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    8600K fine for gaming?

    Looking to get a new gaming box and with the Intel shortage the 8700k's are harder to find and cost more. Benchmarks show the 8600k matching the 8700k. My only worry is the lack of HT coming back to haunt me. I'm cool with a mild OC using air. LMK what you think. My other option would be a 2600X.
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    Alienware - AW2518H 25" 1080p 244hz TN LED FHD GSync Monitor $349.99

    Sick deal but this deal seems to be on rotation every so often. Great monitor for "competitive" gaming. Not so great for anything else. Someone convince me to not jump on this. Looking for a competitive monitor. The xl2546 and xl2540 seem like the best alternatives. 1" smaller, no gsync but...
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    USB 3.0 PCI Express Card Expansion card compatible with Ryzen?

    Looking for a card that will work on a Ryzen chipset. Most of the cards I'm seeing only work with an Intel chipset or not too well with Windows 10. Do any of you have a card working well with your Ryzen?
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    Does Corsair LINK work on Ryzen?

    I have a 2700X and Corsair LINK doesn't work for adjusting my Corsair Vengeance RGB memory. Googling looks like they keep mentioning that support for Ryzen will be coming in a soon to be released patch but I haven't heard of any conformation if this has ever worked on first gen Ryzens or not, as...
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    Stock 2700X fails OCCT every time

    I have a stock 2700X that passes Prime95 with flying colors but it can't get past a couple minutes in OCCT because it looks like the temp spikes to crazy heights at times. Not sure if these spikes are accurate or not but I see the same peaks in core temp as well. Are these spikes normal for...
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    Can't find "EZ OC" option in X470 Taichi bios

    When I load up the Asrock OC utility it says not supported. I'm assuming I need to enable it but I don't think it's called "EZ OC" in the bios. Does anyone know where to find it in the bios?
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    R7 2700/2700x on B350?

    As of yet there are no X470 mATX boards so I'm looking to pick up the ASUS TUF B350M-PLUS Gaming. Is there any reason not to do this? I was originally looking at getting the 2700 but now I might consider the 2700X as I'm not sure what numbers I'd be able to put out on a B350 and non X CPU. Think...
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    Software for printing Large Birthday Banners?

    My father is looking at printing a large birthday banner about 6-8 feet wide. He used to use some random program called Print Shop PRO PUBLISHER but it no longer works under Windows 10. He is looking for something easy to use and with a template that he can add text and graphics to. Looking to...
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    BeachCON PC/Console LAN Party - Long Beach, CA March 4-5 FREE
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    Kyle... Review Idea

    It's no secret that 90% of gaming performance comes from the GPU and CPU upgrades do not need to be as frequient as GPU upgrades. Still it would be nice to see a comparison to have some numbers on the idea. Benchmark 2-3 recent games (BF4/Rise of the Tomb Raider) with all generations of Intel...
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    Any info on the 1080 Ti?

    Looking to finally upgrade my GTX 680 to the next flagship Nvidia card. Any word on when the 1080 Ti will drop? Hopefully before the fall and hopefully not at a ridiculous price. Any word yet? I've searched and searched but have only been able to come up on 1070/1080 news.
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    ($49.99) Tt eSPORTS KB-PIZ-KLBLUS-06 kailh Blue Switches

    Tt eSPORTS KB-PIZ-KLBLUS-06 Gaming Keyboard Looks like a solid deal, but the keyboard has never been over $89.99 A number of reviews report issues with the keys after 3 months double typing characters. Can anyone confirm?
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    OnePlus 2 Invite (24hrs)
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    GRIP - Kickstarter

    Looks bad ass!
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    Steam games, additional 15-20% off already discounted price

    I'm not wasting gas and time to go to Frys. I jumped on the Ebay deal. It will come in handy some day soon. EBAY 15% 15% off code = C15FATHERSDAY FRYS 20%
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    OnePlus One - invite expires in 24 hours
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    (1) Coupon: $100 off $160 Code: NGE1214 Password: ASP32XYN
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    Seiki SE50UY04 50in 4K Ultra LED HDTV (4K, 120Hz) $384.99AR

    Not sure if this is hot or not...
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    Bang for the buck 2.1 setup?

    Looking to get a 2.1 system for a non audiophile person. It could even be a 2.0 system as long as the speakers are good enough to drive the bass. Looking to spend under $100 I have a few options in mind but would like to first get the opinions of the collective before jumping the gun.
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    Thoughts on the Tronsmart Draco AW80 Telos?

