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    Cost-effective way to get Plex onto TV?

    Are you able to change Plex themes on the Roku? Do you get all the Plex content like your channels? I've seen some awesome sales on Rokus.. one of the things I enjoy the most on the Plex is uniform UI/content across all my devices.
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    I had similar options when I was in school. They are expensive certs compared to Microsoft and Cisco why may have more value, but it can't hurt you. Total Seminars has different voucher prices. Save 10 or 20% if I recall.
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    Video Conferencing 3 users, 3 sites

    That tripod is great.. have to bookmark that. I've been using IPEVO document cameras which are like web cams built into a table top stand. They are nicely designed and have an optional carry case.. only thing is you need an external microphone. Looks like you have a nice, simple solution for...
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    Going to college in a couple of years, need some help from you guys.

    Start reading as much as you can about jobs in IT. Sign up for job alerts and follow things on Monster, Indeed and etc. Start tinkering with things at home even if it's setting up a firewall on an old tower PC. See people talking about VDI? Google that to figure out what the heck it is and how...
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    Purchasing an iPad 3, how to tell it's 2nd generation

    Haha.. I may as well post my new debit card I received in the mail.
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    Purchasing an iPad 3, how to tell it's 2nd generation

    That's what I've been trying to find. Confirmed: simply look on the back of the box and it will say lightning cable included. iPad 4? I'm not sure if that's official because Apple calls it the iPad with Retina display and doesn't distinguish by name between the two versions. Either way I have...
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    Host constantly attacked, options?

    Is something like Cloudflare only applicable to web hosting?
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    Purchasing an iPad 3, how to tell it's 2nd generation

    That's what I'm asking :) Perfect thanks that's what I was hoping for.
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    Purchasing an iPad 3, how to tell it's 2nd generation

    So there's two generations of the iPad 3, the one released in March then the one in October that got the new A6 processor and lightning connector. Does anyone know how to tell from the package if you have the newest one? I'm going to get one this week. (Long story short I have a coupon for a...
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    Local Remote Controls for Display

    I know a lot of suggestions have been thrown out but you could consider Synergy. It lets you use the mouse and keyboard from one computer to control another computer when you can see that computer's display. It even behaves like having dual monitors you just move the mouse to the edge of the...
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    Thinking of ditching cable for an Apple TV 3

    Don't forget to check out the HTPC sub forum for talk about streaming, storage and operating system questions. (XBMC, Plex..)
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    We're in a hotel room. My dad's laptop connects to wifi. Mine does not. WHY???

    Poorly configured setup on a very high traffic network.. it happens a lot in hotels especially if they were given generic no login access.
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    Is CompTIA a+ certification worth it?

    It's definitely relevant to PC repair but I don't think it will make a difference to your customers if you have it. The content that's on it is certainly important to know and to ask for from potential employees. Outside of PC repair, most companies are more interested in experience with...
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    Wi-Fi & Cell phone EMF

    Not like I believe it but.. doesn't the ozone help cut down on most of that? The rest you can argue is normal.
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    My router has been hacked ???

    Not broadcasting the SSID doesn't give you that much more security but it doesn't hurt either. Have you checked that the router does not respond to management requests from the outside? (From the Internet..)
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    CCNA Exam Location?

    Good luck! Scheduling your exam is one of the best ways to force yourself to study and prep.
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    Auditing Software for Small/Medium Businesses

    I'll have to dig up a link for you but Microsoft has specific tools to audit and prep yourself for Windows 7 migration. Look up their migration preparation tools.
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    Network pics thread

    Red I think your UniFi install is pretty comparable to commercial installs and I like your use of a keystone. Lets you unhook the AP quickly or extend it in a different direction if you really need to.
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    Experience with Win8/Server 2012 on Mac?

