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    Anyone here that deals with VXworks? 5.3.1

    Hello all, I'm starting on a project that runs VXworks 5.3.1/tornado 1.0.1 and was wondering if any of you guys had experience with it. Looking for a little guidance and maybe some help!
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    Waterblock options for MSI RTX2070 Ventus 8g?

    Has anyone seen a full cover block for these cards?
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    SZ270R8 shuttle is HERE!!!

    Hey guys, Just a heads up, Ill be receiving my sample tomorrow!
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    Do you remember this psu? (2 x 500 or 550's in 1 case)

    I remember a psu from a few years back, that was ridiculously long, and housed 2 500w or so psu's tied together? I'm not interested in the guts, but the case for a current project. looking for any info regarding them, or if anyone knows of a psu that has a HUGE (bigger then my antec 1kw) case!
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    HTPC Done Rite

    Specs: CPU : 2 x 3.4ghz Nocona Xeon MOBO : Supermicro X6DAL-B2 RAM : Kingston ECC Reg 6 x 512 (moving to 6 x 1024) HDD's : 6 x 250gig SATA II Hitachi's, 2 x 150gig raptor's, 1 x 80gig hitachi boot, 2 x 160gig seagate. RAID : Highpoint RR 8 port + 2 x 4 port 3114 Silicon image cards. Video...
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    Official 400+ FSB Intel Club!

    Please post your 400+ FSB cpuz link's and cpu info and ill start a top 10 list :) 1. BitchBreaker 570ES 410mhz 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Searching for my lost place on the ORB!

    x1900xtx crossfire sitting on a new ASUS A8R32MVP-deluxe with a 4800+ pushing it all, i plan to use dryice on the cpu and a 2 stage -110*c cascade on the card's this should be a sick set of run's :)
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    HarleyBro's 3 stage dual head gpu cascade! :cool:
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    ChillZilla micro

    Mixture is still to thick but i can sit at -20*c idle on my liqued temp's once the flow rate is back up! Ill be building a "big brother" to this unit verry soon,1hp copeland compressor gassed with r-507 on a brazed plate HX :)
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    Post pic's of your benching rig's!

    Here is my 2 beauty's FX-57 with LN2 tube on the left and P5WD2-E 975x chipset board for my intel run's Let's see what you have. :cool:
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    BitchBreaker hold's WorldRecord 1 more time!

    I got bored 1 day and thought about putting my 561es under a phasechange cooler... got to 5ghz when the psu biggy..put a new 1 to 5.6 with decent temp's left to spare..mobo craped i said ok..that;s cool ill get a p5wd2 and try again..well the only SS we saved was at...
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    New Single stage build up! BitchBreaker pwn's it again.

    Yea so i got a lot of bad press over my "ugly" chiller...well that was sold and i figured while im still working on my cascade id build a nice vapochill style single stage just to make something idea what yet but i guess ill figure that out later.Nuff talking..pic's
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    My IC7 MAX 3 Mod

    I FINALY got my Max was awsome to have it after wanting 1 for..well a long time. After i got it and started tweaking it i soon found that i had a few problem' biggy i thought.. Ill do some mod's and make it better.. well here it is 50% moded (still need to get some more solder and...
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    Post your Celeron D OC here.

    Yup..had to be done, Im not a fan of the Celeron but i got my hand's on a OEM E machines Celeron D s478 325 2.53ghz chip...slaped it in on water and this is what she did. Now i wana see some other's OC's :cool:
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    WTF!!!! ..i think* its my board but im not sure..i flashed the latest bios..and have tried every damn thing i can..but i cant get past 1.6v core in bios..anything after 1.6v pop's the *Over clock error* but iv tried it at stock settings and still cant get the damn v core past 1.6..this is a...
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    Max V core for the Pressy?

    I have a sig,and id like to know what is the max safe V core for them?I remember the northwood's dieing after 1.7v and whats the pressy's max v core?
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    Phase change system in need of some parts!

    I need to fond a pre made evap head for my phase change unit im building for a friend,Hes gona run it on a FX-55 and i really dont want to have to machine one..i seen a guy some place (if ONLY my memory was as good as my rig's) that makes pre made evap's with braided flex hose allready...
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    Need Hitachi controller board.

    Im in need of a spare controler board for a Hitachi 80 gig sata hdd,7200rpm, I have 2 of these hdd's now in raid and id like to have 1 board on hand just incase something happens,i lost one of my hdd's not ,long ago to a bad shuttle psu and dont want to be stuck if a board goes south..i remember...
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    SCSI WD Firmware?

    Hey guys and/or girls i have a 10k rpm ultra2 scsi hdd that id like to upgrade the firmware on its a 2mb 18.3 gig WD enterprise hdd,WDE18310 hdd..any one know of a place to get the firmware? TKS
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    Can i flash my fx5200 NU to Ultra?

    I have This card and id like to try and flash it to Ultra speeds, can it be done and what bios do i want? i dont care if i lose the tv out but the dvi and rgb must work normal,ill have the cooling past the "good" point b4 i try the flash,and if the card doesent like the speeds (ill check with...
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    Best Drivers for 5200 Gainward 128mb?

    Im looking for the best drivers for the Gainward 4/8x low profile 5200 agp card,I will be over clocking it and replacing cooling untill my 9600xt gets back from ATI rma..i have to make due with what i haev and this card is looks like a cool card but i want to get all i can out of it so...
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    Needed help finding notebook cd rom ide back plate.

    I need to find 1 of these back plates to turn my notebook cd rom into a normal 40 pin ide cdrom so i can get on with the moding....if any one has a spare of knows where i can pick one up for cheap it would be much help! Thanks Ahead of time :)
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    Must See B4 posting!!!!!!!

    CLICK HERE That says it all....... :D
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    Your HTPC OS Choice?

    What os and software do you run and why? Im looking into one and id like tio get all the info from the men and (or) women that use these lil guys.
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    Whats a good Nvidia card To trade my 9600xt ATI for?

    I want to go Nvidia but im lost as to what card would be best for the trade,I play a lot of CS,DOD,Doom 3,URT2K4 ect,ect, i want a card that can do what my 9600xt can...any ideas ??? Thanks.
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    Question about SB75G2 V1

    I have a stick of 2700 no name ram that runs right beside a stick of value Geil 3200 200fsb and all,BUT its not that stable and my shuttle is getting a 3.0c cpu and i dont want to buy new ram,can i set the ram to run at 2700 speed? Its only temp,ill be upgrading to GeIL 3500 soon but i need this...
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    Lets See them XPC's!

    Just wanted to see what every one has done with there shuttle's or other xpc's,I have a FB75G2 that im building with water and sata but no pics of it just yet,ill post mine later,for now lets see what the forum has to offer as far as shuttle mods\trix have to go. :cool: