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    looking for a case that fits 2 contained liquid coolers

    or 2 liquid coolers that fits in case ms800, they for a dual cpu socket setup I currently have the following and the case and coolers are do not fit: case ms800 2x heatsincks h80i mobo z9pa-d8 thanks
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    help, cryptolocker, I have no options other than to decrypt

    So basically my brother go infected by cryptolocker and he got infected, so his files are encypted. Ransom won't work, decrypt server is toast, this is a virus out of control. Seems like it's also impossible to decrypt once you're infected. But I was thinking, I'll take that challenge. I...
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    case w/ extra room up top for 2x H80i

    I have dual socket mobo and 2x H80i already. H80i is too wide and deep for my current case which is Zalman MS800 and I want to attach them to the top of the case. A hot-swap cage w/ at least 2 bays would be nice too. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    h80i usb required?

    So I unpacked my h80i and the instructions say to plug this usb cable into a usb header on the mobo. Is that necessary and what are the consequences if I don't connect it?
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    please check new build intel 2P

    Hey ppl, please sanity check my build below; it's mainly for video editing, no overclocking, no sli and will run win 7 pro. CPU: 2 x E5-2660 (own) MOBO between: I had considered ASUS EEB form factor, but I'm liking my case selection that's EATX. And considered: Supermicro X9DAE, non-ecc...
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    G34 for video editing, but what OS and CPU?

    I've been considering a 2-4x opteron G34 build for video editing w/ after effects, premier, and/or avid. I was wondering which OS should I go with to support 2P or 4P? Also, which opteron, perhaps Opteron 6128? Edit: Going E5-2660 =)
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    How much life does Socket 1155 have?

    Ivy bridge was the last one, correct? How many more CPU generations will come out for Socket 1155? Should I just move on to Socket 2011? Edit: If I was going G34, which CPUs should I select to get performance as fast as i7-3770: Opteron 6128, 61xx, 62xx? EDIT: I'm mostly going to be...
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    excessive amount of ram, looking to avoid boot load

    I'm looking to build a system with 64gb to 128gb of ram. How can I avoid the long memory check, is there a certain manufacture that will let me skip this (skip it for real) or should I make sure to get higher frequency memory?
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    Which scoket for Kaveri & Richland?

    Which socket will I need to support both Richland and Kaveri? Also will Richland work on FM3? Lastly, does FM3 do anything special compared to FM2? Thanks.
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    Can I format Windows 8 laptop and install anything I want?

    For example Ubuntu or XBMC or even Windows XP/7. Is it just formatting the disk and I'm good to go? Thanks in advance.
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    smallest laptop with keyboard plus NUMPAD

    Hey people, I'm looking for a laptop that has a keyboard+numpad like the sony vaio e, except not sony. Here is an example: With greater than 1366x768, unless it's 14inch and smaller. Thank you.
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    looking for 1600+ resolution +15" w/ numberpad

    This might be a tough one for you ppl, but i'm looking for something like the Lenovo e525 except with 1600 resolution or more: -At least 15" -At least 1600 resolution -Number pad Thank you.
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    SSD: Allow files to be indexed?

    Hey [H]ardPeeps, I just got a new SSD, and I forget, should I be unchecking the option in Windows 7 C drive: "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties"? As I remember, Indexing options is great, but not content indexed on the drive. Thanks
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    Vertex 3 and +500mb/s SSDs where?

    Where are the OCZ vertex 3 drives that are supposed to do +500mb/s read/write? I found this link to amazon, is this for real? I would have thought newegg...
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    Website to check spam addresses?

    Is there a website that can check an e-mail address to see if they're known to spam? Or a known facebook bot? Thinks like that. Thanks.
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    Tiny drives sub 2.5 drives ~1 inch?

    Where do I buy these drives? The last one is...
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    extra cooling for: HIS H577FM1GD ATI 5770

    Hey peeps, wanted to know if anyone has done extra cooling on the H577FM1GD? Better question is, is it a good idea to put tiny heatsinks on the back of a video card? Pic included: Thaaaaaaaanks! =)
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    MS security essentials, good or trash?

    Has anyone seen a flood of complaints against MS security essentials? So far, a few of my friends have used it have gotten viruses. It's NOT extraordinary considering the same amount of people get viruses using norton/avg or something else. What IS extraordinary: I recently installed...
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    cheapest laptop with highest viewing angles?

    What type of laptop screen has a wide viewing angle? I'm talking about 180 degrees in all directions. I know IPS gives you those angles on a desktop monitor, but what is it called on a laptop? Thanks for any input
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    start networking before splash / start ?

