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    Another FAILED Galaxy Rebate

    My Galaxy GTX 670 GC rebate was declined this morning for: - Original UPC Barcode Label (#845735001386) (Not the shipping label barcode) is missing which is ridiculous, as the UPC lable is clearly shown in their scanned copy: What's wrong with it!? Everyone who bought their Galaxy...
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    Geforce GTX 480 TDP = 250W

    Not 300W or 295W...
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    Received 8800 GT from XFX

    To all who got in the XFX 8800 GT deal, I received mine! It's a nice t-shirt!!! Thank you XFX and Kyle!!! P.S. I live about 50 miles away from XFX and opted for ground shipping. :)
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    Forum Daylight Saving Time Broken

    Daylight Saving Time is broken. The US switched back to standard time last week, but the forum is still displaying DST.