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    Leaked Nehalem Performance Numbers Posted

    ahhh yes, more fine journalism from George, anything for Intel. The numbers look great but its a 6 core vs 4 core. That being said I look forward to what Nehalem can do, and left wondering how much money does he get for sucking so much Intel ...... you fill in the blank.
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    Citrix Metaframe

    I had no issues with the citrix client and printing (ubuntu), in fact I recall accidentally printing off reports that were un-necessarily large.
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    Xorg.conf and 7950GX2?

    remember the ubuntu disc does not come with the nvidia drivers, so try booting with the gfx safe mode option to boot using vesa instead of nv
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    Linux Advice Wanted

    Yeah, I know how gentoo works, and how portage works, you make a good point packages are compiled against specific libs, or even the kernel. That being said it saves the user time, and simplifies the process, just because I can does not mean I want to, using portage, and freebsds ports...
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    DirectX10 on XP

    Can I also ask how you unlocked a 7800 to DX10 (unless your sig is out of date), and can I ask what DX10 games you played on Vistas RTM date, because I would like to know how and where you got your magic powers. I could of sworn the first cards to sport dx10 capabilities were the 8800 cards and...
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    Linux Advice Wanted

    1. debian and ubuntu both use debs, and for the most part both exchange packages. Also for the most part .debs, can be used across different debian based distros. That being said, I don't under what in ubuntu would prevent the user from ./configure, make and sudo make install. this I will...
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    Linux Advice Wanted

    Sorry but last I checked debian, ubuntu, fedora and gentoo, all have pre-compiled packages, and try to have as many packages as possible to limit user compiles or simplify compiles. So than my question is how does using Ubuntu make you less familiar with the mechanics of *nix or linux operating...
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    Linux Advice Wanted

    While automatix is great for n00bies, I would not recommend it, it can be a pain to upgrade and can break stuff. Also folks before you suggest envy give people the heads up when the kernel is upgraded the video card drivers need to be re-installed via envy.
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    Skulltrail and X48 . . .w00t

    I am very interested in skulltrail, these will use the xenon chips right, and I am am not sure if this has been mentioned, but how is the overclocking on the boards? Wow, more than a 1KW PSU and 1000$ for the board, I could of sworn that a lot of people ragged on AMDs 4x4 for the 500$+...
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    Xorg.conf and 7950GX2?

    to my understanding, if you have the right drivers (a version that supports that card) that setting up the 7950s is the same as setting up a single video card. Make sure you are using a driver that supports the 7950 card. I would recommend you use the Nvidia-glx-new package, as its newer then...
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    790 Chipset, Zune and You

    I have a similar problem, with my DFI Ultra-D, a friend with the same board, has the same issue. It wont boot with an mp3 player plugged in.
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    The Final Thread: The best free Anti-Virus?

    nod32 is great, avg is great for being free. I have also had good experiences with panda, and kaspersky, but only avg has the free option, tried avast not my thing, I have not given clamav a shot. Those are only the windows setups, my *nix setups I dont bother with.
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    Xorg.conf and 7950GX2?

    it is easy, if you go from nvidia to nvidia and use the 'nvidia' drivers then you can literally swap the card with no are using the opensource nv driver, which does not support the newer cards. make sure you have the nvidia drivers installed, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new, or...
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    I'm giving up on Ubuntu now ...

    >___________________< even when I use windows I wont use it, I find it too bloaty, and using foobar2000 and VLC are a better combination and uses far less resources. Although amarok2000 and VLC are the best combination IMHO.
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    Testing stability in Ubuntu 7.10

    sudo apt-get install cpuburn, and then run either burnK6, burnK7, burnMMX, burnBX, burnP5, burnP6. If you have two cores, run two instances. sit back and have fun. Also Prime95 is available as well for linux.
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    I'm giving up on Ubuntu now ...

    umm.... actually you are right, now that I think about it........ /places foot in mouth.
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    I'm giving up on Ubuntu now ...

