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    iOS7 seems to have messed up how mobile Wordpress sites are viewed

    Anyone else seeing this? Since upgrading my iPhone 5 to iOS7, my Wordpress sites don't fit in the full screen. They seem to be at about 150% intended size. You have to scroll right to view all of the content. This happens on both Chrome and Safari, and with several different mobile plugins so...
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    Strange Win7 permissions problem

    Win7 Home Premium, Core i7, 6GB ram, 64bit I'm stumped... something has happened on 2 systems that prevents my admin user account from being able to install updates. First I noticed that while installing new software that there were permissions problems while trying to write to the start...
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    Core 2 Duo T9400 no power up Dell Vostro 1500

    I'm upgrading the processor on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop and can't get it to power on. Original processor was a Core 2 Duo T5270 (1.4 GHz) I purchased and installed a Core 2 Duo T9400 SLB46 2.53GHz 1066MHz and it won't boot. I've tried it with one stick of RAM, battery/no battery...
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    Polishing G5 tower

    Wondering if anyone has had any luck polishing a G5 tower. Mine is all scratched up and I was hoping some rubbing compound and elbow grease would do the trick. Thanks.
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    Help diagnosing laptop problem

    I have an old HP DV4000 that I'd like to use as a server. ( It was running fine with XP a few months ago. I recently installed Puppy linux and it works fine but... now when I hit the power button, it is hit and miss if it boots. Sometimes it will power on and do nothing...
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    Managing a database imported from Excel

    I'm hoping someone has an idea of how to manage this growing database. This is a database of project information for my company, with the data stored on a partner company's network. We access it through a web interface and can download as an xls or csv from the web interface. The problem...
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    Original Raptor vs Seagate Barracuda 7200.10

    I own both drives and have a mobo that supports SATA 3.0 GB/s. Should I make my main drive the 35GB Raptor (SATA I, 10krpm, 8mb cache) or the Barracuda (SATA 3.0 GB/s, 7200rpm, 16mb cache)? I have a video editing machine that only supports SATA 1.5 GB/s so the Raptor could be used for that...
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    Strange wireless problem... help please

    This is very odd... I have an 802.11g router that I've had for about 3 years and it has worked great. My 3-year old Compaq laptop has an internal Broadcom card. It worked fine on the network until just a few weeks ago. Now, I can't connect to my own wireless network... most of the time, I...
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    I have the source code... now what?

    Not new to Linux, but new to compiling from source. I have a digital music server that runs on QNX. The manufacturer has created a new OS for it based on Linux. In order to upgrade from the QNX version to the Linux version, I'd have to go through a dealer and pay for it... However, they...
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    Best resolution for CoD2 and 2005FPW

    A few questions about CoD2 and my rig... I have a 2005FPW but my computer needs updating. My rig is a Barton2800, 1GB PC3200, Raptor, 9800pro 128MB. CoD2 offers widescreen resolutions but none match my aspect ratio. The 2005FPW is 1680x1050. I doubt I can run at the resolution, however...
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    Will XP shut down individual hard drives?

    In power management settings, when you tell XP to shut off hard drives after xx minutes, I assume it manages each hard drive individually - right? IE, if I turn this on in my server and the main HD is being accessed all the time it will continue to run. However, since my backup drive is only...
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    Logitech Elite keyboard causing slow boot times

    I've been dealing with slow boot times ever since I built this computer and have just learned to live with it. It finally really got to me this week and I figured out what is causing it: my Logitech Elite USB keyboard! Without the keyboard plugged in, boot times are about 64 seconds. With...
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    Best ID3 tag / MP3 renamer?

    I have a bunch of MP3s that I'd like to retag and rename in a batch. Does anyone know of a fast and accurate renamer/tagger? I've been using Musicbrainz and it works great but it isn't exactly quick. Any suggestions?
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    Help sending mail from Verizon dsl using a diff domain

    I have a client that works from home and has Verizon dsl. He can recieve mail fine but his outgoing mail won't send. He called Verizon support and they told him to change his outgoing mail server to That, however, doesn't work. It still won't send from his domain because it...
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    My 9 hour XP install

    I'm installing an XP corp DVD image on a work computer. We have the images preloaded with all the apps that we use on the DVD and usually it takes about 2 hours for a complete install. We don't have images - it is a real XP install because we have a bunch of different setups. Anyway, this...
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    Alternate sites for GeForce driver dl? (XP MCE version)

    Nvidia's site has been sooooo slooooowww today and my DLs keep timing out. Know of any alternative sites for downloading the latest GeForce drivers for XP Media Center edition? I checked majorgeeks and Guru3d and they only had the XP version but I know there is a diff version for MCE (not sure...
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    Drivers for OEM P4 motherboard

    I haven't built an Intel system since 2001 so I'm a bit unsure as to how to handle this... My friend has an HP 630N (LGA 775 P4 2.8 based on the ASUS PTGD1-LA motherboard). She lost her whole hard drive, including the recovery partition, so I am trying to rebuild it from a retail version of...
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    Anyone own an Asus MyPal and an iPod?