    I have a Roku and use it maily for podcasts and Netflix. I have plesk but it feels too laggy and the thumbnails don't cache. I was considering getting the Tronsmart Draco AW80 Telos after hearing how well the Vega series performed. Besides this I guess that there is the possibility of a HTPC...
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    Reasonably priced multi room audio?

    I'm not much of an audio guy but someone I know is looking for a multi room audio setup and I'd just like to get your guys input. To avoid the ordeal of running wires I first took a look at Sonos. Installation appears that it couldn't be any easier but it might require too many speakers in...
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    R9 270 Dual 1440p question

    It shouldnt be an issue running (2) DVI-D Dual Link 1440P displays on a R9 270 right? Would there be a more optimal setup? (1) Dual Link, (1) DP?
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    Samsung 840 EVO 500GB $244.99 (Lowest Price Ever)

    I REALLY want a MLC for my Macbook Pro but the trade off for some EPIC power consumption is worth it. I just don't know if the power consumption on a MBP is the same as with a PC. I believe the Samsung software plays a role with power consumption and caching...
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    (Like) or (+1) Posts/Replies

    This has likely been brought up more times than Steve's bra pics. I would just like to put another vote in the Yay column for being able to Like a post. Giving authors credit/pat on the back for their comment. Not every thread/post deserves a reply. Especially if you are just going to mimic...
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    Screw Driver Set?

    I'm looking for something like the iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit that will get pretty much so every job done. Can someone recommend a kit that might save a few bucks?
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    Typing of The Dead: Overkill & Rome: Total War $5.44 code: Y2OZM7-MJ3VHD-0AVTI1 $20 on Steam Go to the main page. Rome is free with this game.
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    Pfsense, Jump on D2500CC or wait for new Atoms?

    Looking at building a Pfsense box with a D2500CC but would like to build one on a newer chip. I just don't see any ETA.
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    Motorola SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 SURFboard $35.99 AR of $60 For most people the SB6121 should do just fine. SB6121 = 160 Mbps SB6141 = 320Mbps
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    Hakko FX-888D Station $64.99

    Don't think it gets much better for the price.
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    Auto installer for Google Play?

    I ran into AppBrain and Fast Web Install but Fast Web Installer is broken. Is there anything else that will download "My Apps" from Google Play? I have too many apps to count and installing 1 by 1 is a pain. Must be a reason why they don't let you shotgun apps. Of anyone, Google has the...
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    HTPC ideas for the incapable.. Seniors

    Looking at this as a possible Christmas gift. Chromecast + Logitech Harmony remote. This if for seniors who have a laptop, but have a hard enough time turning it on. TV Input 1, Input 2, Input 3 is beyond their understanding. Main TV = 36" Tube. Bedroom TV = 27" LCD 720p.. because...
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    DayZ $29.99 ABOUT TIME!
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    Arma 3 $21.23 It's been this price for a while now from these guys, but still a deal. One buddy purchased a key from these guys, he received his key about 24hrs later. His experience with this service is either immediate delivery of keys or having...
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    Tenkeyless MX Cherry Brown deals?

    I think the CM Storm QuickFire TK and CM Storm QuickFire Stealth are the most likely candidates to have the best deal. Still currently around $80. Looking for something south of $65 if possible. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Rosewill MX Cherry Blue/Black $49.99, Alps $29.99 All Mechanical

    IMO Blues are the best. All mechanical keyboards are loud, so don't be fooled by "silent" keyboards. Blacks IMO are a bit too uncomfortable as the are harder to press. It just wears on you after a while IMO.
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    Toshiba Q Series HDTS251XZSTA 512GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Any reason why someone looking for a 512GB drive shouldn't consider this one?
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Pro Studio Headphones $95 Free Shipping

    Good pair of cans on the cheap. Beats the hell out of most other headphones for the price. Logitech/Corsair gamer trash are no comparison. Cans are still only as good as their source. has the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Closed-Back Studio...
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    Seeking low price, low power ESXi machine.

    Looking to virtualize pFsense, Server 2012 and FreeNAS. Might possibly get into one or two others as well. Currently looking at the ASRock E350M1 AMD E-350. I have read some documentation and it appears that it will work. Just that I would need to pick up an Intel dual nic card. On-board...
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    Low cost, low power pfSense build

    I'm looking to build a pfSense box for my home. I'm looking for a low power, low cost, low heat build. Something that I can replace my router with for 24/7 operation. There are always the iTX options from places such as Acer or Zotac. Just looking for other options. Thanks.
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    Source to purchase dual slot pci brackets?

    For the Nvidia 6 series, is there a source to purchase 2 slot brackets? My video card has a 3 slot cooler, i'm curious about installing a 2 slot bracket and modifying the cooler. lmk