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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    PS5 was easy to get. Like super, super easy. Like I saw it went on sale, was worried it was going to sale out but had to drop off a package at post office - came back and pre-order was still up. Was pleasantly surprised.
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    Year of the Desktop VR? How many more iterations will it take before VR is flawless?

    I have not got to try the G1 yet, the text quality with the Vive and Rift were what was holding back the desktop replacement for me. Text quality was pretty bad. I loved using Virtual Desktop overall though, and it showed me that we are SO close overall to being able to just pop on a VR headset...
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    2 different versions of wd blue 3D 2.5" ssd drives. One is significantly slower. Beware.

    I wonder if they're will be a class action lawsuit over these type of shenanigans as well like there is over the SMR fiasco that WD pulled.
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    Year of the Desktop VR? How many more iterations will it take before VR is flawless?

    Rift/Vive quality just isn't there, and in my honest opinion, we are two full generations away in VR hardware until we get true, acceptable quality. What I mean by that the VR displays will have zero screen door effect, tracking to be fully integrated (so you don't need a room full of trackers...
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    Fallout 76 Has Already Been Reduced to $35

    The fact that well-known Fallout 4 bugs were carried over to Fallout 76 has left me somewhat perplexed. Bugs that they (Bethesda) knew about for years, bugs that modders had even fixed for them in Fallout 4 via unofficial patches. I know bugs and Bethesda go together like eggs and bacon, but the...
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    EVGA 750W G1+ 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply - $29.99 After Rebate ($49.99 Before)

    BHPhotovideo has the EVGA 750W G1+ 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply available for $49.99. There is also a $20 mail-in-rebate, taking the price to just $29.99 shipped for a quality power supply. They also have the EVGA 850W G1+ 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply available for $64.99. There is...
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    AMD FX-6300 6-Core CPU $57.74, EVGA 600 80 Plus Bronze PSU $20.48 @ Walmart (In-Store Pickup) *DEAD*

    Walmart is having some decent tech deals right now, two of which are the AMD FX-6300 6-Core CPU for $57.74 and the EVGA 600B 80 Plus Bronze PSU for $20.48. Be sure to pick the "in-store" option to get these prices. AMD FX-6300 CPU EVGA 600B PSU **DEAD**
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    AMD Releases more Carrizo Details: AMD's ISSCC 2015 Presentation

    You might want to get that checked out.
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    64GB PNY Attaché 2 USB 2.0 Flash Drive - $6.99

    It's an awesome price for 64GB of storage, would be great for plenty of emulator storage for a pi. Thanks Mezner.
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    TitanFall boss admits that exclusivity was the wrong decision for TitanFall.

    You basically described all "AAA" games now lol. And we have the privilege of pre-ordering our unfinished games... yes!
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    water cooling worth it?

    This is very true, I am using a Noctua D14 ATM and it provides similar cooling to high end CLCs. Not sure why the hate on CLCs.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version Release Date! ( Official )

    WHY ISN'T THIS OUT YET??? This is the next game on my list after trying out Fallout New Vegas with Project Vegas. I can't wait, the online heists looks really fun!
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    windows 8 installer names

    The one I purchased back in Jan 2013 was just called Windows.iso I'd just use windows search for .iso and let it go, if it's an iso it'll eventually find it.
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    TitanFall boss admits that exclusivity was the wrong decision for TitanFall.

    Exclusivity has always been terrible for gamers (well consumers in general) and I sincerely hope they do future releases on Steam in addition to whatever platforms they support now. More choices!
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    Getting Started with Mechanical Keyboards

    I looked through but all their pics indicate they use a traditional layout and not a split-key design like my ergonomic keyboard is. Here is what my keyboard looks like. I guess I'll just have to contact them to see if they can create something like that. Thanks for the link.
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    Inexpensive PDF Editor

    Master_Pain, are you me? Because I think you're me. PDFs and printers can burn in hell. I really don't know why printers are still this big of an issue. Shitty old savin printers that would constantly give us issue at my old workplace. I hated those things so much. Oh well, they got the...
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    128gb MicroSD Cards...

    Does anyone else feel it's kind of insane to me that we can store this much data on the size of a pinky nail? I can't wait to see what we have ten years from now.
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    Getting Started with Mechanical Keyboards

    Is there any company that specializes in making custom mechanical keyboards? I have a similar issue as the OP, I've been using a particular keyboard (an ergonomic keyboard from the 90's) for 20 years. I find other keyboards to be extremely disappointing - they just don't work well for me. Anyone...
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    What is a few FREE and good DVD burning software?