    I would just run them as virtual machines. You can start with VirtualBox for free. I've run Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows XP on an internal network at the same time for training purposes.
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    Server 2003 - WinXP 32 & Win7 64

    It's a built-in tool I believe.. Print Management is built into Windows 7/2008 to manage the drivers and printers installed on a machine.
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    Server 2003 - WinXP 32 & Win7 64

    In my situation I installed 64-bit Windows 2003 drivers onto the Server 2003 machine by using Print Management on a 2008 server. It is vital that both drivers are the same version number, you know like software version numbers. Then Windows 7 was handed those 64-bit drivers. Let me know if you...
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    Server 2003 - WinXP 32 & Win7 64

    You will probably have trouble adding the 64-bit drivers while at the Server 2003 machine. If you use a Server 2008 machine to manage the print drivers on the 32-bit machine you should be okay. As /usr/home said, the version numbers (software version number) of the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers have...
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    Certifications for those just starting out? (ccent, A+, MCSE)?

    Almost forgot, Microsoft is running their Second Shot promo again. Basically you register for your exam with a voucher and you can retake the exam for free if you fail. If you register for certain exam packs you'll get 15% off.
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    Home Office Build

    Thanks for the thread, should be fun to watch.
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    Certifications for those just starting out? (ccent, A+, MCSE)?

    Professor Messer has free videos on configuring Windows 7. I also like CBT Nuggets a lot especially their CCNA/CCENT teacher.
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    IT Resume Thread

    I think that document just got messed up because of Google Docs not because that's how he formatted. There's formatting you shouldn't be wasting your time with, paper and font selection.. but make sure weird spacing and bulletpoint issues aren't there. Plenty of people receive Word documents...
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    Certifications for those just starting out? (ccent, A+, MCSE)?

    Internships/part-time work. Yep! I would look at CCENT since it's an entry level exam and that's where you are right now. More then getting the cert you want to learn the material. It's not that powerful by itself but it's a good step to then work on your CCNA. Most people have an easier time...
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    HTPC operating system advice

    Sounds like I'll keep WMC in mind since I don't have intensive media library requirements but do want plugins like Netflix and streaming music. Thanks for the help everyone.
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    HTPC operating system advice

    So the Netflix channel doesn't work on the Linux version? I'm still experimenting with Plex only used it for about an hour of watching so far.
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    HTPC operating system advice

    So I've been following this sub-forum for awhile along with reading what I can online. I want to build an HTPC box to make things seamless with the different media I watch and what I have connected. I hate gimme-a-solution threads but I've come to point where I should ask for advice to see what...
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    Wireless clients issue at a small school

    There's no guaranteed number but I'd be surprised if you can get forty people on one AP consistently. You could get two but they are sold cheapest in a three pack. :) Good luck and nice to see you're at least able to upgrade the network. Someone else here will chime in on router options.
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    Wireless clients issue at a small school

    Why do you need to replace the router? Is the Belkin doing the routing for the entire network? As others have said, yes you simply need an appropriate wireless network. Ubiquiti will be great for your budget.
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    New Ubiquiti Routers

    Ahh I forgot about that.. thanks for the reminder.
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    New Ubiquiti Routers

    I don't love the injectors either but the way I see it, the people who will be installing UniFis (most of them..) aren't going to switch out an entire switch to put in PoE. They'd rather use injectors.
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    Network pics thread

    Neat job and great photos! I like seeing the SMB installs like this. Are you going to have the apartments on the same network? VLANed?
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    New Ubiquiti Routers

    I don't think it's their market. With UniFi they went for small businesses that needed easy to install and manage products that are affordable. Now they are going back to those same customers and asking what else they need. "Easy to use and manage routers with the features I need at an...
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    NAS & Backup

    By Crashplan I believe you're referring to the local backup features.. so Crashplan would backup to one of the two PCs.
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    New Ubiquiti Routers

    Agreed these are routers not switches. Then Ubiquiti can sell you their tough switch.
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    300Mbps + 300Mbps

    Just keep in mind regardless of your Internet speed you'll want fast transfer speeds between devices on your network.
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    Server in basement? Concerns?

    Wait a sec.. what does your basement look like? I read it too quickly the first time.