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  1. Chaos Machine

    Ossic 3D HTRF Headphones

    Any see these? they look perfect for VR Normally I am suspicious of hardware kickstarters but these seem to have some pretty big industry vets working on the design, a bunch of ex...
  2. Chaos Machine

    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Who has one and how do you like it? I'd trust a hardocp forum members review over the likes of fortune or Gizmodo any day lol. Post thoughts, insights, and whatever else comes to mind here.
  3. Chaos Machine

    Htc vive orders are processing

    Just got an email today. No ship date yet but it sounds like they are ready to go for April.
  4. Chaos Machine

    Corsair hg10

    Anyone seen this in the wild yet? I noticed the page on their website for it is now giving me 404 errors. I know it is supposed to launch this month.
  5. Chaos Machine

    GTX 680 bug in crysis 1 and 2

    I am getting a wierd bug where whenever I move my mouse in crysis 1 and 2 I get wicked stuttering while turning, this phenomenon does not occur with movement via a gamepad or keyboard. Anyone else having a similar issue? I am going to see if changing my mouse has anything to do with it when I...