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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    Yeah this is what I find terrible about this even if doesn't affect me. I know better, but Nvidia should show a little respect/consideration for all their consumers. I get the naming scheme is probably to get higher margin for lower cut die to inflate margins (ie. to keep stock prices from...
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    Damn wasn't expected that, but also not surprised. Evga was my go to for Nvidia cards new or used. What is everyone's preferred next option?
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    VESA announces updates to adaptive sync certification process

    Nice this alone should bring certified adaptive sync monitors close to or on par with G-Sync monitors:
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    5800X3D gaming review

    Interesting question, 5900x should be more abundant. 5800x3D should be rare enough to maybe warrant some kind of collector value. Hmm, never thought I'd view CPUs like game loot drops.
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    IBM and NVidia partner, and BAM!!!

    Hmm, Mvidia? Intel? Article says IBM and Nvidia :) BAM is correct though (y)
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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    Hmm, 1.8 Billion to build. Got to give Chris Roberts some credit, selling jpgs seems a lot more profitable. I wonder how hiring/performance reviews go for developers at CIG, like do they get bonuses for not meeting deadlines?
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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    Don't get why Vegas doesn't just make a life size starship and throw in hookers and blow to whales spending money on SC. Reading the backstory from ChadD on Chris Roberts, I'm waiting for The Wolf Of Street movie of this. It'd be hilarious if Chris Roberts first started the SC kickstarter...
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    Lol, little less disappointed buying the $20 one then. Got the same crap, but even more useless stick of 8gb ddr3. Enough buying VT's e-waste for me.
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    Retailers Paywall Consoles, GPU's, Black Friday Deals Behind Expensive Annual Passes

    Yeah Capitalism sucks when it doesn't benefit us. Playing devil's advocate, a system that rewards it's most profitable customers doesn't seem like a bad business move. Also the people who find extended warranties worth it as well as use the installation services(ie. not us) will find the BB...
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    Epic Games is being countersued by Google

    Lol, this reminds of the scene in Billy Madison about Business Ethics. Now I imagine it with Tim Sweeney. I mean Epic should be totally fine with apps being hosted in Epic Game store for free as trial, but developer can use own payment system to unlock.
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    Weird 5800x Symptoms

    Yeah think the 12v pins are opposite for eps and pci-e on non psu side so thinking the successful athlon test and replacing the mobo most likely means cpu got fried. Maybe the psu ocp prevented fireworks, but killed the cpu/mobo. Seems like when you test cpu on different working system...
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    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti leak reveals another high-end GPU no one can buy

    You know things are bad when leaks go out of stock.
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    It's official: RTX 3060Ti

    You heard it here first, scalper bots are run by ... Google Stadia! Dun dun duuun! You can stop now Google no one is buying Stadia.
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    GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Review Roundup

    Reviewers have 10x next gen videocards than forum members. Exaggeration (probably), but definitely feels like it. It might be easier to become a reviewer with enough following to get a next gen videocard than through retail.
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    [DEAD] Playstation 5 $499.99 available online only on 11/25 9PM EST | Xbox Series X/S at 9PM EST only on 11/25

    lmao that's probably why I was able to get all my consoles from BestBuy, checkout system so bad it defeats the bots.
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    PS5 And Xbox Series X Scalpers Are Charging A Big Premium

    Feel the same. For consoles it's easier to digest as a consumer since console launch releases are what every 5-10 years. No worries about a new version coming out in a few months if have to wait. B&M retailers like Best Buy\Gamestop should use this to their advantage when covid is over...
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    6800 / XT Review Round Up

    Damn it scalpers, finally have real competition that should driven prices down. Instead we have available prices 2x of what competition has allowed.
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    Big Navi and Ampere Shenanigans!

    Interesting, wonder if DLSS is removing the subtle ambient effects like the white gnats floating around or dragonfly on the river scene or just scene didn't have them in Nvidia capture.
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    size of Xbox Series X compared to a Fridge

    Well played Microsoft:
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Totally this. Alot of us who want a 3080 have the money, but not the time (and a close by MC). Feel like if first month release had around 50k of 3080s (and maybe 5-10k of 3090s) most of us who have cards in our systems. Cards definitely would still be sold out, but at least have a few minutes...
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    Received by 3090 FE today - having weird issue with my z390 asrock taichi mb - "b2" error code

    Refer to DejaWiz post. If only using one cable then each of the 3 12V cables is running 10 amps, the max amps for 18AWG and probably double the spec for any lead on PSU side (PCI-E spec probably calls for max 4-6 amps per 12V lead since one cable only spec'd for 150w). Maybe fine for short...
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    MSI Subsidiary caught selling marked up Nvidia cards on eBay

