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    Photobucket Phishs. Anyone else getting them?

    Ugh, looks like PB getting spammers/Bots and phishers, better let your naive friends and families know not to fall for these. Just had 3 today thinking I was cute from this picture v Did a look up on the number. Another report thread on another forum...
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    X-Mouse Button Control vs Setpoint 2 for G700.

    Doing a clean install of Win7 64. Anyone use X-mouse for multiple game profiles? How do you it compared to Setpoint? Thx, d.
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    Questions for Galaxy Nexus owners. No video out.

    My coworker has a Galaxy Nexus 32GB( don't know what Android version) on Verizon and I got her a MHL cable for her TV (Magnavox 26MD350B) so she could watch movies, play games with the Wii-mote or even...
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    Reinstalling Win7 homeprem x64 on my laptop.

    Bought a SSHD for my laptop and decided to do a fresh install using HP's bare recovery from the restore disks. Is there a way to use the new HDD virtually so I can install programs while using the old install on the other HDD? Thx, d.
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    35w vs 45w HS/F for my laptop.

    Able to snag a 45w HS/F for my laptop which have a 35w CPU. Here is the 35w HS/F. Is there any down side from use a larger heatpipe?
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    Trouble w/ Samsung Spinpoint M8 1TB HDD

    Got this drive as a 2nd HDD in the ODD bay in my laptop to play/store media. Been getting drive failures and system crashes here and there. Bought a larger drive to replace it and threw the m8 in the main bay, cloned the OS HDD to it and it couldn't handle the load and latter that night...
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    Video Cards thread. Do not have permission.

    About to get a subscriptions. Is this a paid thread or did I get banned from it? Thanks, d.
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    Toshiba HDTB115XK3BA 1.5TB USB 3 HDD

    Anyone have one? Been planning on getting a couple for the HDD inside for my laptop, but I'm getting conflicting reviews saying that they have USB on the HDD's control board instead of SATA. thx, d.
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    Coupon: Free Panda Express food. April 17 2013

    Samurai Surf & Turf No purchase necessary, while supplies last, participating locations only. Enjoy, d.
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    Pulling emails and vids off of client's PC.

    Client brought in his old PC that doesn't POST. -Win XP MCE 2005 -250 GB HDD Stated PC gave a windows error about a corrupt file. I just tried turning the PC on but doesn't POST: -systems fans run -no beeps -no vid Opened side panel and notice multiple bad large Caps around CPU...
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    Need a free FPS to play.

    Liked Mass Effect 3 multi when I played the per-release trial. Is there one like that out there with alot of players?
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    Best way to share news for main page.

    Like to share news that I didn't see on the main page. Sent a PM to Steve for an article I ran into, but I think his box filter is on. Thx, d.
  13. N blue text, new design?

    Is this on your end or my end?
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    VPN for Windows 7

    I checked [H] rules to see if this is legal and didn't see it mentioned. First time VPN user. Has anyone tried "PrivitizeVPN"? Is there any issues I should worry about? Is there better? How about web based ones. Looking at "its Hidden" now.
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    Beverly Valdez PC help thread.

    *This thread is reserved for Beverly Valdez, ninjaturtle's( Dennis S.) coworker for future help or questions that she might have on her PC. Please no spamming, Bev's tech knownledge level is novice. Mods, please remove off topic posts. Thank you, d. PC Specs: Dell Dimenions 2400...
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    Stardock Fences 2.0 out.

    Like the new features they added! Wierd, if you go here, , you have to pay. But if you go here...
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    Free Privacy Apps for android phones.

    I want to block some apps from into prying my phone's info. Do you guys know of an free App that will deny all or certain permissions given to other Apps? My phone is rooted running Peach Sunrise 3.01 with AdAway, Airblocker and Avast. Ex...
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    Need help finding old missile game's name.

    Missile game where you launch your missiles in an arch toward your opponent missile sites. Late 70's, early 80's. Thanks, d.
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    iControlPad 2, Kickstarter Been following the Pandora for years and noticed the iControlPad 1 a year ago but didn't like how it mounted to the phone. Like the design of this better because you can now swivel the controller under...
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    [H]ot! Free donuts for pirates! 9/19/12 ONLY! PS, LYSH. Leave Your Swords Home. :)
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    Android Protection.

    Phone came with Lookout, anyone else know of a free better one. Looking for one that can scan specific folders. thx,d. Edit: My phone is rooted. :)
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    Need help. Data Recovery.

