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    madVR black bar cropping for ultrawide not working the way I want it to

    Hi, I'm using madVR with MPC-BE x64 (both their newest versions) and trying to get it set up to remove top and bottom black bars without losing image content on my 21:9 ultrawide AW3423DW. With these settings I'm getting this. If I try to use the "if there are big black bars:" option, it crops...
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    eBay - Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB $30 - Free 2 Day USPS Priority

    Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 HUA723020ALA641 2TB 64MB cache Internal Hard Drive got mine from them today. Power On Count 28 times Power On Time 1059.6 days S.M.A.R.T Status Good just so you know what you're buying. these are high quality enterprise level drives with an...
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    Deskstar vs Ultrastar?

    looking at a couple of refurbished 3 TB drives on newegg -- $70 for the Deskstar and $90 for the Ultrastar. what's the actual difference between the two other than branding? is the Ultrastar worth the extra $20?
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    NVIDIA makes source code for select GameWorks libraries available to developers via GitHub

    NVIDIA Advances Real-Time Game Rendering and Simulation With Launch of NVIDIA GameWorks SDK 3.1
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    The Division Beta on a 980 Ti low-ish settings

    feels bad man
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    980 Ti Hybrid BIOS flash

    can someone who has done this, preferably with this specific card, give me a tutorial on how to do it? i'm not liking that mine can only hit around 1471 MHz stable in games at 1.224V (+87 mV in AB), and the fact that even if i push it to 1500 MHz, i get throttled by the power draw limit. even...
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    Buy another 970 to tide me over until Pascal or sell the one I have and buy a 980 Ti?

    i understand that a 980 Ti is pretty much superior in every way, however the main thing i'm worried about is resale value. i'm thinking that if i go the 970 SLI route, i'll end up losing less money in the end as even when Pascal is announced i should still be able to sell them both for around...
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    Could someone do some tests for me?

    after seeing those Fallout 4 benchmarks and the massive increase in framerate with faster RAM, it got me wondering. i've played quite a few games over the past few years where my CPU and GPU would both have low usage, yet my framerate would also be low (i aim for 120+, so low to me is anything...
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    ASUS PG278Q $550
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    ACX 2.0 (not 2.0+) EVGA GTX 970 $290
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    4890 dvi port

    sold my 770 and i'm using an old asus eah4890 in the meantime. everywhere i look i see that both dvi ports on the card are supposed to support full dual link bandwidth, yet the yellow one seems to only be single link. my vg236 will only go to 60 hz when plugged into the yellow port (supposed to...
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    MSI Gaming GTX 770 2GB 199.99
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    CRT/DP question

    i'm going to be getting a mitsubishi 2060u for quake. the only ports on my card that are available are hdmi and dp. do i need an active vga -> dp adapter to use the crt with my gpu (will be doing 800x600 @ 160 Hz) or will a passive one (like this) work? i ask about the dp adapter because it's...
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    weird temperature increase...?

    was messing around yesterday with the 1.3V afterburner softmod, then went back to my every day overclock and now my gpu is idling at 46C when normally it'd be ~32C. it's not running any higher clocks than normal or anything (idles at 3D base clock because of my monitor setup) and the voltage is...
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    afterburner/rivatuner osd update rate

    ever since afterburner 3.0 or something, the osd update rate was changed from every frame to once per second. i was able to find out how to fix this before, but since updating to 4.0 i can't find the fix again. does anyone know how to make afterburner's osd update every frame? it's driving me...
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    Seasonic 760W 80+ Platinum Power Supply ($169.99 - $45 code - $25 MIR = $99.99) promo code: EMCYTZG587 expires 11:59 PM PST 7/3
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    NVIDIA GeForce 337.88 WHQL Driver
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    never had a problem like this before

    so a couple of months ago i broke a piece of my ath-a700s, didn't affect the headphones at all. obviously it upset me, but they're fine. now, a week or two ago i started hearing noise whenever i rubbed my feet on the ground or my dog touched me. that's pretty weird, right? how is my headphone...
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    heads up if you're looking at H100i for 1155/1150

    The posts on the backplate are too tall, so when securing the block with thumbscrews, it won't fit tight and give you good pressure. In my case, temperatures can be dropped by around 10C by pressing on the block with my fingers. I have a 2500k @ 4.5 GHz 1.3V and under Prime95 my hottest core hit...