    Lol yeah, Ampere scarcity has everyone ready with pitchforks. People love controversy, being a victim, cancel culture, etc. Msi mgmt. totally could have ok'd this, but I find it unlikely as risk definitely doesn't fit the reward. Like most here interested in more facts, but I'll reserve...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Knowing Nvidia, there should be good stock of 3080s prior to AMD big Navi announcement on Oct. 28 or slightly after if AMD doesn't release same day. No better way to kill a launch then tie up people's money right before it. It's an easy win for Nvidia because even if announcement is good it...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Same thing, just got off work randomly checked BestBuy and saw MSI 3080 'add cart'. However, probably had to click 'continue to payment ' 20 times. Probably why I was able to place an order as bots probably fail at this point so thank you Best Buy for having a checkout system so bad it beats...
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    So, apparently MOSTLY everyone needs to return their RTX 3080 / 3090 because of "cheap" components. I'm def returning my EVGA 3090.

    I had a few multi hour gaming sessions since getting MSI 3080 Ventus 3x OC (5+1 cap), think same model l88bastard got. Haven't seen any CTDs yet, but card mainly runs around 1950MHZ at stock settings at around 73c (ambient room around 27c) . Highest I've seen it hit is 2025MHZ (MS Flight...
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    Researcher Discusses How Time Travel Could Prevent a Pandemic like Covid

    Reminds me of a video short where a guy on a park bench uses time travel machine to pick up on a chick. Show's the aftermath where this dude's version of time machine is like the movie Prestige and he just creating a copy of himself back in time while original him dies. Don't get why original...
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    So, apparently MOSTLY everyone needs to return their RTX 3080 / 3090 because of "cheap" components. I'm def returning my EVGA 3090.

    The 3080/3090 release seems to be a paper launch, but even if AMD\Nvidia could release say 1 million cards vs 10k or 100k cards, this release seems to be, would they? Nvidia\AMD live on cutting edge with videocard releases, that it limits release allocation to allow for risks like this (where...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Yeah got lucky for some reason add cart was available when I decided to check around Thursday 11pm ish PST. I prefer to Best Buy as return is really no hassle where I live. I don't care if not Asus or FE as long as not Zotac or Gigabyte as I don't overclock (thank goodness for G-Sync, you...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Lol just my luck was able to get the MSI Ventus 3080 off Best Buy. At least with Amazon and local BestBuy the return process is easy. Though I suspect if issue is power delivery, Nvidia can spin up a new firmware that limits whatever the issue is. I think 5700xt had similar issue with black...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    DOA for most of us looking to get the best gaming experience, but realizing we absolutely don't need 3090 for best 4k/8k gaming experience (at least not worth the minimal gains vs cost). In reality, probably such low quantity it's going to sell out regardless. Damn you scalpers making me...
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Scalpers, doing something AMD marketing or videocards couldn't do for a decade make gamers delay videocard purchase for AMD release. I always thought AMD marketing had to up their game to make a dent in market, but this is too far AMD! 😜
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    8k on a 88" monitor. Me want. That is one thicc video card (at 3 minute mark and at end of video):
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    Gigabyte Reveals First GeForce RTX 3090 With a Blower Design

    350w and blower, I don't think Gigabyte can defy the law of physics. However, they should just include noise cancelling headphones and market the dB levels with headphones on (hmm think I miss my calling as Marketing person).
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    Well since we can't compare each other's 3080 benchmarks, and most likely 3090 benchmarks (ninja edit to stay on topic). Nothing much else we can do :)
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    Xbox series X

    Got to love Best Buy and their crappy checkout so bad it made it hell for bots too. I was able to get one around 11am PST. Had problems with checkout like most people (ie. errors getting to payment screen, had to retry quite a few times). Cherry on top was that I couldn't even use Best Buy...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    That probably the best indicator. Taking a look at one bot code, it uses Twilio so probably an easy check on phone number to see if phone numbers belongs to Twilio. Other checks is to see if headless browser (no UI) was used, request ip address matches location and so on.
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    The Great RTX 3080 Scalping event has begun!

    I don't get where people think Nvidia is ok with scalpers. Anyone who has owned a business, knows to treat their loyal customers first. Having been through quite a few launches, the way the hype train works is: first get the leaks going, do release announcement with inflated PPT charts, get...
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    **buyers only** Were you able to secure a 3080?

    Yup the bots are using direct api calls so they don't need a web browser like us pleebs. I don't remember seeing any captcha's on bestbuy when preordering/buying, but that is probably easily defeated now.
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    You would think Nvidia would use AI to determine if purchase is being made by a bot and then market the hell out of that.
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    AMD's best Big Navi GPU may only be a match for Nvidia Ampere's second tier

    I agree a month doesn't matter for either as both initial production runs will both sell out. Nvidia probably be done in first day and probably AMD. At worst for AMD a few days. The delay between major gpu releases means a lot of people been waiting to upgrade.