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    Black screen in M-Flash on my MSI X570 Unfity

    I'm trying to flash the latest bios onto my X570 Unify, but my screen is black upon rebooting to M-Flash. It seems like no video signal issue when in M-flash mode. Already tried both HDMI and DP. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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    12900k getting price cut at MC

    Even though it's the in-store-only deal, MC is selling 12900k for below $600.
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    Windows 11 and Maximum CPU Frequency

    While playing COD:CW in Windows 10, I noticed my 5950X clock speed doing 5ghz+ very often. Upon upgrading to Windows 11, I can't see 5ghz+ anymore. The highest clock speed I saw was 4.8ghz. Is this a known issue with Windows 11? What can I do to resolve this issue, other than going back to...
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    New 5800X Running Hot

    I've reseated the cooler several times, tried different thermal pastes, and finally the different coolers (X63 and D15). My new 5800X hits 90C toward the end of Cinebench multicore run. After searching the reddit and AMD support forum, I'm not the only one having this high temperature issue...
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    3900X Temperature Reading Help!

    There is quite a bit of temperature reading difference between Ryzen Master and HWiNFO64. I don't know which one is correct. The screen shot was taken during the Geekbenching.
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    Where is 9900KS?

    Has anyone seen one? Is anybody selling it?
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    9900K overheating on one core.

    So, I've got my 9900x stable at 5Ghz (uncore at 4.9Ghz) with 1.26V. However, everytime I up the uncore to 5Ghz, the Core #5 overheats. I currently have Noctua NH-15 cooling my cpu. Will it be worth to invest on a good AIO or custom water help to tame the overheating?
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    Ryzen 3000 AES

    While browsing the Geekbench, I've noticed much lower Multicore AES score from Ryzen 3700x (@4.30mhz) than from 2700x (@4.33mhz) Anyone can shed some light on this?
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    @Frys : EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW ACX 3.0 Gaming 256-Bit GDDR5 $409 AR
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    Klipsch Image S4A II and S4i II @ Frys

    Saw them on sale, $49,99 until 4/11. I think it's in store only.
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    Warm : i7 2700k = 2600k

    Microcenter has now lowered i7 2700k to $279.99.
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    Lost all USB connection, Help!

    I think it has to do with one Windows 7 64bit update got installed as my system was being turned off. I'm all USB connection as the Windows logo shows up for booting. The BIOS has no problem recognizing USB, but Windows does ever since the one update got installed last night. I have no...
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    Is my graphic card shot?

    It didn't happen yesterday, but all of sudden I was having random game crash (freezing and exiting back to windows screen) while playing BFBC2. After 5~6 time, I started to have sparkling dots on the windows screen. I've tried reinstalling drivers, switching slots, and manually down clocking...
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    Need your opinions!

    My best friend doesn't want to listen to me. He already has an HD 5870 card and he wants to spend over $500 to buy a GTX 480. I've been telling him numerous times that it's not worth it. I've told him if he really want to buy another card, then get another HD 5870 so that he can CF. I think...
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    DDR3 price for next year.

    According to, DDR3 price will go up next year.
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    A story of two HD4890 - Odd Issue

    I've bought two Diamond HD4890 cards. One was a regular version and another one was XOC (925/1050). At first, I installed the regular version since I bought it couple days earlier. I was able to overclock it (well, I let Autotune do it) to 990/1050. Then I got the XOC version which was on...
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    Gene & 920 Oddity

    I saw the Gene and I couldn't resist it. Installation went fine and I was able to overclock a 3841A to 3952mhz(19x208) with just 1.275v (bios) on the core and everything else pretty much at auto. But I found out the NB chipset was running a little too hot for my taste (close to 65C @ full load...
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    Fry's : VelociRaptor 300Gb for $249.99

    I couldn't find this deal on the news paper ad, but they have the VelociRaptor for $249.99 right now. The deal ends either today or tomorrow. In store only.
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    Rampage Formula Onwers : Need your help!