    Imgburn has always been great for me. It has tons of options so if you need anything specific you may have to do some google-fu to get it to do exactly what you want it to do.
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    Warm? i3-4150 $99.99 at amazon

    Good deal without having to deal with any rebates or coupon codes. Thanks op.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Holy crap, never heard of Project Nevada and looked it up. Going to be re-installing New Vegas next weekend and trying it out. Looks amazing!
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Hearthstone! Just got 120 GvG packs thanks to Amazon Coins
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    Inexpensive PDF Editor

    The place I used to work at used Iceni for their PDF stuff, their volume licensing was like $25 per copy or so.
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    X-Rite i1Display Pro $129 after MIR

    Thank you for the in-depth reply, I appreciate it. It looks like this thing would be overkill in my situation so I don't feel so bad for missing out lol. Thanks again :)
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    X-Rite i1Display Pro $129 after MIR

    Looks like it's dead so not that important now but for those who have used similar devices in the past, can bottom-of-the-barrel monitors / televisions benefit from these gadgets? Or are they better suited for more expensive monitors / televisions?
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    Is there ever going to be a program as good as riva tuner ever again?

    I'll second MSI Afterburner. Or triple it. It has been an adequate replacement but doesn't seem to be as versatile as Rivatuner was. Still, it'll do what you want it to do without too much fuss.
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    What qualifies as a good game?

    For me it's community. The best times I ever had in a game was in a text based RPG (Darkness Falls) because of how awesome the community was.
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    ASUS RMA turnaround time?

    I love ASUS products but I have had very bad experiences with their customer service, in particular their RMA process. The last time I had to RMA something (a R290 that started to artifact) it took around a month to get the item replaced. The replaced video card was fine though and have had no...
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    Kids React to Mega Man (NES).

    I have to imagine this is how it would look if I were to try and play many of the newer console games. I have not gamed since early PS2. Things have changed so much since then. My favorite was how some of the teens were accidentally avoiding the projectiles (the part where the bomb split into...
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    GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) to arrive on PC on 1/27/2015

    Can't wait for this game for PC. I was tempted to buy a craigslist Xbox 360 for this game when it came out but I have not had a console since.. PS2 I think lol. So glad it's almost here for the PC!!
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    Just a quick poll - Do you game Windowed or full screen?

    I like windowed fullscreen mode. It's really a must with multiple monitors. So many games don't support that for whatever reason -_- For Skyrim I had to get a "fake" windowed fullscreen mode program but it worked well (Fake Skyrim at the Skyrim Nexus). Still, wish all games supported it without...
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    getting into bitcoining?

    I'd say they are spot on with that assessment as well. I went with 7770's just because they were a great price after rebate (something like $80, and you get about 200 mHash) and ended up being a better value when compared at the 7790 (which is like $110 after rebate and you get about 250 mHash)...
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    960GB crucial m500 ssd in stock @ egg $599

    Math is hard :( :( :(
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    Modding AC97 Front Panel Cases to HD Audio?

    I recently bought a lot of computer cases and most were AC97 Front Panel audio. While they work with HD Audio motherboards when you disable front panel detection, the rear speakers cannot mute when you plug headphones into the front panel so you end up with audio coming from the headphones and...
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    Dell Inspiron 6000 Issue - Keys 4, 5, r, t, f, g, v and b not working

    I think I may have found the problem - After going over the motherboard with magnifying glass lol. The part looks like it has "blown" - there are a couple small holes in it. Forgive my noob-ness, does anyone know what this part is called? A resistor?
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    Dell Inspiron 6000 Issue - Keys 4, 5, r, t, f, g, v and b not working

    No but thank you for the suggestion. It's the two entire rows of keys, which is really strange and seems to be related to the motherboard so something is failing on it but not sure what.
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    Weird problem...any ideas?

    Most (virtually all) LED LCD panels don't have an inverter brother, and it looks like that laptop (Vaio VGN-Z) is a LED-backlit LCD panel so it shouldn't have one. Also, I know this isn't it, but I know some laptops have a button to switch between its own display and an external display. Make...
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    Dell Inspiron 6000 Issue - Keys 4, 5, r, t, f, g, v and b not working

    I'm trying to save this laptop and right now I'm scratching my head. There was no liquid spilled in the computer, no sudden jolts or anything like that. Just one day literally the laptop keys 4, 5, r, t, f, g, v, and b suddenly stopped working. What I know it isn't: 1.) Not an operating...
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    Farcry 3, Hitman Absolution & Sleeping Dogs - $15.79 via eBay

    No sir, from the great state of Mississippi... ;(
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    Farcry 3, Hitman Absolution & Sleeping Dogs - $15.79 via eBay

    These keys are definately valid - the e-mail you get is straight from AMD for the Never Settle bundle. I just activated all three (2 on steam, Far Cry 3 on Ubi's play thing).