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    Lots of 4pin Molex

    I need to replace the PSU in my server, which has 3x SuperMicro 5in3 hotswap bays powered by 2x 4pin molex connectors each. So 6x 4pin molex connectors pushing 15x mechanical drives. The server also has a SSD (another to be added soon) and 2x m1015 cards, 2500k, 16GB RAM. Any suggestions...
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    LogMeIn No Longer Free I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be jumping ship once they see the annual pricing model. Pricing: 2 PCs - $99/yr 5 PCs - $250/yr 10 PCs - $450/yr I use OpenVPN/SSH for my home network, but LogMeIn was very convenient for...
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    M14xR2 Dead (again) - need replacement

    So my Alienware M14xR2 took a dump today and won't boot (power button does nothing). I can't even get into blind flash mode w/ the end-key and connecting power trick. edit: Ordered another motherboard, hoping for the best. Motherboard #3 for this system. Stay away from Alienware/Dell.
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    Manually specify bezel compensation resolution?

    Is there a way to manually specify the fixed resolution? I've always used 6048x1080, and have been happy with that. For some reason CCC is now defaulting to 6336x1080 which has screwed up all of my custom config files for games. I know that you can do the triangle adjustment thing, but...
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    Router for high ambient temperatures?

    I'm setting up a router at a vacation home that will experience some high ambient temperatures (probably ~100-deg F during the summer) due to not running the AC when not occupied and was looking for some recommendations. DD-WRT would be nice to have. I want to keep it up 24/7 so that I can...
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    Win8: Network Meter Gadget Alternative?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a replacement for the network meter gadget from windows 7 that works in windows 8? It doesn't necessarily need to be a widget that's always open, but I need some way to check and see how much bandwidth a certain machine is sucking down. I've been looking...
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    Carmack making a head mounted display I know that some of you are still pissed about Rage, but I've been waiting for tech like to to mature. I've seen Carmack's talk of his obsession with the future...
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    650m Drivers?

    Anyone know where I can find current 650m drivers? The card isn't listed on the drop down menu on nv's site, and is not listed in the release notes as being supported by the 301.42 drivers. I'm getting pretty bad performance in Diablo 3 on my laptop (m14xr2) and am thinking it's a driver issue...
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    Steam Big Picture Mode This is the first mention of the elusive big picture mode that I've seen in almost a year. I honestly can't wait for this. I have a machine hooked up in the living room exclusively for games and would be happy with booting straight...
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    Trine 2

    I went ahead and picked this up as a few of my friends also bought it. Has anyone started playing it yet? If so, what are your thoughts? I loved the first one.
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    Gears of War 3 ($35) w/ 800MSP

    -DEAD- Not a bad deal...
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    WSGF Edition Display Mount!

    This thing looks freaking epic. -Integrated power distribution and surge protection for up to four monitors. -Curved, five-segment monitor bar that allows for a truly parabolic curve in 3x1-P and 5x1-P. It...
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    Confirmed: No Red Dead Redemption for PC Screw you Rockstar. This would have been a beautiful game. You are missing out on a rapidly growing market.
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    11.9 CAP 1 Released

    It includes the BF3 fix and improved RO2 CF performance. Get it here: edit: The new Rage driver is still coming out later today.
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    The Witness - Jonathan Blow Exclusive Check it out! Joystiq just linked this article explaining that it probably won't end up on consoles. It seems that the freedom of the PC platform and the broad exposure and success of smaller indie titles is starting to sway more devs...
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    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Beta 0.1 is released today - 1800 UTC. Check it out here: There will be 5 100-slot PVP servers up today. Can't wait!
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    BC2 R11 (Possible Multi-Monitor CTD Fix!) Go give it a download. This is supposed to address the constant crashes that occur when playing BC2 vanilla in eyefinity/surround. "Fixed crashes when the game attempted to render lots of...
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    1680x1050 fullscreen resolution on 1920x1080 monitor?

    -edit- Problem solved.
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    Arma 3 Announced

    It looks amazing. Screenshots here on PCGamer. Check out the system requirements! OS – Windows 7 / Vista CPU – Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon Phenom X4 or faster GPU – Nvidia Geforce...
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    2011 Inverted Mouse Poll

    After seeing a few complaints about the fact that some people still play with an inverted mouse -- I bring you the 2011 inverted mouse poll. I for one love my mice inverted. The only game this causes me constant grief in is NWN2.
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    Mitsubishi RDT233WX-3D (3D IPS) Been waiting a long time for something like this. IPS and Passive 3D. The bezels look pretty small, but the bottom one needs to go in order to allow portrait mode. Now if they can get the size up...
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    Take On Helicopters (new Bohemia game) Just announced. With this and Cliffs of Dover this year is looking great for flying games. I'm a huge fan of flying the helicopters in Arma 2. If they can keep up that level...
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    Software to invert mouse when a button is held? (NWN2 Related)

    I'm playing Neverwinter Nights 2 and am having problems playing w/o an inverted camera. The camera does invert when in character mode, but will not invert in tactical or exploration mode. I use a Razer Deathadder (don't know if that will cause additional issues), but I'm looking for a way to...
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    Zotac Ion Cooling?

