer

    So the new trailer is out today. Looks fantastic. I think the story line and characters will be even better than the last few games. I like the new theme song. I just hope they can maintain a steady 30fps on the consoles.
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    Vivendi to Buy Major Activision Stake Good news, bad news, indifference ?
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    SCEA: PS3 Sales tripple since price drop As expected the price drop has really helped sales. It will be interesting to see the hard numbers when the November NPD arrives.
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    1up reviews Enemy Territory Quake Wars w/ screenshots 56k warning

    9.0 "The smartest shooter in the room is also one of the sexiest. Our Review" My own contributions: Fan screenshots with mouse freelook: Got some good ones ? Post 'em up. :D
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    Firing Squad tests ET: Quake Wars performance Not looking good for R600, especially with AA. Drivers need work. Runs great on my X1900XT though.
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    ATI Catalyst hotfix for Quake Wars demo

    The beta ran fine. The demo wouldn't load. I got an error. Updating to cat 7.9 fixed it. Also I saw this hotfix. It improves performance on HD2900XT cards.
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    Bioshock Demo Runs Awesome

    Recommended spec will easily handle this game. Playing on high, I usually get 40-60 fps.
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    GTA 4 delayed till 2008

    Yup it's true. :(
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    watching high definition cable on a computer

    Is it possible to watch HD cable channels on a computer LCD monitor ? I've already got a cox HD box hooked up to an actual hdtv downstairs, but I would like to have the ability to watch upstairs on the computer when others are watching crap on the tv downstairs What hardware would I need to...
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    Far Cry HDR not working

    So those new crysis videos got me nostalgic and I installed Far Cry again. ;) Problem is I can't seem to get HDR working. Did a fresh install and loaded the 1.4 cumulative patch. I bring up the console and type \r_hdrrendering 7 It seems to accept the command because it outputs...
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    ps3 HDMI output to DVD-I or VGA ??

    Ok so I hooked up my PS3 to my SDTV and it looks ok but I want hi res. I want to hook it up to my LCD monitor but can't find the right adaptor ? (My lcd monitor only has VGA input) This morning I bought an HDMI to DVI cable at radioshack. Then I was going to use my DVI-VGA adaptor that...
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    How is AMD's rma ?

    An associate's A64 3500+ died. It was a retail cpu purchased from Fry's about 2 months ago. He's got the receipt but threw out the box. Fry's told him outside of 15 days, he's got to deal w/ AMD directly. This cpu was run stock and may have been the victim of an ECS motherboard...