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    Fifa 08 video uploads?

    So.. i've uploaded some cool videos of me playing fifa 08 to EA>. my question is.. how the hell do i view them? is there a website? i've tried the ea sports website.. i can't find anything... thanks
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    Fifa 08 (Xbox360) strategy questions

    Hello, So.. i need some serious tips on playing this game.. i think i'm very good at defense.. but my offensive skills SUCK... i've only ever won 1 game, and i' ve lost 2... all the other games i've played (about 15) have all ended in draws.. i can stop the other team from attacking.. but i...
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    software that fixes my internets?

    So, for some reason my desktop shits out on the internet all the time.. like 2 to 6 times a day my internet will die on my desktop for like 30 minutes before i can use it again.. i'll open browsers, and it will give me errors like i'm not connected to the net.. mind you.. the internet...
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    MP3: Aurora Unit 313

    am i the only person a little disappointed at how easy it is to make Aurora Unit 313 your bitch? the game is freaking awesome.. but it was a little too easy.. Echos was harder.. for sure.. what do yo guys think?
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    MP#: corruption question

    So... the instruction manual doesn't provide an answer to this question.. in the HUD.. at the very top center there are four rectangular bars.. sometimes two of them are one.. some times one is on.. and it changes colors.. what the hell does that mean??
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    Netflix, and my Xbox360 or Wii

    So.. Netflix has this whole thing where you can stream movies right off their site.. i hate watching movies on a PC... are there any easy ways to stream to my leaving oom TV via the xbox or wii? the only solution i can think of, is using the wii's internet browser to watch movies from...
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    Just got my HDD and enclosure.. formatting question

    so.. I just got an antec MX-1 enclosure with a 500GB barracuda.. anyway.. what should i format this thing to? Primary partition.. or extended? i want to use this thing on multiple computers.. thanks
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    Pre dust, and post dust temps.. what have you seen?

    WOW.. so i'll be honest.. i've neglected my machine for a while.. i decided to finally dust it out.. i'm seeing 4 degrees C of difference just after dusting... i didn't think it would be that big of a difference.. what sort of differences have you guys seen?
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    recommend me an enclosure

    Hello, SO.. i'm looking for a good enclosure.. preferably something with a cooling fan... what has worked for you guys?
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    freeware that unzips .rar files?

    What the title say's... what's a freeware program that unzips .rar files..
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    external HDD help

    So, i'm looking for a 320 - 500GB external USB HDD.. my question is... which companies are good at external HDDs.. western digital? who else? should i go OEM?
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    using cable gateway as wireless router only?

    Hello I have the lynksys WCG200 cable gate way I'm currently in a new apt just for the summer.. In my new apartment there is a cable model already with one eithernet connection.. is it possible to just connect that cable to one of the eithernet connectors on the router, and just route the...
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    recommened me a PSP game

    So, looks like i won't have my wii or DS or X360 for the whole summer... all i got is the PSPfor the summer... any games i should get?? i haven't touched my PSP in over a year.. i don't know what i've missed does block buster rent out PSP games?
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    Wii component cables

    So, should i get nintendo branded cables or 3rd party cables? are teh cables still hard to find?
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    TV tuner help

    Hey all, So i'm looking for a TV tuner for my laptop.. thus is can't be a card, it has to be some sort of USB device, or a card i can plug into my Lappy.. Anyway.. are thre any decent one's out there.. All i want to do is watch TV.. i don't care about recording.. possibly be able to play...
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    Xbox360: HDTV + VGA or HDTV + component?

    So.. is one better than the other?? or is this a "depends on the TV" situation? just trying to see if i can free up a component connection on my TV
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    Circuit CIty 10% off items over $200 for AAA members

    I don't know if this is the right forum, or if you guys know this already.. but if you're an AAA member you can get 10% off most items over $199 at circuit city.. either online or in store.. I just got myself an HDTV 10% off... at the AAA website look under shopping, and you will see...
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    Xbox360: Enchanted arms question

    OK so, i'm about 80% through the game.. just finished the sage tower, and going into the graveholm village? anyway.. here's my question.. it seems like i'm nearing the end of the game.. yet i recall coming across these teleporters that always say "there are dangerous enemy's beyond" I...
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    Xbox360 480p question

    The background: So, i'm getting tired of playing my Xbox on my CRT PC monitor.. i think i should get an EDTV for it cause i want to play it in the living room and i'm tired of having to unplug my monitor, and plugs in the Xbox.. plust there is mush space in my study room where my computer...
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    Enchanted Arms (comments please) (X360)

    Hey, So I'm in the mood for a jRPG. Anyway, is this one any good? Seems like the only con i've read is that battles happen alittle too often. That and the english dubbing (everyone seems to recommend that you leave it in japnese and read the subtitles).
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    Feb. has come and gone.. where's Castlevania: SOTN?

    So.. i thought this game was supposed to be out for download on XBL??? what the hell happened.. i bought microsoft points, and am waiting for it.. anyone know anything?? is there an official rlease date?
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    Everybody votes channle not showing up?

    So i downloaded the wii update for the everybody votes channel... well.. where's the damn channel??
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    Gamestop Strikes again

    :( so.. there's this local games shop here.. called rhino games.. they weren't bad.. well.. looks like gamestop got to them.. knew it was gonna happen.. they even had a lifetime warranty on anygame.. bring the game back.. and they will give you a new one...
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    Xbox360.Xbox RPG?

    Looking for an RPG game... games i've liked in the past are FF series Tales of Symphonia Chrono trigger/cross breath of fire.. anything on the Xbox or Xbox360 taht would suite my taste?
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    Wii news channel up and running

    what do you guys think?? it looks put together very well i think... impressive...
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    Warning points system?

    So I just recieved 3 warnings from some thread (i'm not sure why I got warned 3 times), in my user CP it say's "points" in the latest infractions section what exactly are those points? All of them say zero for me..just curious since this is the first time I can recall getting warned. Thanks
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    Q about folding box

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    Video card Q

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    good CPU temps

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    OC curiosity

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    Wires everywhere!!

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    3dmark Q

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    HT and [H]ardness