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    USB back bracket

    Might be in the settings somewhere then. Maybe a the video need to be enabled. Have you check in device manager to see if there are drivers not installed. What is the model of the webcam?
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    iPhone 5 Kills Woman, Apple Investigating

    You know after 2 failed suicides and trying to make sure I don't f-up the 3rd, I make funny of just about anything including me. Don't really care about color or flags.;)
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    MS May be Upgrading the Specs of the Xbox One

    Hopefully have it where you don't need the Kinect connected .
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    Competitive Gaming Recognized in U.S. as a Pro Sport

    Teabagging including? Wonder if there are fines for doing that....
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    USB back bracket

    What OS are you using? Is it the same on the old MOBO? Does your webcam transmit audio and video through USB together or use a mic jack? Have you update the BIOS? Installed all drivers for the MOBO, the USB bracket is just a straight connection from the MOBO to USB ports and have no circuits so...
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    1 in 10 Americans Use Smartphones During Sex

    Where do you think those home made sex videos come from?
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    Audio Pioneer Dr. Amar Bose Has Died

    I always bought other sound equipment.
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    Researchers Develop Disc with 360TB Capacity

    Glass? Don't drop it. Hmm, Star Trek data crystals....
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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    Just imagine they have the software written were if the camera is taped over, the unit won't work.:eek:
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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    A few months ago my local news station reported hackers can hack into PC webcams. Wonder how easy it is for consoles and STBes? With they would put a physical switch on these type of devices. Excludes cells and tablets since those are usually set down.
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    PS4 Fans Signing Xbox One Petition

    They are called the 90%ers for a reason.:D
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    Robots One Step Closer To Killing Us All

    They haven't invented Mr. Fusion yet.
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    Planetside 2

    Just finished playing a round this morning. Some parked their sunder on a lift plate in a defense tower, got out and it lifted me 7km off the ground and couldn't get off. At 4km you can see the ground anymore. LOL
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    Photobucket Phishs. Anyone else getting them?

    Whoops, meant phishing scheme.
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    Photobucket Phishs. Anyone else getting them?

    Ugh, looks like PB getting spammers/Bots and phishers, better let your naive friends and families know not to fall for these. Just had 3 today thinking I was cute from this picture v Did a look up on the number. Another report thread on another forum...
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    People Getting Facelifts For Facebook?

    Meh, they'll have acid thrown in their face sooner or later.
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    Apple and Amazon End 'App Store' Lawsuit
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    Finished loop with Rigid tubing

    Looks nice!
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    Do You Need 4K HDMI Cables?

    Print that out, drive to BB with a hidden camera, find a sales guy, ask them for a HDMI cable and record what they do, continue recording and question sales person why cable A works better than cable B. :)
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    Should Online Jokes Be Criminal?

    You beat me posting that. Now that I'm viewing the article on a larger screen. I agree he needs to be looked at.
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    Should Online Jokes Be Criminal?

    Even more they actually kill each other.:o
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    Should Online Jokes Be Criminal?

    Should be criminal? No. Your country? USA. Have you made online jokes? Some many I can't even keep track of.
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    DIY Automatic Nerf Sentry Gun

    Ugh, no edit... :)
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    DIY Automatic Nerf Sentry Gun

    But will it not blame or hate her? On a second note, use a real gun. :)
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    Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 16TB

    Quite a few spelling errors had me doing double takes there.:confused:
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    Weirdest Thing You Will See All Day

    Never mind, sick bastards!
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    Weirdest Thing You Will See All Day

    Is there one on Buzzfeed?
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    Broken CMOS battery housing - Can it be repaired?

    Can you post detailed pics? You might be able to glue it.
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    6,000ft Rope Swing Wearing Google Glass

    Why didn't he shoot the glasses?
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    Next-Gen Tablets Will Have Console-Quality Graphics

    Or get one of these. :)
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    Microsoft to Release Halo 4 Sports-Themed DLC

    I used to work in the arcades. NFL Blitz and NBA Jam were the top game in the gameroom, that and the basket ball tossing one. Lot of wannabes. :)
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    Microsoft to Release Halo 4 Sports-Themed DLC

    Since H3&4 aren't on PC could care less. Thank you FucUSoft!
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    Doesn't say if the perp knew if the place cctv company, but ya, not to bright. More stupid people... Strike 1, 2, 3, 4, WINNER!!!
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    First ‘Hands-On’ Look at the PlayStation 4

    Send it to ifixit! No rear USB. :(
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    Final Fantasy VII Hits Steam for PC Gaming

    Bought it day one for the PS1. QFT.
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    Researchers: Violent Games Do Not Affect Prosocial Behavior

    Another study about VVGs? How about violent sports events. Fans kill and quarter football referee in Brazil
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    Must switch from Firefox to Chrome-advice please

    Have you looked into Pale Moon.