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    GPU/CPU Usage/Temp Monitoring in Games

    Hey guys, I'm finally set up on my new laptop, and in order to monitor thermals on it, I've been using MSI afterburner and Riva Tuner Statistics Server to display the relevant stats in game. However, for some reason after the other night, just having afterburner installed causes my cpu to idle...
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    Windows 10 will not restart with 2nd m.2 slot populated

    Hi guys, I ended up getting an Acer Helios 300 laptop after much bullshit with some ASUS ones over the past month. It came with a 256gb m.2 drive as the boot drive, and has 1 open m.2 and one open sata drive. After getting it all booted up originally, I populated the m.2 slot with the 1tb...
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    Migration to Identical hardware

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has experience moving a hard drive (ssd) from one laptop to another identical laptop without needing to reinstall windows. I bought an ASUS zephyrus laptop, which unfortunately had a hardware defect on the hinge. I've sent it back and am getting an exactly...
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    Android Contacts - 2 separate Phone lists?

    Hey guys, I have my personal contact list that I'd like to keep separate from the master phone list available from the office365/AD server at my work. I find myself working remotely more often than not lately and having to look up people's numbers on my laptop before I can call them is a pain...
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    Random Password Change

    Hey guys, So I'm setting up a new pc. It had a fairly fresh windows install (as it got breached somehow a few weeks back) It's mostly used for media consumption, so there wasn't anything important on there. So I just blew out the OS and reinstalled from scratch. I'm guessing my IP was...
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    Upgrade path...

    Haven't been paying attention to hardware the last several months. Looking for opinions on the following options: Currently have a 3770 and a 1050ti. I just moved the setup into a case large enough to upgrade the gpu. I also want an adaptive sync monitor. Do I spend my whole 400-500...
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    WD 250gb SSD $20 DEAD

    Saw on Slickdeals, just bought one...
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    Wireless earbuds with Mic that is not bluetooth?

    So I bought a pair bluetooth earbuds, and they sound great when used in high quality mode on my laptop. Unfortunately, I didn't know that codec for using the microphone is shared with the low quality sound mode. There's no way to get the High quality sound AND microphone working at the same...
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    980ti Hybrid - Fan Replacement?

    Hey guys, have had my hybrid for a few weeks now and really love the temps and performance. The one thing i'm not in love with is the sound. It has to vent out the top of my case pointing straight at me from under the desk, and it is louder than I'd like. Thoughts on swapping the fan...
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    Upgrade Opinions

    Hey guys, With the holidays coming up, there will be upgrade funds available. Let me explain my 2 trains of thought here and let me know what you think. Current Setup: 3570k @ 4.2 8gb DDR3 gtx970 Corsair 750w psu Acer Predator 1440p 144hz gsync Option 1: Platform Upgrade...
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    EVGA Precision Question

    Hey guys, Got precision dialed in for OCing my 970's, but one game I'm playing has serious issues with OC'd GPUs. So I have to set it back to stock any time I want to play it. Does anyone know of a way to tie profiles in precision to the launching of an app?
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    2nd gpu not detected

    Hey guys, I just got a 2nd 970 and I cannot get my pc to recognize it. Both cards work fine individually, in either slot, but with both cards in, Windows only detects 1 card. Motherboard is a gigabyte ga-z68ma-d2h-b3, any chance there's a setting in the bios that I am missing?
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    Windows 10 - Pinning items to left side of Start

    So it looks like in older versions of the 10 before RTM this was as simple as dragging. I haven't found any way to do it with the final build. Anyone know how to handle this? I really dont want a big bulky start menu with apps on the right for no reason.
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    No HDD detected in Win 8.1 install?

    Hey guys, having a problem here. I'm trying to replace the original 1tb drive from a Lenovo Edge 15 for a friend of mine with a 250gb crucial SSD he bought. I cannot for the life of me get the 8.1 installer to recognize the SSD. I've tried all the bios settings RE: legacy and ahci...
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    Router capping speed @ half periodically?

    Hey guys, I just got a free upgrade from my cable provider to 50mbps (woot). However, it has shined light on a problem that I think predates this upgrade. My Linksys WRT160Nv3 (firmware is will run at full speed (wired, cat5) for a while, and then after some arbitrary time, it...
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    Gigabyte ga-z68ma-d2h-b3... Multiplier Locked?

    Hey guys, I just installed the UEFI bios for my motherboard, I have a 3570k in the socket, mobo recognizes it as such. I went to play around with the baseclock (since my last one of these chips did 4.4 on stock volts) and I find that I cannot modify the cpu multiplier. My last board was...
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    Sub 120mm Height Air coolers?

    Hey guys, I'm in new territory with the current build. I am using a Corsair Air 240 case, and the cpu cooler height limit is 120mm. I've always used either a CM Hyper 212 variant, or a Corsair AIO liquid cooler. This time around I don't want to go the liquid cooler route, and a Hyper is...
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    What to do?

    So I decided to build a new desktop with the gift cards I got for Xmas. I picked up a 970, an evga 500w psu, 8 gigs of ram, and a corsair af 240 case. I have a gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 motherboard and a low grade chip (not sure if pentium or celeron, bought 2nd hand from dposcorp, but have...
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    Enabling SLI messes with Windows scaling?

    Hey guys, So I just updated the drivers on my y510p, and now when I enable SLI, the scaling of windows gets wonky. It looks like it's not actually running at 1080p. I confirmed this by opening Hardforum, and with SLI disabled, without scrolling, I can see as far down as the "Displays"...
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    Secure web form with hosting?