    Can you check your NB voltage when it's set to auto in the bios? Accroding to the board's build in monitor, it's 1.61v. Shouldn't it be around 1.25v?:confused:
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    Random Reboot

    Just installed a new Rampage Formula. For unknow reasons, my system randomly reboots by itself during normal 2d web browsing. I had P5E before, so I didn't have to reinstall Windows, do I need to? All the bios settings are pretty much the same. I didn't have this issue with P5E. Can anyone...
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    All-in-one PC

    Check this out! :cool:
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    HOT: PNY 9800GX2 for $529 + Shipping This is the lowest I've found so far. p.s. make that $529.89
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    Do I need a better PSU?

    In addition to the components listed in my sig, I also have one DVD-RW drive, one BR/HD-DVD combo drive and five 120mm fans. All of these are running on NeoHE 550, but I've noticed recently that 5V and 12V rails degrading to 4.92V and 11.93V. I think my system needs a better PSU. What do you...
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    QX9650 for $999 + SH This is the lowest I've seen recently.
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    XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition in Stock

    It was 30 minutes ago at Anaheim Fry's for $279. There were 6 of them on the shelf.
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    X3220 G0!

    Just revceived an X3220 today from It's a G0. :D X3220 SLACT L719B265 08/06/07
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    Very close to HoT!: X3220 for $290.92 When I ordered one, there was only one in stock. Next day, they raised the price by about $5, and listed as backordered. A couple days later, they had 3 back in stock and they also put the price back to $290.92. Today, they are...
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    Q6600 and P5W DH Problem

    I've been waiting for Q6600 price drop, and finally got one. Before Q6600, I was running a C2D E6600 @ 3.2ghz=8x400mhz FSB. It seems my P5W DH does not like Q6600 at all. It does not allow Q6600 run with FSB abvoe 330mhz. Honestly, I have tried every single FSB clock above 330mhz. The very...
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    Is 8800GTS cause of these problems?

    I got this eVGA 8800GTS yesterday. Uninstalled previouse driver and also ran the Driver Cleaner. The first problem I notice was with my G5 mouse that the mouse cursor movement got laggy. It's not as smooth as before. The second problem was the CPU temperature jumped up by 5 degrees. Ok...
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    I took IHS off my X2 3800+!

    Taking the IHS off an A64 was very easy. It only took me about 15 minutes.However, it didn't help bringing down temperature for my X2 3800+. :( I'm aircooling it with the SI-97A, and I thought taking the IHS would help bringing down further even with the same HSF. Wasted my 15 minutes and 3...
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    Two 4200+ showing different default Vcore?

    I recently got one retail and one oem 4200+, and oddly, they don't run at the same default voltage. The mobo displays the oem default voltage being .06v higher than the retail. Just to make sure, I've swapped out cpus twice and the CnQ was disabled. What's going on here?:confused:
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    4200+ Overclocking

    Is overclocing a 4200+ to 2640mhz w/ 1.52V good overclocking on air?
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    3700+SD now or wait for 4400+?

    The title says it all. Which one should I get? Wait until 4400+'s price settles down to norm or get 3700+ SD now?
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    Asus P4C800E-DLX mods

    I need the mods, but I can't do it myself. I'll pay a reasonable fee.
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    TwinMos BH-5 Vs. Sammy TCCD

    I've had these TwinMos BH-5 modules for about 2 years, but never able to see its full capabilities due to voltage limitation. Currently, it's doing 2-3-3-10-2T @ 226mhz on Epox 9NDA3+. Unless I mod the mobo, it will never supply above 2.8V. Setting the CAS to 2.5 doesn't at all. Is it worth...
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    6800gt + 65.73 + Css = Lag & Freeze

    I used to have 66.00 installed, then recently tried the 65.73. I'm getting series lag with 65.73 while playing CSS, and in the end I've always had to hard reboot the system because CSS got frozen. Now, I'm back to 66.00 and having no problem at all. Anyone else having similar problems?