    all he wants to do is use compiz fusion, 2d drivers is all he needs.
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    I'm giving up on Ubuntu now ...

    you do know that AMD has opened up the specs on thier cards, something nvidia hasn't done. That being said yes the older ATI drivers sucked donkey balls, but the new open drivers still in testing should mean better drivers. So don't throw that box away yet.
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    iPhone and Vista x64

    I don't think its microsofts fault that apple has not made a x64 vista version of itunes.
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    how to remotely run apps via ssh

    First make sure you have X11_forwarding enabled in sshd_config, then make sure when using putty when connecting to your ssh server that in your connection setting you have checked off the X11_forwarding option. Finally you need either X11 libs for your client OS, either install the X11 lib...
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    New helping putting Windows back on after loading Linux

    Can I ask why you tried linux using an enterprise grade linux distro that is just red hat enterprise rebadged?? This is a distro geared towards IT Professionals and experienced Linux users, for workstations and servers. :\
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    Any possible way of reformating without the Windows XP CD?

    o______O, ad-aware and spybot in my experience have been more effective than windows defender.
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    BSOD Tried everything but no help

    umm... is your cd-rom setup as a boot device before your hard drive??
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    New helping putting Windows back on after loading Linux

    Nope... you can boot from the cd and thats it, instead of blowing your XP install away why didnt you just dual boot or use a virtual machine??
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    AMD Phenom & Spider & Intel QX9770 Comparo @ [H]

    Looks like I will be getting a Yorkfield CPU, its faster clock for clock and seem to overclock better. Looks like my next desktop after 5 years of faithful performance from AMD will be an Intel.
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    Phenom 9900 review

    ....aaand I am buying a yorkfield cpu..... :'( AMD it was a fun ride while it lasted.
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    AMD Spider Videos

    ok, I wanna say I have a soft spot for AMD, I think this demo is a little useless, one, that 3GHz clock is not stable, he moved some sliders and wow, 3 GHz. Second, why increase the PCI-E slot, I was under the impression, that its pointless......???
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    apt-get or die !!!
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    I feel like all of sudden this thread has deteriorated from a conversation into a linux nerd on his segway, whipping everyone in site with a tape drive cable.
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    *sigh* this isn't a linux vs vista thread, all I said was vista has to offer new features and functionality, in my case vista besides direct x 10 is lagging behind my osx and linux machines. While some companies/people are locked, some others are not, if Windows does not offer new features...
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    Open office can open all previous office documents with the exception of OfficeOpenXML formats. You know what you are talking about so you would know that if there is a switch from one system to another, you obviously know that there is a transitional period, not as simple as a flick of a light...
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    Cant get email thru a Baracuda

    have you tried contacting baracuda, they are good at helping you out.
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    err....I think you are missing my point, I am saying what sort of features and functionality is it offering to the general group, not you. Most people do not write their own custom applications. Two there are alternative applications available. So no not really the same rules apply to...
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    help installing stuff in yellow dog linux
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    Isn't it about competing, why buy product a over product b?
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    Why hatred of Vista?

    My problems with vista is this, its fast enough, though I still do not find it faster than my ubuntu install. I still do not have 5.1 sound out of my onboard sound, not really MS fault on that one, these bad drivers also caused many bsods. Luckily for me I knew how to figure it out and solve...
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    amd hangs/crash

    I have a 3800+ x2 running @ 2.6GHz and it keeps my cpu around 38C with the arctic freezer 64 pro. So I can tell you know that heatsink and fan are the bees knees for the price. Anyways what are your voltages at?? Make sure you don't have it set to default and then have the voltage...
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    Routing Issue

    I have enabled rip on both and still no dice.
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    Routing Issue

    Hi I am sure some one here will be able to help me, I am trying to figure this out, but I think it maybe because I am idiot. However, I have two routers a DGL-4300 and a Linksys WRT with DD-WRT running on it. I had the routers working in wds link, however, I got a 360 and decided I don't to...
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    DGL-4300 Question

    I got one whats the problem you are having??