    Hey guys, Trying to figure out how to accomplish something for work (I work for a small municipality). Essentially, I need a single page web site, with customizable fill-in fields, some simple validation (all fields required kind of thing), and then storage of the responses on the backend...
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    GMG 50 Games you have to play... SALE

    So I totally ripped this from slickdeals, but I was going to buy Dishonored the other day when steam had it on sale, but then I saw that I missed the GOTY edition a few days back on GMG for only a dollar more. Then this morning it seems they put all of their 50 games back on sale, so just...
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    Just bought a Wii-U, what games?

    Hey guys, I haven't owned a console since the PS2, but after parting out my gaming rig, I picked up a refurb Wii U from Nintendo for $200 (ordered yesterday, arriving today, woot) I already bought a copy of MK8, which also arrives today from Amazon, but beyond that, I wanted to know what...
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    So I had to RMA my 780 Lightning about 2 weeks ago. Black screen, no signal, weird fan happenings when powered on. So I send it off and it was received Friday the 11th. Last Friday I sent them an email asking for a status update on the RMA, as the online tracker just said "Sales/RMA NG...
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    780 SLI rebooting pc

    Problem with my 780 Lightning SLI after adding kraken g10's to them. When running SLI, the computer restarts after putting it under load. Does not happen with single GPU. Temps aren't reaching 50 before this happens. Returned everything to stock clocks, same issue. I upgraded my PSU to...
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    Speedfan Hotkeys?

    Hi gang, Since my fan controller is having problems and going back to Newegg, I'm trying to work on ways to use my case's pwm fan controller to handle six fans on my gpus and their crazy AIO setups. Essentially, I can control a fan hub using speedfan by tuning the % fan speed for a pwm...
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    Wrapping AIO coolant lines w/ Electrical Tape?

    Hey guys, I'm in the beginning stages of a rebuild which will include 3 corsair AIO coolers and a pair of Kraken g10 mounts. I'd love to do a custom loop, but the funding just isn't available at the moment. Having said that, I'm very excited about putting this build together and seeing...
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    Cases with hidden/side mounted PSU?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to change it up from my Thor v2, and I was eyeing the Enthoo Primo. One of the most attractive features to me is the hidden PSU compartment behind the mobo tray. Before I drop 250 bucks on the primo, are there any other cases with similar layouts? Full tower only...
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    Excel Formatting

    Hi guys, I'm working on a macro for work, and I've gotten it to perform all of the functions I need except for 1. I'm essentially taking a string of data, splitting it into columns, and trying to format it so it can be read by our new system. Everything works except the date field...
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    780 Lightning - Won't Idle Win8.1

    Hey guys, So I moved up to Windows 8.1 pro last night, and now my single 780 is having this very weird clock spiking issue. The core and memory clocks jump up to max, then drop down a bit after 5 seconds or so, then drop down to idle, and then immediately back up to max. This repeats...
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    1k Watt Recommendations?

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking at picking up one of the two following PSU's to upgrade my corsair 750. Both have good ratings from review sites and newegg and amazon with the odd anomaly. Opinions on either? or similar alternatives for ~ 150-175? Cheers in advance Silverstone EVGA
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    PSU for 2x780 lightnings with oc?

    Hey guys, I picked up a pair of lightnings and in the process of putting an aio on each one. Rest of the system is 3570k at 4.4 on stock volts, 32gb ddr3, 2x3.5 hdd, single ssd and between 4 and 6 case fans. My corsair 750 is just barely cutting it and it gets very noisy under load...
  32. L bull @ TD

    UPDATE**** So yesterday, after reading this post I presume, our local Hard TD rep sent me a PM apologizing for the issue. He/She stated that they were going to have customer service contact me to try to make the situation right and asked if I could please provide my contact info and order...
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    No BF4 on R9 270?

    So I was going to pick up a 270 for a spare box, given that it was supposed to be bundled with BF4. When I contacted NE support about the 3 270's they have in stock, they indicated that BF4 was not included...
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    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - $5

    Hi guys, Gamersgate has TIAVH (their abbreviation, not mine) for just over 5 bucks. That's cheaper than I've seen it before. Activates on steam Probably in for a copy.
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    Best 120hz/144hz 1080p monitor?

    Hi Guys, Looking for opinions on what the nicest 1080p 120+hz monitor is. I currently have a qnix 27, but it's a touch too big for me, and I want to go back to 120hz for the smoothness. My prior 120hz was an acer gdz something or other. Low end of the quality scale, but it was...
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    Recover from a RAW partition?

    Hey guys, I am trying to help a friend who has an HP laptop that the hard drive seems to have failed. It's a 1tb 2.5 drive that has several partitions on it. The big one with all the data, about 900 gigs, shows up as RAW and wants to be formatted. This is of course the one that had all...
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    Afterburner OSD

    Scratch that, figured it out.
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    WC Loop - GPU's Only?

    Hi Guys, With xmas coming up, this is the time of year where I get to snag new parts. At the moment, I'm pretty satisfied with my build, except that my primary gpu gets noisy as shit because the fan wants to crank up to 70% with the gpu around 68 degrees. I tried the "red mod" putting...
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    Naga Alternatives?

    Hey guys, My naga is dying a horrible death (double click problem) and while I LOVE the functionality of the naga, I don't want to buy another mouse with <3 year life expectancy. Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative with several thumb buttons (I'm big on MMO's so I love the...
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    Minimum CPU for 7970?

    Hi Guys, So I may have finally convinced my wife to do some gaming with me, but rather than build a full new rig for her, I thought I might re appropriate some of my existing parts in my gaming rig to get a second one operational. So, I'll be reusing one of my 7970's, one of my SSDs, one of...