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    Dell 2005FPW 20" Widecreen LCD - $486 Shipped

    Thanks for the coupon, treating myself to an 18th birthday present early :)
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    I actually made this wallpaper so im proud of it :) sorry i run 1600x1200 deal with it :P
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    9800XT go insane

    I work at circuit city sometimes they call sometimes they don't, I should take this in and see if they will honor it haha, if they do id buy all we had and sell them to u guys update: the ad near me in so cal has a 5950 for 399 in that spot damn it i have a cool manager that probably wouldn't...
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    2nd shipment of Unreal Tournament 2004 SE!!!

    Just turn then off with your card, the graphics already look good on games these days and ive noticed that without aa/af they run faster and look fine. aa/af is for better quality/smoother graphics. With you card id leave them off it should run fine.
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    2nd shipment of Unreal Tournament 2004 SE!!!

    Looks like ebgames changed the name to dvd edition and took off the picture, still we got what we wanted!
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    Problem with stability on a64 system...

    That sucks man sorry to hear about it. Hope you get a good deal on some new ram.
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    Problem with stability on a64 system...

    I had a problem with random crashes wound up being a problem with onboard memory controller. A report on it can be found here: This applies to all memory not just mushkin. so lets say my ram...
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    GoGamer UT2k4 $27.90 2 day only!

    ya sorry, just thought i would post since its the best deal i can find right now on the 6 cds
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    GoGamer UT2k4 $27.90 2 day only!

    Link: For this price im almost gonna order the 6 cd, still gonna wait and try and find an se but this is best price around. $5.99 shipping total comes to: $33.89 mine didn't have...
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    BB UT2K4 SE hot deal cancelled

    I totally agree. We got 4 more of the normal versions at my store in, im hoping we might get some dvd copies in saturday and ill buy it right then lol some bitch ain't takin my game. I'll post if we get more than 1 cause that 1 is mine :) The price was raised on it tho, 39.99 on the normal...
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    BB UT2K4 SE hot deal cancelled

    BF: V is not sold out at the laguna hills store, i think we have at least 5 copies left. I'll settle for BF: V till we get ut2004 in :/
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    LCD turns off while and wont turn back on playing ut2k4??? wtf??

    your card might have overheated, thats my best guess
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    BB UT2K4 SE hot deal cancelled

    I work at circuit city, laguna hills, names paul so say hi to me heh :) but ya we had 2 dvd copies and 7 normal cd copies, i reserved one dvd for myself was gonna come back next time i worked (2 days) and i guess some ass put my copy that i put a hold for paul note on top of it under the...
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    Problems with fps in cs

    if you want to know real real fps in cs type timrefresh in console, it doesn't show you a constant fps but it tells you what it is at that second, kinda a neat trick
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    Friend a Moron. Please back me up

    he could be looking at the face of a mountain with lowest detail settings on planetside and getting 200 fps and thinks hes cool, he probably has dual channel rated ram but it can't run dual channel if you no something about 754 pin. I'd also like to see a ss of him looking at the side of a...
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    Question about K8V Deluxe integrated NIC

    Well I've been running my ASUS K8V Deluxe for about a month now and its extremely fast compared to my old computer. My big question though is why I get random lag when im playing games like wc3 and cs. It runs great and i get random lag spikes. I'm wondering is it the drivers since its a new...
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    New system and SATA problem

    Update the bios, I hear the new MSI bios for that mobo is a lot better than the one it shipped with
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    Socket 939 vs Socket 754

    wait for 939, get a 3400+ dual channel memory and if nforce3 250 is out then get that a mobo with it, and you got a sweet comp, I went 754 cause I couldn't wait, wish i waited for 939 it will be worth it :)
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    blue screen of death on new machine

    I don't know let it run one test 100% and if there are no errors I think your fine but I don't know only used it once.
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    I really want to upgrage to an A64 system BUT....

    I have no multi-tasking problems with my 3000+ super smooth in everything but im upgrading from a 1600+ so ya :P
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    blue screen of death on new machine

    probably loading and detecting new hardware? check and see if it takes that long again.
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    Problems with the athlon 64

    try the cdrom drive that worked with the cd last, that way you know its the cd or the drive :)
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    My new computer purchase - comments pls

    I'm using the asus board, and it rox! DOn't k now about corsair memory, but whatever, and if you have the money get a 3400+ its a lot better than the 3200+ for the money its worth it
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    having a64 3000 issues *call an ambulance*

    I remember reading in a few places that corsair memory isn't preferred for a64. I'm running 2x256 Mushkin pc-3200 level 2 and it will run but i think im getting memory errors. Tried changing setting, tried memtest86 and that won't even work. I would try memtest86 if i were you, would tell...
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    OCZ or Corsair XMS for my A64 3000+?

    im running mushkin 2x256 pc-3200 on my a64 and i have no problems. I think the cas is 2-2-2 but i don't know much about memory
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    Looking for a good mobo for my A64 3000+...

    the ASUS K8V deluxe has a firewire and either 4 or 6 usb 2.0 ports. I see six ports on mine but i don't know how many of them are 2.0 problably all. and it comes with a firewire connector on the mobo. I hear people getting their 3000+ up to 2.2 ghz which is pretty good oc for a64.
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    Question on ASUS K8V Deluxe

    Bought a new computer a week ago and I'm having a problem with my audigy 2. At first it detected the card and the drivers would install but all i would get is static out of the card. I know the headphones i used were good cause i tested them on my other computer. I got over it for a week and...
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    A64 Motherboard?

    I'm running an ASUS K8V Deluxe and I've not tried overclocking but at full load it gets to 39 degrees C on a thermaltake silentboost cooler thats only 21 dba. Ram I am running 2 sticks of 256 pc-3200 level 2 memory from mushkin. I don't seem to having and computer problems but i think im...
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    Tutorial for Keyboard LED mods?

    I did it myself and I knew nothing about modding or anything just out of the blue grabbed some leds and some other stuff unscrewed the keyboard and went at it, it was a pos keyboard so it didn't matter but it all worked in the end and the leds were bright wee!
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    K8V Deluxe Bios

    Thanks for the update I haven't had time to play around with flashing my bios lately to much damn school :(
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    Call of Duty Headset

    i use a plantronics audio .90 there great :) not broken yet tho
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    K8V Deluxe Bios

    that was one of the things i read in the hardocp review the last comments they said neither of them were able to set the aperture size to 256 the computer just wouldn't boot
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    Everyone With Asus K8V Read...

    phew its 5802 lucky me
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    Athlon 64 Heatsink/Fan Question - Who and Where?

    I'm using a Thermaltake Silent Boost K8 Cooler and my 3000+ is at 35 degrees C with case closed never seen it above 39 and its only 21 dba not sure what the zalman is but i like my cooler
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    Everyone With Asus K8V Read...

    where can i find the s/n on my board i see one on top of one of the slots but it doesn't say s/n anywhere