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    ~$2000 Build, Thoughts?

    Wow.. It's been a while since I was actually active here. I used to browse these forums as a kid haha. Anyway to start it off.. Monitor (2) Dell Ultrasharp U2412M - $639.98 CPU Intel i5 3570K - $196.64 Video Card eVGA GeForce GTX 670 - $399.99 Hard Drive Samsung 830 Series 256GB - $169.99...
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    Forwarding GMAIL email into Exchange 2003

    I'm trying to add a GMAIL account to one of my users in Exchange 2003 so that everything shows up in Outlook 2003 and on their mobile phones via ActiveSync. How can I do this?
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    Need help setting up Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 behind a router

    I'm trying to set up Windows 2003 Small Business Edition and Exchange 2003 in my house. The problem is that the computer that I'm hosting Windows 2003 behind a router. My router is a Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT installed on it. I already have a hostname ready and pointed at my IP address. My ISP...
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    Building a File Server and CCTV DVR in One, Need Help Please!!

    Hey guys, what's up? Since the number of computers in my house are expanding, I figured it was time to build a centralized file server so that everyone in the house can save their files on it and access it from another computer. It's less hassle for everybody. So yeah, building a file...
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    Sennheiser HD555s vs HD580s

    Going to be ordering a new Macbook Pro soon and I might as well order new headphones to come along with it. I've been browsing around and I found these 2 Sennheisers that are in my price range. Which one of these headphones are better? The HD555s or the HD580s? The HD580 are a bit more...
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    Painting my Sidekick 2 (56K Beware)

    I bought a sidekick 2 from a guy off of craigslist. The outside of the thing was alright but there were dents on the sides and stuff. So I decided to paint it. I'm in the progress of buying the paint and trying to determine what color. This is what the sidekick looked like when I bought it...
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    Removing scratches from clear plastic, sanded it, now it's looks kind of frosted

    Sorry I didn't know where to put this because this is a handheld device but I'd thought I can post this here. I just bought a used Sidekick 2 for around $50. Well the Sidekick is really busted. I mean the paint is wearing off. There are dents in the dent from dropping it. Since they don't sell...
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    Best server os for both web server and firewall?

    I just put together a P3 and I'd like to make it as a firewall for my home network. I also want to make this machine a web server. Is there any recommendations on which OS to use? Also I would like to know which OS is best for a web server? same goes for firewall? I may put together another P3...
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    Is my 3DMark06 score good for the specs I have?

    3DMark06 - 3950 Is my 3DMark06 score in reasonable range for my specs (check sig) ? I saw that during some runs, I had about 0 - 1 fps :(
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    Just RMA'd my Coolermaster Praetorian, want to buy another case

    I just RMA'd my Coolermaster Praetorian (in my sig) and now I'm looking for another case. I saw the Thermaltake Armor series (I think VA8000 black). I think the case is pretty hot. I also so the Gigabyte Aurora 3D and that case looks pretty neat also. I want to know if there are any bad things...
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    Recommended Silent PSU

    I just bought a Antec SP-500 and I think it's kind of loud for me. I just sent in a RMA request for this PSU and I want to buy a new one. Is there any recommended PSUs out there that are silent and reliable at the same time? I need something that has a decent price tag.
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    Best GPU cooler for 7800GT?

    Any recommendations? The two that are on my list are the Arctic Cooling and the Zalman one. Which one is better? Also which model? My GPU fan is loud :(
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    Wondering if this is FPS is normal for a 7800gt playing Counter-Strike:Source

    I just built a new computer and I bought a 7800gt and I also bought cs:s. I just took a look at my CS:S and my FPS is around 60 -70. Is that normal?? I have everything turned on with vsync on and 6x anti-aliasing at 1024 x 768.
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    Need help overclocking 3800+, max out at 210mhz fsb.

    I just bought my system and my video card came with a evga mobo, the model number is in my sig. i'm not sure how well these overclock but i'm guessing mild. I brought these 1gb patriots that was recommended in eclipses guide. I think it's the "Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK 1GB" it has 2-2-2-5 timings...
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    Which should I buy? 20" WS Sceptre Naga III or 19" Samsung 940B

    I'm not sure which one I should buy. The 20" Sceptre is about 40 bucks more but it's widescreen. I've heard many good reviews about the 940b. There are some good Sceptre reviews out there but there are also bad ones. I've heard about the firmware issue on this but I can get it fixed by sending...
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    Sure no prob, BlindedByScience. Anyway look what came in the mail today?? My Coolermaster Praetorian My Logitech G7 My FUNC 1030 Mousepad for my G7 The Arctic Silver Compound Blank DVD's This is what happens when you choose to ship with UPS :mad...
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    Logitech G7 or the MX1000

    I'm currently building my system right now and I would like to know whether I should buy the Logitech MX1000 or the G7. Which one is better? I heard the MX1000 has very good battery life adn the G7 on the other hand does not.
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    Budget gaming desktop, need help makinga decision

    I need to build a budget gaming desktop and I have about $800 or so dollars. Maximum I can spend is about a little of $1000. I'm trying to keep the subtotal very low so I'm asking you guys to see if this desktop is worth it...
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    Help building a budget gaming system w/ monitor under $1K

    My little brother wants to build a new system with all the christmas money he had left. Do you guys have any recommendation for this build that also includes monitor?? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mod Edit - One subject, one thread, please...
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    Crazy $11,000 PC (Not Real, Just for Fun) What Do You Think? and a 23" Apple Cinema Display. = around $11K What do you guys think?
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I was wondering if the apple section has a post your setup thread. So I created one.
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    Will games such as Counter-Strike be ported over to the new Intel Macs now?

