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  1. phinix

    Slim ITX case options

    I'm looking for a slim ITX case, that would let me install full length GPU (like 1080Ti), sff PSU and AIO 120mm cooler. Ideally, slim vertical case. What are my options?
  2. phinix

    i5 7500 vs 7600K in games

    I'm at the point where need to upgrade my system. I was wondering, what is the point of getting i5 7600K and OC, if 7500 could have similar fps in games? I will be gaming at 4K, but cannot find any gaming benchmarks on these two compared. I found some tests of 7600K stock vs OCed at 1080p. If...
  3. phinix

    Is there any 40" 1440p monitor or TV?

    Is there any 40" 1440p monitor or TV? 40" 4K Philips is too much I think, don't know how great does it underscale to 1440p. I have a 27" 1440p but I would like bigger area but no need for 4K. Still considering BenQ 32" 1440p but too scared risking all those banding issues etc.
  4. phinix

    32" AOC Q3277PQU 1440p

    Looks like we have another 32" 1440p monitor, this time from AOC, model Q3277PQU. Couldn't find a thread about it, so opened one. I wonder if this one uses same panel as BenQ and suffer from banding issue etc Aria has it for £351.88 inc. VAT - great price. Display :: HD type: Wide Quad HD...
  5. phinix

    What's after GF9xx series?

    What is after 9 series? 10 series? Pascal arch. Do we already know how NVIDIA will call it? Any rumors? Predictions? Is it going to be release in 2015?
  6. phinix

    Creative D200 - any experiences?

    Does anyone have this Bluetooth speaker? Any experiences? I'm about to buy one for my PC to use it wired as a main speaker, so wanted to know if it has enough punch (bass etc) for gaming, music etc...
  7. phinix

    Creative D200 - any experiences?

    Does anyone have this Bluetooth speaker? Any experiences? I'm about to buy one for my PC to use it wired as a main speaker, so wanted to know if it has enough punch (bass etc) for gaming, music etc...
  8. phinix

    Phinix Chimera

    Hello again and welcome to my new scratch build project log! Yep! This is my new scratch build - I had this idea lurking around my head for a while and couldn't wait any longer to share with you guys! This is a project introduction - first I will explain the whole idea and hardware I'm going...
  9. phinix

    Laptop for MS Access databases work/development

    I'm looking for a laptop for database work - MS Access 99% of the time. 900p screen res is a minimum, 8GB RAM +, 256GB SSD +. Will I need a quad core i7 or would dual core be enough for this kind of work? I've been working on quad core desktop i5 2400 for last 3 years and now I need something I...
  10. phinix

    Phinix Aurora

    Aurora - (plural: aurorae or auroras) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere). The charged particles originate in the...
  11. phinix

    mITX mobo with watercooled VRM ?

    Anyone saw or did watercool VRMs on mITX mobo? I saw one few days ago in some thread, but forgot what it was and cannot find now:( I was interested in what block was it, what mobo, etc.
  12. phinix

    mITX mobo with watercooled VRM ?

    Anyone saw watercooled VRMs on mITX mobo?
  13. phinix

    GTX 780 Performance leak (probably fake...)

    It is probably fake, but did anyone see this slide on internet? 70-130% is a bit too much I guess for new generation card...? ..and why they called it 780, not 680? We all remember that slide from Nvidia presentation where Kepler supposed to be around 2 times better than Fermi. Would this mean...
  14. phinix

    GTX580 on water goes 100C at load ??!!

    Guys, I have a really funny problem... well, it's not funny actually.. I put one GTX580 under water, idles 30-35C, but when I start playing games it goes up to 95-99C and reboots my PC! I re-attached the block, then even changed the block to other brand - still nothing. Oh, and the card was...
  15. phinix

    How to send login details with URL? or other solution for this problem I have...

    I have a small problem... I have a live signage software that displays websites through its special player, controlled online. I have a website that need to display through it but this page needs login details - sure and password to get to. Problem is this player doesn't support it. How can I...
  16. phinix

    Can I display 2560x1440 via HDMI 1.4?

    I was wondering can I display highest resolutions via HDMI 1.4? I have GTX580 and Hazro 27" with dual DVI connector only. As far as I know: HDMI 1.4 supports 4k x 2k resolutions GTX580 has mini-HDMI 1.4 Hazro 27" screen had DVI dual link Now, if I could get hold on mini-HDMI to HDMI 1.4...
  17. phinix

    BenQ 27” EW2730V VA LED monitor

    Too good to be truth? :) Looks like a pretty good lcd, something to fill the gap between 24 and 30".
  18. phinix

    LCD TV as PC monitor - good idea?

    I was looking for a nice led monitor - 27", ideally IPS, definitely not TN. Now I came up with idea of getting tv - which one would be a good for all-around use? Internet, little bit of graphics stuff like photo postprocessing and games? I like this 32" Samsung UE32C6530.... It costs around...
  19. phinix

    Nvidia dual chip FERMI - what would it be?

    There were rumors about dual chip Fermi months ago, but was wondering what it will be, if it's true. My guess is two GTX560 chips, which may end up similar to two GTX470 chips on one pcb... Powerful "oven" - would it take 300W-350W? Two 8pin PCI-e and PCIe slot gives max 350W, is that right...
  20. phinix

    Any 24-27" IPS LED (thin) LCDs ???

