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    Prevent windows from shutting down ?

    My desktop pc running Win 10 keeps shutting down randomly by itself, i suspect its windows update but the weird thing is i dont have this problem on my two other laptops. Im considering to turn off windows update in services settings. Is there anything i can do to prevent these random shuts...
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    Strange Netflix black screen

    tl;dr : I get black screen when i play video on the netflix app from windows 10. The video is fine on my laptop but its when the laptop is connected to TV via HDMI and want to play a netflix video on the TV i get black screen with the menu, audio and subtitle still working fine. But when i...
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    Recommend me new Harddisk for Media Server

    Im in the process of buying a new HDD 3/4 TB for my HTPC/ media server, not for OS. WD 3 TB either in Blue or Red seems to fit bill, but im unsure which of them is best in this scenario. My understanding is that blue is for home use and faster while the Red is meant for NAS and Raid. However...
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    D-Link 855 Offline

    All of the sudden my dlink 855 router has gone offline, no internet access both wired and wireless. The display screen on the 855 has offline written on it and i have tried recycling (power off-on) both isp modem and dlink router but it didnt help. I`ve also done a reset on the dlink router and...