    Hey guys just wondering if new games such as counter-strike:source and others will be ported over to the new intel macs since they are using x86 processors just like the pc's.
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    Need help trying to sync video with music. I'm creating a music video!

    Hey guys, me and some friends made a lip-sync music video. Well what we did was take maybe about 15-20 seconds of a person lipsyncing a verse. Then we'd go somewhere else and take another shot. Together we have about 10 clips altogether from different locations. What I need to do now is to put...
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    Need help trying to sync video with music. I'm creating a music video!

    Hey guys, me and some friends made a lip-sync music video. Well what we did was take maybe about 15-20 seconds of a person lipsyncing a verse. Then we'd go somewhere else and take another shot. Together we have about 10 clips altogether from different locations. What I need to do now is to put...
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    New Computer Build $4,000 Budget. Feedback PLEASE!

    Right before everybody went on winter break, I sold my computer. I finally had a $4,000 to spend on my new computer (after combining the money from my old computer and some money that I saved up). Anyway I'm deciding to buy everything off of newegg. Here is my list: Coolermaster Stacker -...
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    Starting web hosting company, need suggestions for company name PLEASE

    hey guys, my friend and I are going to open up a web hosting company, think you guys can come up with a name ?
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    Just picked up a beige G3 mini-tower, Worth the upgrade?

    A friend just gave me his old G3 beige mini-tower. The specs are 266mhz, Personality Card with composite and s-video ports and 128 mb ram. Is this machine worth the upgrade? Such as the CPU (...
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    CentOS install problem, can somebody please help?

    I am installing CentOs/ Blue Quartz on my system and after loading the cd, I get a "partitioning failed : could not allocate partition" error and tells me to restart. What's wrong with my system?
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    Should I install RAQ 550 ?

    I've been looking around for a server OS that I can use for a FTP, Mail, and Web server. I looked at the RAQ 550 Os and it has a GUI web interface. I don't know anything about this OS but I'm willing to learn. Is this OS right for me? If so, when I download it and install it on my server...
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    Thinking about my future career. Anybody willing to give me some insights?

    Well soon I'll be graduating High School and I'm still not sure of what kind of major I want to get into or what kind of career I'd like to pursue in the future. I was thinking about the IT area but don't know where to start. I mean I'm good with computers and would like to work with computers...
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    Cisco 1548M Switch

    I just recently found this Cisco switch. It is a 1548M. I want to put this thing to work but how to I connect to the switch and configure it? I can't find a site that would let me download the software for this switch. Can someone help me out here? Also how much is this switch right now? It...
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    Mod ideas for case. Suggestions PLEASE =D

    I've just been given an emachines computer that doesn't work anymore. Turns on but it doesn't post. Anyway I decided to take it's guts out and mod it. Do you guys see any future in this case? or no? Anyway please feel free to give me ideas on this case, since I don't have one yet.
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    Running HLDS through a Proxy Server. Is it possible?

    At my school we have a T1 connection and my friends and I wanted to see if we can host a counter-strike 1.6 server (hlds) through a proxy? Our school has their own proxy to access the internet and without it you can't (this i'm not so sure about because I've used other proxies from sites like...
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    Building a new opteron dually rig, please give me some feedbacks?

    Hey guys, I've been saving up little by little for my game server/ftp/web/file server for a while. Now since I think I've reached my goal of about $4,500, I think I'm ready to use it. I was on Newegg today and I put together a server. Please give me feedbacks. Thanks. :) AMD Opteron 244...
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    Starting our own 'Adopt-A-Rig' sub-forum??

    Do you think that's a good idea?? If people would like to donate computer parts and we can send them out to people who are willing to host it.
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    Creating Skins for Vbulletin

    Does anyone here know how to create full blown skins for vbulletin?? something like this?
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    Asus A7V won't post and Biostar M7VKB won't startup

    Mods delete this please?
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    Thinking of building a A64 939 System, Please Give Some Feedbacks. Thanks!

    Hey, I've been trying to build myself a computer but I was not sure what. Now I think I'll try to aim for the 64bit cpus to be more "future-proof". Anyway this "might" be my setup, feel free to change anything. Also note that I'm running on a tight budget, please make any changes so that I can...
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    Building Computer for Brother's Birthday

    Hey guys, I'm going to be building a computer for my brother's birthday, he likes to game, watch movies and such stuff. Here are the specs (Note: Please point out stuff that are unnecessary) COOLER MASTER Praetorian PAC-T01-EK Black - $108.50 (2) COOLER MASTER AFP-U02-E1 Black Alloy Front...