    Is there any good 24 or 27" LED IPS or PVA LCD panel? ..and some thin, nice looking one would be nice... I like the whole spec of Apple 27" LED LCD.. but that glossy finish... :rolleyes: Is there anything like that out there?
  21. phinix

    Any Sandy Bridge m-ITX coming? Any news?

    I didn't see anything but were there any news about Sandy Bridge mITX mobos? Any roumors? Anything? Would be fantastic to have mITX with SATA3 and USB3...
  22. phinix

    Corsair HX650W and top graphics cards - enough???

    Guys, I have Antec True Power 750W modular right now. I may get Corsair HX650W for a good price - would this 650W enough for lets say 5970 or in the future dual chip card like dual GTX470 or anything that nvidia will come out with? Reason I may go for it is Corsair has 7 years of warranty and...
  23. phinix

    New generation cards....

    I'm a bit confused now - what will be the new generation cards from both camps? As far as I remember ATI will have new cards before the end of the year, is that correct? Wil those be around 2x better than 5 series? Like new single chip be almost as fast as 5970? How about NVIDIA? I don't...
  24. phinix

    Dual Fermi (2x GTX 470)

    So it is possible....
  25. phinix

    Corsair HX 650W - enough for ATI 5970?

    Is that PSU enough for dual chip card like 5970 or new nvidia Fermi card (deual chip)? I know Fermiis not out yet, but would it be enough for 5970?
  26. phinix

    HTML form + Javascript - how to do it?

    To explain it as simple as it is: I have special characters buttons on website, lets say 20 different buttons with french alphabet special characters. Now, I have input text field, where user tapes his answer to a question listed above. When he needs to use special character he clicks on the...
  27. phinix

    Antec TruePower New 750 question

    Guys, what do you think about that new series? Is it decent PSU nowadays? Would 750W be enough for ATI 5970 or GTX295? It has 4 rails, 25A each....
  28. phinix

    phinix nanoTower - Smallest and most powerful mITX rig !

    Ladies and Gentlemen for the second time, welcome to my project log! After my first scratch - build - Phinix Cube - I decided to start new little adventure, little enough to call it NANO :) First plan was to case-mod Lian Li A05 case, I'm sure some of you saw introduction to this project, but...
  29. phinix

    mATX mobos for i5

    So what do we have there? I'm trying to pick one for myself. There is Gigabyte with UD2 and UD4, MSI G45, ASUS Genie... What else? Any DFI, EVGA?
  30. phinix

    dual core i7s - i4/i3s cancelled - new 32nm dual i7 in March ???

    I don't know if this is true, but techPowerUp says that Intel cancelled his dual Nehalems and are prepared to push dual i7s in 32nm technology this March.. It supposed to show up next year... Did you guys read about it somewhere else to...
  31. phinix

    SLI with old 65nm GTX280 and new 55nm - is it possible?

    Wuld this be possible to SLI new and old GXT280? Or is it always has to be same version?
  32. phinix

    Lian Li PC-7F

    Did anyone buy this case? I'm wondering if this case could be water cool fully internaly... Is there a space for 3x120 radiator under the top panel?
  33. phinix

    GTX 280 Aqua Computer aquagraFX G200 water block

    Did anyone try this block on his GTX260 or GTX280?
  34. phinix

    Crysis Warhead and .net framework 1.1.4322

    Where can I find this .net framework 1.1.4322???? Been looking for hours...:(
  35. phinix

    GTX 280 temps

    Just installed my new GTX280 (Leadtek) and wanted to share/ask about temps you guys getting with these cards (stock cooling): IDLE: GPU: 40C RAM: 39C VRM: 38C LOAD: (3DMark06) GPU: 70C RAM: 68C VRM: 71C These are temps shown by Everest 2007. Ati Tool showed 80C on GPU during 3DMark06.. Don't...
  36. phinix

    System resets, hangs up, BSODs... HELP !!!

    Looking for help !!!! :( Suddenly my sytem started to reset itself. At the beginning there was no BSODs. Just resets and then hags up during loading the system (XP startup screen with loading strip). Then it restes again, and again.... never comes back to fully loaded system. Then after a while...
  37. phinix

    PSU problem

    I have a strange problem: bought a new PSU - ThermalTake 850W Modular. Old one was Enermax 500W. When Plugged the new PSU and started the system nothing happened except fans and hdd is spinning. Mobo has the power but I'm not etting POST screen. Nothing for 5-10 seconds then system is shutting...
  38. phinix

    What radiators for this setup ???

    I'm planning to build nice setup and trying to calculate how many and what size of radiators I'm going to install. Setup is OC'ed e8400@4GHz and two OC'ed GTX280 in SLI. I wanted to use two 240 Swiftech radiators for this setup, but it may be not enough, right? One more thing - I can use 240...
  39. phinix

    GOOD NEWS !!! Swiftech have a bracket for GTX280 for MCW60 !!!

    Just got answer from Swiftech - they have a new brackets for their block MCW60 for GTX280 and will start sell them next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEAAAA!!!! So question is: what would work better for cooling ram on GTX280 - Swiftech heatsink 8800 kit or that new heatsink from D-tek. Is...