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    Windows 7 64bit will not install

    I just got a new hp laptop and the first thing I usually do it wipe the hard drive and do a fresh install of Windows to as not to have all the crap that come loaded on new computers. But whenever I try to install Windows 7 64 bit it get an error about missing or corrupt files during the install...
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    Which power adapter for PicoPSU

    I got a PicoPSU 150-XT off ebay for cheap and now I need to find a power adapter for it. has a a bundle with the same PicoPSU with a 80w, 12v, 6.6A adapter and a 102w, 12v, 8.5a adapter. Which one would I need for the following system: Intel e4300 Zotac GF9300-G-E 1 stick 2gb...
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    Share tuners over network with DVBLogic

    The same company that made DVBLink to make the HD PVR work with Media Center just released this software that allows you share tuners from one computer with others over the network. With this you could install all of your tuners in a server on a main HTPC and share them out over the network...
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    Zotac 9300 mini ITX differences?

    I'm looking into building a small HTPC for the bedroom to replace HTPC2 in my sig since I will be giving that one away. I have all the parts already except for the motherboard. I know I want a Zotac 9300 motherboard since I already have the Intel CPU to pair up with it. Now that I'm looking...
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    Windows 7 Codec Setup

    Well it seems w1retap has been banned and will not be updating his codec setup guide. While this is not a word for word copy of w1retap's guide these are the steps I followed to setup my Windows 7 HTPCs based on his guide. This guide is meant for use with Windows 7 32bit. If you remember...
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    Windows 7 Home Premium $29.99 for students

    All that's required is a .edu e-mail address just like the Office 2007 Ultimate Steal deal. A few more details from FatWallet and the comments below - This is a Digital Copy To get the disks it is an extra $13 You can choose 32bit or 64bit You can choose win 7 Professional (there's...
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    Windows 7 Home Premium $29.99 for students

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    Media Center Studio Released! (New version of MC Menu Mender for 7MC)

    Media Center Studio Link Advent, the creator of MC Menu Mender for VMC has finally released the open beta for Media Center Studio and it comes with some new features. * Edit your start menu - rearrange or disable native menu items * Create your own menu strips, and your own items...
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    No signal after changing inputs

    I just bought an Asus M3N78-VM off the forums and I'm having a problem with the HDMI. If the computer turns on with the tv off, I change the inputs or turn the TV off there I get a no signal message from the TV when I try to go back to watching the HTPC. I used to have this problem with my...
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    CableCARDs freed from OEM Requirment

    MS is presenting at CEDIA and has announced that CableCARD requirements are being lifed and will allow enthusiast to install CableCard tuners. Info is still rolling in live and hopefully there will be some more big announcements tonight. Linkage
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    Audio sync issue in 7MC

    In the past few days my HTPC has developed an audio sync problem with my xvid movies and tv shows with AC3 audio. I know it's not the video files since they all play correctly on my 360 extender and in VLC. The thing is that I haven't changed anything except installed AnyDVD HD since the...
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    Win7: Stream MKVs to media center extenders w/o transcoding

    DivX has created a new Media Foundation codec that will allow extenders such as the 360 to play MKVs with h264 encoding and ac3 audio without transcoding. I haven't tried this out myself since my router died and my xbox is no longer networked but people on thegreenbutton are saying it works...
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    Question about Hauppauge HVR-1600

    I just picked up one of these at Circuit City for $50 and I have it working extremely well in 7MC picking up all of the available stations that my TV gets. So now I'm wanting to pick up a 2nd card for the time being so I can record 2 shows at once. The problem is that I know there are 4...
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    Antec Earthwatts 430w $35 and 500w $49 FS at the egg

    Antec EarthWatts 430watt - $35 shipped - Antec EarthWatts 500watt - $49 shipped -
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    Upgrade your Xbox 360 Core to Pro from MS - $30

    Microsoft is doing a new program so 360 owners with Cores and Arcades can take advantage of the new update by selling refurbed hard drives and 3 month XBL subscription for $30.
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    How can I get the 3 red lights on my 360?

    I turned on my xbox last night and it has one red right and says E 74. Xbox support says it is a hardware failure but this particular failure is not covered by the extended warranty and mine ended, get this, 2 days ago!!! So how to do make it get the three red lights because I am not paying...
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    [H]ot - GA-78GM-S2H Mobo w/ AMD X2 5600+ $69.99 (perfect for HD HTPC) Thanks to vertigomhs who could only post this in the HTPC section since he is a noobie
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    Netflix streaming coming to Xbox 360

    Sure beats the slow VMC plugin and buying the roku player when I already have a 360.
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    What is the website that calculates the costs per gb of hard drives?