    I noticed my cpu was idling around 80C. I am using the included fan, but case ventilation is not great. I'm going to add two more 60mm fans on the back to vent some of the heat out. Right now with the case cover off I'm seeing idle temps in the 65C range -- I would still consider these too...
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    GT5 eyefinity/surround!5764404/now-you-can-play-gran-turismo-5-on-five-hdtvs While I do realize this is semi-hilarious. It's also a cool concept because maybe more games will start supporting eyefinity natively. That was the biggest knock against playing racing games on the console I had...
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    Lookup WD HDD Serial # without removing?

    So I crammed another 2TB drive into my desktop and then went to fill out the rebate form and stupidly had not recorded the serial number. Now I really don't want to pull it back out as it involves removing my graphics card, unhooking a ton of power cables, etc. Is there an easy way to read the...
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    STALKER Mod for Crysis

    Check this out! Look really amazing. Cryzone – Sector 23.
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    5x1 Eyefinity Support!

    I just saw over at WSGF that 5x1 is official now. I want to see some pictures of the crazy [H] people out there that get games running at such a high resolution! This makes me wish I had IPS monitors... Should be about the...
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    Corsair 700D @ Microcenter $140 w/ MIR Looks tempting! I lust for this and the 800D case...
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    Epic Citadel on iOS

    I'm pretty blown away right now by the graphics on Epic Citadel -- a new tech demo from Epic and Cliff Bleszinski. Cliff released it for free on the App Store today after the Apple conference. Check it out if you have a new iPhone! Unreal Engine 3 on iOS! Screenshots below...
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    John Daly's Golf on PS Move That video blew my mind. I can't believe I had not heard of this before -- it looks awesome!
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    Cross platform Android/iOS Multiplayer Games

    Anyone got any suggestions? Homerun Battle 3D works perfectly (free iOS version works too), but we are looking for something else to play. Going to try out Skies of Glory next. Pretty cool concept!
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    Saw this indy game on Steam: Anyone played it? I'm kind of ravenous for a flying game right now and am wondering how the joystick support is (x52 Pro user) and if it supports eyefinity.
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    Skype on Evo 4g?

    Can anyone recommend a decent way to talk on skype via the evo 4g? I'm kind of shocked that there isn't a native skype app (at least one that I can find). It looks like you have to have an android phone on verizon to use skype? I don't even care if I can only use it on wifi, but I'm used to...
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    Mixed WD10EADS & WD10EARS Raid?

    I currently have 4x WD10EADS drives in a software raid 5 on my ubuntu server. Newegg is holding their sale today of WD10EARS drives -- will it work for me to add a few more and grow my array? Also, will a WD10EADS and a WD10EARS drive work together for a Raid1 in Windows 7?
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    BC2 CTD -- no system sound after reboot?

    I've about had it with this game. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the game stable. For a while I was able to play the game so long as I was on a fresh reboot and it was the first game that I played -- CTD's would happen really quick during play if I had played any other...
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    GTA 4 FPS Issues

    I can't seem to break the low 30's @ 1920x1200 even with everything on low. I'm running a q6600@3.4Ghz with a 5870 and 4GB of RAM. Is it time to get an i7? What gives? Please post your settings!
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    Hybrid PhysX F@H

    Is it possible for me to fold on my 8800GT while in a hybrid physx configuration with my 5870? Fluidmark works and shows hardware physx, but gpu2 f@h is not working -- I get system_unstable errors if I force it to use the 8800GT and it won't start with my 5870.
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    360 USB Storage? Looks like great news -- it's not a replacement for HDD's, but it might explain why it's really hard to find a 360 Memory Unit these days... It sure would make bringing your profile/saved game to a friends house easier.
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    Meta<browser/> 2.0

    ... It's going to cost $20/year for a 2 computer (non-raid compatible) license that requires an online connection.... Is there an alternative? I hope they don't get rid of the old version -- metabrowser definitely has it's quirks, but it's awesome. I use it on more than 2 computers though...