    Was wondering if there was a way to force windows 7 or any windows to start networking (internet) before the splash, during splash or even right before I log into my desktop? All Linux distributions starts networking before most services. Take for example Ubuntu, as soon as you're on your...
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    Kickstand monitor

    Hey [H]ardWare Displays. I want to either buy or MAKE a kickstand for monitor. Vesa stands would be great, but could be in any form. Let me know thanks!
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    2.0 for phone/ipod, no electrical plug, with bass or tone knob

    I know that's like asking for a lot, but, that's what i've been looking for. Does it even exist? Thanks.
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    Windows 7 built in workspaces

    Does windows 7 have built in virtual desktops/workspaces? If not, what do you use to do virtual desktop/workspaces? Thanks.
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    Saving Desktops, virtual workspaces

    Hey, I'm on Windows 7 using ATI hyrda vision to use multiple desktops, and it's nice that it saves what programs were running for you, BUT it doesn't save position or what it was doing last. Basically: Save/restore program window position. Thanks.
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    Resolution changes when monitor shuts off

    EDIT: I found the culprit, it was DISPLAYPORT!!! After switching to DVI, I found my windows don't resize after turning the monitor on/off. WTF is wrong with displayport???? Strange problem, when I shut off and turn on my monitor I notice all my icons and windows resize as if I had changed...
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    I'm building a mini pc with no video card: core i7 + mini mobo intergrated graphics + mini case 200w = works? Cpu: Mobo...
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    Suitcase Computer - modding in general

    Hey folks. I'm building a suitcase computer for a friend. I'm looking for advice on bracing computer parts to a suitcase. Any suggestions? I'm reading through the huge Q&A on the forum. Also whats a good site to buy just the LCD, not the monitor, and even a touchscreen LCD. Thank you.
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    Win7 not indexing this one folder I have

    I can't index this one folder I have which I'm calling X. I can index every other folder on that drive, but not X. I want to index X. So far I've tried: Rebuilding Right clicking X and clicking advanced and unchecking then rechecking "allow files in this..." Removing and then adding the...
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    I have two controllers? SSD Intel Chipset

    So I installed Windows 7 and then I installed the newest Intel chipset drivers. and now I have two controllers, one is windows and the other is intel. I have my drives in ACHI mode and using the latest firmware version of my OCZ Vertex drive. Should I be concerned?
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    Calling all 8gb+ users, Slow boot during post

    Anyone else experiencing a slow post? When I say post I mean before you see the post screen and not after. The only fix I have is going back to 2-4gb of memory. I've tried disabling everything in bios, yet I still get a slow post. It's such a huge difference too. From 4gb to 8gb, it's not...
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    Asus T.Probe Phase

    Is anyone familar with asus motherboards and their T.Probe technology? It's supposed to monitor the temperature and voltages of the VRMs... the little cubes around the cpu. So my question is, do I need to install the software in windows for it to work, or does it run automatically without the...
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    WD1001FALS is 2 platters?

    Just confirming: The WD1001FALS is 1TB HDD with 2x 500gb platters, correct? Thank you.
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    COGAGE TRUE Spirit on 1156

    Hey I was wondering how do I get the COGAGE TRUE Spirit 1366 to fit on an 1156 mobo? Thanks.
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    UPS AVR help in stablizing voltages?

    So I heard that Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) completely stablizes a computer's cpu frequency and voltage. If that's true then could it also help in making an overclock more stable? And if that's true, what are good AVRs? I'm a complete noob on backup battery power. Thanks.
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    Looking for Modular PSU for Core I7 860 + 5770

    I'm looking for a Modular PSU for a Core I7 860 setup where I might do some light OCing (or none at all) and it'll be running one ATI 5770. Nothing much else going on. I was thinking about Seasonic x650, so that's the bar, I hope there's a CHEAPER PSU in town that is also modular. =) Any...
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    SSD Win7: Sleeping, Paging, Superfetch, Indexing

    So I'm going to be installing Win7 on an SSD and I was wondering about four things: Sleeping, Paging, Superfetch, and indexing. First of all, this link says Win7 on SSDs turns off superfetch and defragging. So I don't have to manually turn off superfetch, correct? Peopple have been saying...
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    Vista / Win7 registry optimizer?

    I used to optimize the registry for winxp using regcleaner and ntregopt all the time. Is there any point in cleaning/optimizing the registry for vista/win7 or do they do a good job on their own? Thank you.
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    Radeon HD 5770 No Post, no working

    Radeon HD 5770 by HIS not working. Strange thing though, if I take it from my first SLI slot to my second SLI slot it works, but it's very unstable and crashes. I've read on-line that other people have same no post problem, possibly because of nfroce 4 mobos, but not sure if that's the...
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    What is my secrect computer doing? Zombie comp?

    Hi, i'm in a strange situation. I have to let another computer access my internet, and I notice they're connecting to all kinds of strange IPs and ports. For the most part they're sending out information from all ports up to 65535. The IP addresses look like these: - RIPE...
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    Logitech backward firing speakers 360

    Has anyone purchased Logitech new Z series where they added an extra speaker on the back of their satellites? How does that backward firing speaker affect the sound? Here's the Z323: Z320...