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    Which SSD for Virtualization.

    I'm putting a Core i7 system together for running some virtual machines for work. I'll probably be using Workstation 6.5 on either Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2. I'll be running anywhere from 2-3 VMs at a time and my biggest concern is being able to boot these virtual machines as quickly as...
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    Question about going from 24pin to 20pin

    Ok, so I just got my PCP&C 510 SLI, but the local computer shops didn't have any 24pin female to 20pin male adapters. (One guy actually told me it wasn't even possible to do that.) So I get home and notice that I can plug my 24pin connector into my 20pin motherboard. The right lines seem to...
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    I killed my Antec :(

    So my Antec True Blue 480 decided to kick the bucket on me this morning. I really should have taken notice of the signs that it was going bad. My system actually just shut off on two seperate occasions. I was actually thinking this was some kind of heat issue either with my memory since my...