    Doing some backups last night and went to far up in the directory when deleting files. Tried using Recuva with the directory restore option enabled but I'm getting a exceeded file path length error so I had to disable that. The file names seem to be intact. Anyone know of a recovery...
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    Samsung Galaxy Exhibit(Exhibit 2, T679) Owners Club. Tips, Tricks, Ect....

    So I bought my first smart phone a few days ago from T-Mobile and got the $30 5GB, 100m talk to use to tether to my laptop when I can't find a WiFi signal. Like to play some old console games(NES, SNES, Sega, MAME) anyone know of some good trusted emulators(free, paid if must)? Is it wise...
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    Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700TB of data into a single gram

    Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram. So, how large is your collection?:D
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    Need $200 phone for T-Mobile service.

    Old Tracfone user( LG 800g, half smart phone). Need a phone to hookup my laptop to if I can't find a WiFi signal, I think it is called tethering? Planning on getting the $30/month: 100min/ unlimited text/ 5GB Data plan since I rarely talk and text. Wal-Mart has the Samsung Exhibit 2 for...
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    Looking for a good Download Manager.

    Been years since I used one, had one for Firefox but forgot what it was. Anyone know of a good one? Edit I think it was Downthemall.
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    Mechwarrior Online Founders Package on Sale NOW! I this SUCKS!! My boss is maybe two months behind paying me and I can't get the Elite package!:mad:
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    G700 users. Help me find where this spring came from, please.

    OK, I picked up my g700 one day and I found this spring underneath it. The mouse is two months old and found the spring a few weeks ago, but the mouse works fine. I took the mouse apart to see where it might have come from but I'm not seeing a mount point from where it could go. In...
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    IObit's Game Booster 3

    Anyone tried this program, is it worth it? I noticed it when I installed Smart Defrag 2. Still can get it for free for the next 30 days.
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    Question for Logitech G700 users.

    Does the G700 perform better w/ 1.5v batteries as compared to 1.2v ones. I'm thinking about replacing my aging Revolution VX and get a 1.6v rechargeable nickel-zinc battery system instead of a nickel–metal one.
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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    So, MWO is slated for release 2nd quarter 2012, how many of you are interested in it? Also, what is your pilot name? Mine is dboy.
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    Infected w/ virtool:win32/obfuscator.xz

    Infected w/ virtool:win32/obfuscator.xz Looking for a boot USB tool to get rid of it. Used AVG boot USB, didn't detect it. Used Microsoft Safety Scanner in Safe Boot, can't remove it. Used Emsisoft Emergency Kit, program crashes, also can't boot it from USB. Still have yet to try...
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    iHop's 15 hours of free pancakes Tuesday
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    Shell Shock Samsung 1TB M8 10am-1pm $100 1/23/12

    2.5", 9.5mm 1TB HDD For all the people with 2nd HDD bays or such. 10am- 12:59pm PT 1/23/2012 $99.99
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    1 Sale A Day 1/20/12 HTC EVO View 32GB Tablet $230
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    Heur.Agent/Gen-WhiteBox detection by SurerAntiSpyware

    SuperAntiSpyware(SAS) just flag these three .EXEs with Heur.Agent/Gen-WhiteBox that MSE, MalwareBytes and Spybot S&D didn't report. Has anyone ran into Heur.Agent/Gen-WhiteBox before? Edit: whoops, hit the wrong key spelling SAS in the title-bar.
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    Today only, Wednesday 1/4/12, BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB $250 Don't know how good this deal is, so.... BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB Tablet With 7" Multi-Touch Screen, Dual Cameras, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi List Price $599.99 Savings $350.00 (59%) Price: $249.99
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    Whats your experience with Samsung HDDs

    Thinking of buying this Samsung 1TB 2.5" 9.5mm HDD for my 2nd bay in my laptop. I'm mainly buy WD and owed 2-3 Seagates that came with my laptops and never had trouble with HDD except for one laptop Seagate that I jolted that produced some bad sectors. Otherwise I never had a failure AFAIK...
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    i3-370m TDP 25w or 35w?

    Doing some F@H ATM and my CPU is hitting just under 180-F. 14 degrees to limit hehehe. And Are listing the max TDP as 35watts. HWinfo64...
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    Need help confirming Info for SATA interface.

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6-3143us laptop. I want to get a SSD but don't know if should a SATA 2 or SATA 3 drive. My Southbridge is a HM55 which speed is 3Gbit/s. Should I get a SATA 2 or SATA 3 SSD?