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    Samsung CRG9 Availability?

    I REALLY want one, but the gsync compatibility issues give me pause.
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    Good lord, prescription lens inserts are an incredible game changer!

    Oh wow, thanks guys. I had no idea this service existed. It's a bit a chore to wear glasses under HMDs.
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    Koolance 1000W Watercooled PSU

    Indeed, I don't know the date of your review, but pretty sure it made me buy it. BTW, link above is borked
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    Koolance 1000W Watercooled PSU

    No offense taken. I just plug the stats into eBay's listing and it gives a shipping price based on your location. The package has an old shipping label on it that says 18lbs from when Koolance mailed it to me and the dimensions of the box are 20x12x10. It ships from 20815. When I...
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    Koolance 1000W Watercooled PSU

    To be honest, it was an awesome product. This PSU with waterblocks on everything is VERY quiet. I hope they bring this product line back!
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    Koolance 1000W Watercooled PSU

    This PSU was an RMA for the original and this one has been sitting in my closet for YEARS. Please take this off my hands! Opened for the sole purpose of checking contents. Sadly, I don't have the power cables for it, but they are modular and hopefully easy to find. Box opening to prove it...
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    noblechairs ICON Series Desk Chair Review @ [H]

    Definitely a knock-off of a 1990s porsche seat:
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    Tekken Bowl Returns as Paid DLC

    I'm more interested in the bowling DLC than the actual game. LOL
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    Verizon Offering $70 FiOS Gigabit Service for New Customers

    I'm in one of the markets listed above and that deal is not available.
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    Same for me and we've been desperate for a medic a few times. :-(
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    Anyone know why I can't play as any other class in multiplayer? I don't recall any restriction in the beta. I'm only lvl 3 too in case it matters.
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    EVGA 1080 FE Order Availability

    Ditto, was going to go to the one in Rockville and realized I'm traveling.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    I'm a guy that LOVED BF2, played it religiously for years. Then BF3 came out. I enjoyed it, but started to wonder if we have "too much of a good thing" with respect to depth. I didn't even bother with BF4 since I didn't want to build another player so close to the BF3 release. For...
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    NCASE M1 v3 Build Thread

    How does the C14 work with a side panel installed? I'd have to imagine that would diminish the cooling capability and noise characteristics.
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    NCASE M1 v3 Build Thread

    Longtime member, but I mostly lurk these days. It really is great to see the PC community flourishing again. I sure had a blast back in the '90s and '00s. I've had many Lian-Li cases over the years. When I stumbled upon the M1 project a few months back, I wrote it off as too pricey, even...
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    Mind... blown.... been shopping there since 2003. Hope they get back on their feet soon!
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    3DMark11 Score

    i7 965 @ 4ghz dual GTX580 @ stock clocks 6260 Hmm.... seems to be turning SLI off for some reason
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    Single loop build with (2) gtx 480 sli and i7 980x ?'s

    I'm running an OC'd i7 965 + two OC'd 480GTX's with one loop and no problems. CPU - Swiftech Apogee XT GPUs - Danger Den 480GTX block Motherboard - Koolance Rampage 2 Extreme blocks PSU - Koolance PSU-1300ATX (watercooled PSU) The pump is a Liang DDC and the radiator is Koolance's 3x120mm unit...
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    GTX 480 - has it delivered as of now?

    I think it depends on your goals, but I've got a pair of GTX480s watercooled and SLI'd and I'm really happy with the setup. Low noise and my system (with mild OC'ing) only pulls abotu 620watts under load. Energy efficient? No. Quiet and smooth gaming? Yes!
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    SLI problems on an ASUS Rampage II Extreme

    I have the same motherboard and Slot 3 is only capable of 8x (at the highest). The two blue slots are the only ones that are capable of full 16X. Here is the page from the manual:
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    Going to try Asus.. which one?

    Yeah, I've been trapped around 440 to 450 fsb on my current Asus P5N-E and so I'm really not getting all of the performance out of my Vapochill setup.
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    Going to try Asus.. which one?

    I just picked up a Rampage Formula that will be going in tonight!
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    New Macbooks/Macbook Pro's anymore?

    You know, if you buy through the apple store online, you can use a student discount at the educational store and they don't verify that you're a student. I've done it a number of times since I got out of college.
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    Intel Ready with Centrino 2 Laptop Platform

    Not according to this far more recent link
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    15 days to refreshed thinkpad line release?

    My girlfriend is in the same boat. She needs one for lawschool and wants to buy NOW I'm telling her to wait and see what's announced on Monday
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    15 days to refreshed thinkpad line release?

    Looks like we can expect an update to the line on the 15th link
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    My computer is drawing 685 watts under load!!

    Keep in mind that my PCP&C Turbo Cool 510 is NOT powering the Vapochill, which IS part of the "685 watts" mentioned above. 685watts draw on a 510watt supply would simply shut the computer down
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    My computer is drawing 685 watts under load!!

    Yeah, that vapochill must be sucking a HUGE amount of power. Maybe it's time to go back to watercooling Edit: In case people don't know, the vapochill has it's own power supply. The power consumption listed above is for EVERYTHING
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    Ok, here's a quick and dirty to try and make up for my little oopsie yesterday: 3dmark06: 18698
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    My computer is drawing 685 watts under load!!

    Yikes! Just got a "Kill-A-Watt" and with my Geforce 280 and it's STARTLING how much power I'm using. Now I need to figure out how much of that is the Vapochill LS. With my 8800GTX under load, I was at 640 watts. The biggest improvement seems to be at idle were my power consumption had...
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    When will the waterblock GTX 280's be available?

    To be fair, it's the EXACT same price as BFG's factory watercooled 8800GTX, which has served me well.
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    When will the waterblock GTX 280's be available?

    Ah ha! I should have looked at your sig and noted some sarcasm. You'll have to excuse my initially dry response! I thought about dual aircooled 280s, but my whole system would have to be upgraded for me to go that route. I'm only running a PCP&C Turbo Cool 510 and it's already working...
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    When will the waterblock GTX 280's be available?

    I don't want to run more than one videocard in my system. Period. And I have had bad experiences with xfire and sli
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    When will the waterblock GTX 280's be available?

    I got my BFG 280 H2OC in the mail today and it's up and running! I love it!!!
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    Got my BFG Geforce 280 H2OC in the mail today EDIT:I'm officially and idiot and posted '05 scores
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    Post your oc with Vapo LS/MachII+ s939 and BH5 or Tccd

    Nice to see this old thread resurrected. nice work!
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    Watercooling + PhaseChange

    I have my 8800GTX watercooled and my cpu phase cooled. As far as cooling capacity, I'm running a single Swiftech MCP355 with 3/8" tubing. The card is one of BFG's factory applied watercooled GTXs. Which is basically just a danger den water block. I'm only using a single 120MM...
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    Why is everyone still posting in here? It hasn't been updated in forever. Doesn't even have any cards newer than a 7950
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    Currently own the Dell 2001FP and Thinking of getting the Dell 24"?

    I had a Dell 2000FP (the predecessor to yours) and just recently replaced it with a 24" and really love the additional width. Although, two 20" displays would give you a lot more workspace than one 24".