    There was a thread somewhere in this forum where a user mentioned a website that gathers prices from etailers and calculates the lowest $/gb. I remember seeing it in here a few weeks ago but since search is down and google is worthless for searching forums I can't find it. Anyone have a link?
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    Missing posts?

    I'm seeing page 7 in this thread ( but I can't get past page 6. I remember this happening last time with the database errors and I don't know if the new server will fix the problem but I just wanted to bring this to your attention if you...
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    Best Buy HD-DVD firesale. YMMV.

    Gizmodo is reporting that all HD-DVDs are $9.99 and tv series are 70% off. I'll be going to my local BBY in a little while just to check it out.
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    Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack is now free!

    I just saw the ad on the 360 dashboard and I'm downloading it now.
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    Odd problem with Vista's Network Map

    I have an odd problem lately with the network map. When ever my xbox 360 is turned on i get an errors saying "An error happened during the mapping process." But when the xbox is off I can just hit refresh and the map works. Does anyone have an ideas about what could be causing this...
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    Forum not updating?

    I don't know if this is just me or if everyone is having this problem but I haven't seen a new post in 45 minutes and its not showing anyone online.
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    WD Caviar 500GB 300MB/S 16mb Cache - $87.99 at Best Buy

    Best Buy has put these on clearance. They are $172.99 marked down to about $88. I picked up the last two at my local store and my friend priced matched his from a few weeks ago when it was on sale. The model # is WD5000KSRTL. YMMV.
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    Cooler Master CM690 $19.99AR at Micro Center Rebate form is below the product description in a pdf. Does anyone know how good MC is about rebates? Are the quick about them?
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    Help connecting sub to new reciever

    I bought a Harmon/Kardon AVR-146 off earlier today and I just noticed that the subwoofer out on the back is an RCA plug and my subwoofer that came with my Kenwood home theater in a box uses speaker wire to connect. I don't have the money to buy a new sub but if I really had to i...
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    External Enclosure Suggestions

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for an 3.5 IDE to USB 2.0 enclosure in the $25-$25 shipped range? The drive wont be accessed constantly so a fan may not be necessary(I dont know) but I'll just be using it for storage of my music and video files and the occasional dvd backup if I ever...
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    All versions of vista on the same disk?

    I remember seeing a while back that MS was going to put all versions of Vista on the same DVD and it woud install the correct one based on the serial you put in. Does anyone know if that is still the case? I just got a new laptop but HP makes you buy restore disks and I don't like my only...
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    Wierd pixels when playing dvds and video

    I figured this was the best forum for this type of problem but what is happening is that when i watch movies and videos there are weird blue and red pixels mostly in dark spots. I highlighted some in the pictures to show what i'm talking about. System Specs: Asus a8n-sli deluxe amd 3800+...
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    Converting recorded programs to divx

    How do you convert your shows recorded with MCE to divx? Also, what programs do you use to edit out the commercials?
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    Is my video card FUBARed?

    To make a long story short, I managed to knock one of my bookshelf speakers off the desk and when it landed it bounced into my case where it bumped my 7600gt. After it happened the computer restarted and showed a very distorted Asus logo but then showed the text from the post tests just fine...
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    Newegg banners dont link to

    I'm about to buy some hardware and was going to click through the newegg banner to send some money the site's way but there is no link. Its the newegg summer modding camp banner that doesnt work and the link is dead on both forums and main site.
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    Problems installing XP

    i'm trying to install xp on my shuttle and i'm having some problems. i have no problems getting to the 1st part where you select what disk to install on and it copies all the needed files to the disk but then when it reboots it gets a no os found message. can anyone help me out?
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    ASUS developing a 7800GTX with 2 cores on one card

    not sure if its true or not but sounds cool. source of story source for pic
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    Stealthing DVD Drive

    i have a shuttle and the black drive just doesnt match up to the brushed aluminum on the front of mine. so i want to stealth it and probably will just go with the double sided tape but dont know what to do about the screws since they are too long and it will look stupid without the screws. so...
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    New Shuttle keeps restarting on me

    Specs are: Shuttle SB65G2, P4 2.4C@3.0, 512MB kingston value ram, ATI 9250 PCI card. I'll be listening to music while surfing the net and downloading the cs: source update then all of a sudden it'll restart. cpu temp is 31C and case is 40C.
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    Help a newbie build his first computer

    i've been planning on building a new desktop computer for a while and i've decided to do it this summer. I'm not planning on using it for heavy gaming but i plan on playing games like half-life2, doom3, counter-strike, halo, and other games. having perfect graphics isnt a major concern for me...