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    Nvidia's 340.43 beta drivers support 4k @ 60 Hz over HDMI 1.4

    Can someone test 4K at 60hz over HDMI 1.4 on a Seiki 39" 4k if any one has a Kepler 600+ series, these drivers, and that monitor.
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    For you original Resident Evil gamers, I have a question...

    At the character selection scene, if you've never played the game you don't know she starts with a gun. How did you know this aside from starting a game with each character?
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    For you original Resident Evil gamers, I have a question...

    Does anyone remember first playing the original Resident Evil when it first came out in 1996 and how they figured out that Jill was the easier character? Was it through trial and error? Playing first as Chris and getting stuck? Playing first as Jill and then as Chris? (Also, if you...
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    ESXi 5 Home Lab Build Questions

    Does this board support VT-D and Directed I/O? I am hoping to use it for ESXI 5 and passing through a SATA card for UNRAID.
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    Weekend Project for the wife - Project: Geek Out the Kitchen

    The touch adapter works well. It's not captive like an iPhone or most newer devices, it's resistive. At the resolution of 1024x768 its enough to work well with a finger after doing the 25pt calibration. It was a bit of a paint to take apart the monitor and get the touch panel lined up just...
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    5v rail

    usb is 5v
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    Weekend Project for the wife - Project: Geek Out the Kitchen

    Currently there are only a few on there which are pretty generic: I'll take a...
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    Weekend Project for the wife - Project: Geek Out the Kitchen

    As stated above I had all of the hardware on hand. Literally didn't cost me a dime. (except for some time). I do have a spare HP Touchpad that doesn't get used a whole lot, and to be honest I thought about using it, but I didn't feel like it would be as durable. Mounting would have been more...
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    Weekend Project for the wife - Project: Geek Out the Kitchen

    A few days ago I was browsing the web and saw this article on instructables: It showed a simple interface for a touchscreen that allowed for web browsing, email, recipes, and simple tasks. I realized I already had ALL of the...
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    Possibly Dead GTX 560 Ti

    Sounds about right, I'd start a RMA with eVGA.
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    BF3 Early Access Xbox 360 Beta Key

    Thanks!! :)
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    BF3 Early Access Xbox 360 Beta Key

    The suspense..
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    BF3 Early Access Xbox 360 Beta Key

    Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really pissed. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE !!" The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up...
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    Ranting Prepaid Blues

    +1 this is Verizon's prepaid network
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    Dell U2711

    That's amazing. I would take one at that price in a heartbeat AG issues or not. I have 3x P2210Hs and I'd prefer one giant screen. I can't decide between the ACD or the U2711 which has more ports and flexibility. *sigh*
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    Dell U2711

    Id say so, where did you find it at this price?
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    Gigabyte 1155 Z68 mATX Motherboard $99+FS

    This board works surprisingly well to run Lion as well as Win7. I was able to overclock to 4.6ghz, I didn't push it any higher b/c that's plenty fast for me. I paired it with 16gb of ram, and a 160gb intel SSD.
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    TWO MONTHS of Christmas from Galaxy!

    I bought a galaxy 9600GT for a secondary build and it's been working great since. I hope to see more great products from them in the future.
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread 29 Left!
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    RAM Issues on X58 Boards

    I had this issue on my EVGA 758-a1 board when I first got it in Jan 08 with my i7 920 c0. I was using 3x2gb OCZ DDR3 gold. It would only detect as 4gb. After some time, I figured out if I manually set the timings and voltages everything was fine again. Eventually one of the newer BIOS updates...
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    Free Dropbox Upgrade with .edu Email

    Are referral links allowed? Maybe we can setup a referral train or something to help everyone get to 16gb. Thanks alot for this, I was coming close to filling up my dropbox.
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    Studios Planning $30 Home Film-Viewing Option?

    This is going to be a piracy nightmare if it actually happens.
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    Chrome Is Overtaking Firefox Among Power Users?

    Firefox all the way here still. I've never really gotten into chrome.
  24. K free screen sharing

    I use crossloop typically for this. I'll have to give this one a shot. I used to use LMI, but the speeds were always so slow.
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    Reliable 2TB internal drive for media files storage…?

    Western Digital 2TB Black edition would be my choice. The Blacks have a 5yr warranty which means they are probably put together well. Though I will say how the drive is shipped/packed makes a huge difference. Newegg has been problematic for me on the past 3 drives. I've since switched to amazon.
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    Adobe Warns Acrobat Users: Don't Install Third-Party Security Patch

    That's hilarious I'm really glad I used foxit already. While I'm sure it's not impervious to attack the fact that it is less popular help.
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    HDCP Master Key Confirmed; Blu-Ray Has Been Cracked

    So potentially you could have a little device that takes the HDCP away? BR player --> HDMI ---> HDCP Remover Box ---> TV that doesn't support HDCP?
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    what device to put in a room with 2-3 networked devices

    Just put a switch where you pulled that cat5 and you'll have more ports.
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    Keyless Keyboard on Mobile Devices

    The best thing I've seen for mobile typing is swype. I am getting quite good at it, and it's prediction is great.
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    Trojan Threatens to Blackmail You

    This is both sad and hilarious at once.
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    Halo: Reach $200 Million First Day Global Sales

    I enjoyed reach, I beat it on legendary with a few skulls on and it was a good challenge.
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    Halo: Reach Set for Midnight Launch

    I'll be there. I like playing halo, sure it's not computer gaming but its decently fun.
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    Re-skinning Android

    Launcher Pro, and Launcher Pro Plus are great launchers and can be skinned to your liking. There are other options out there, but I donated for LPP so I'll stick with it.
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    How much is your total monthly cell phone bill?

    $30 - Sprint SERO - 500 anytime, night and weekends @ 7, unlimited data, text, roaming etc
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    while typing on laptop the cursor will randomly jump to a higher point

    are you bumping the trackpad with your thumbs?
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    90-degree MOLEX connectors?

    something like this? Edit: nvm I missed the CAD part.
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    POLL: Do you shut-down or let sleep?

    neither, I leave it on 24/7 full power :)
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    Audio, and HDMI - whats the deal?

    Well out of the box HDMI audio from my ION based motherboard was set a stereo only when I plugged it straight into the TV, meaning if had anything with 5.1 audio like a DVD it wouldn't play at all. You can install AC3 filter and that'll correct it. Or you can use a receiver that can decode the...
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    Digital Transition ruined my media center PC

    The HVR 1600 PCI TV tuner card takes, SVideo, RCA composite (yellow, red, white), or coax in. I am using the RCA composite out of the DTV box into my HVR1600. (yes its standard def only). Okay I found the guide for setup I used for my crappy digital boxes the freebies they give you. The usb...