    Does anyone know if you can hook an iPod up to an Asus MyPal via the USB host cable so you can play your iPod music on your PDA? Why would you want to do this you may ask.... I'm looking for a better in-car solution for my iPod. The screen is just too small and hard to read and I don't want...
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    Moving domains from one host to another

    I have a gaming community website ( - AAN). We recently re-did the whole site - forums and site so I set up (AAG) and .../forum for that. Now that we're pretty much ready with the new site, I want AAN to point to AAG. But, they are with different...
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    Switch for multiple digital inputs for a projector?

    I'm building a modest home theater room with a projector and I'm wondering what I should do for the several digital video inputs I will have. I will need to hook up the following: HTPC (via component or DVI) XBOX (via component or Svideo) XBOX360 (via component or HDMI) PS3 (via...
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    What does a Linux Gateway/DHCP server give you?

    What makes a linux Gateway/DHCP server better than one in a SoHo router? I've been running ClarkConnect as my gateway/dhcp/print/samba server for a whlie but I now need a Windows server for other applications. I don't really want to run 2 servers - a Linux and a Windows, so I'm thinking of...
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    Diagnosing laptop problem - screen lights up but that's it

    I was given an old Gateway Solo 2150 laptop (Celeron 450/6GB/192MB) that is basically dead. The LCD powers on but the rest of the system will not. The RAM is fine; the HD is fine... the only thing I can think of is that some motherboard component is dead or the processor is dead. I'm hoping...
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    Normal iPod boot time?

    If I haven't used my iPod in a while, it takes a few seconds (10 maybe?) to boot. If I had used it recently it turns on instantly but if it has been a while it will take several seconds and show the giant Apple logo, like what it does when you turn it on the first time. Is that normal...
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    Call of Duty in widescreen mode?

    Does anyone know what I need to do to run CoD in widescreen mode? I have the 2005FPW and would like to run it in 1680x1050. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, tried out the Germant Front mod tonight.... most excellent!
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    Old Gateway Solo 2150 - help diagnosing problem

    I was given an old Gateway Solo 2150 laptop (Celeron 433/6GB/192MB) that is basically dead. The LCD powers on but the rest of the system will not. The RAM is fine; the HD is fine... the only thing I can think of is that some motherboard component is dead or the processor is dead. I'm hoping...
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    Open Source Router/Firewall Distros

    I've been using ClarkConnect for over 2 years now and have been trying out a few other gateway/router/firewall distros lately so I thought I'd post info on them. Here is what I have come across so far (not in any particular order). Router Projects: LEAF: "A secure, feature-rich...
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    LAN games for laptops

    Related to this thread I made in GH, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any cool LAN games I could install on several Dell P4m (not sure of which one yet) with a GB of DDR. I was thinking of something like the original CS or UT, but a hockey or sports or driving game would be cool. Any ideas?
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    What can I do with 15 laptops?

    I have 15 Dell laptops at home right now and am trying to think of some cool things I could do with them. I need them for work but I have them home every weekend. They are Dell Latitudes P4m's with 1GB of DDR. I also have 2 16 port cisco switches and my home network has 24 ports throughout the...
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    Asus Vento - not a mod, but a very different case

    check it out: They also have a non-flash site here: I'd like to see some better pics of the inside and some more details...
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    Looking to clone a QNX hard drive

    I have an audio device built on QNX on a 20GB hard drive. I'd like to clone it to a larger hard drive. Any suggestion on what app I can use?
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    The HP z540 series HTPC is beautiful

    I know most of us build our own HTPCs, but I was just in CompUSA today and saw the HP Z545 Digital Entertainment Center. This thing is beautiful and basically exactly what I would build if I had the funds. Right now my HTPC is an XP1600, 512, Snapstream and a hauppauge 250 card. This thing...
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    Does anyone use Novell Groupwise? Know of any good resources?

    I have a project in which I have to become a Groupwise 6.5 expert fairly quickly. I've used it before but want to really be ready for this project. Does anyone know of any good learning sites on Groupwise? Anyone have any tips or comments? I have downloaded the 15 day trial for my Server 2003...
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    Running wire through walls - interference?

    I'm wiring up a home theater this weekend. I know about not running speaker wire in parallel or near AC wiring.. but what about network cabling? Is it OK to run network cables alongside speaker wires or should the speaker wires just be by themselves? Can network cables be run with AC wiring or...
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    Residential file backup over the net

    A friend and I have been trying to think of ways to have off-site backups of our important files. What we think is the best idea is to each have a local backup at our homes and then back that up to the other person's home over the internet on a nightly basis. The question is - does anyone...
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    Would a media server benefit from an 8mb cache drive?

    I'm rebuilding a Windows 2003 media server and I have a bunch of hard drives to choose from. The server is a Tbird 1.3 with 768MB PC133. I have the following hard drives I could use: ATA133 120GB 8mb cache 7200rpm ATA133 60GB 2mb cache 7200rpm(x2) ATA100 40GB 2mb cache 7200rpm Would I...
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    Browsing network shares slowed down after SP2 install

    I installed SP2 on my Compaq Presario laptop and everything seems to be working fine except for network shares. Browsing my network shares takes a long time and sometimes it doesn't even work. I will double click My Network Places and sometimes nothing will happen at all. Sometimes it will come...
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    What do you do if you know a company is using stolen software?

    I know a former client of mine is using stolen software - MS Office 2000 (at least 4x), MS Windows 2000 Professional (at least 3x), and much more. I warned them several times that they need to get legit copies of their software and they have ignored me. I also warned him that his employees...