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    Pump broken?

    I have a dd cpx pro pump and I just finished installing my wc setup. When I turn the pump on with the res completely full it makes a weird cycling noise and the inlet is barely pulling water from the reservoir and its going extremely slow, its more like a drip than anything, the tube is not...
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    hdd problem

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    problem with cd drives

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    help with javascript code.

    Ok this a simple form I'm trying to do. I can do everything correct but I just can't seem to get the "compute" to work. Or the background colors to change. If someone could just point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I've gone over it like 10 times and can't figure out the...
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    .htaccess question

    Okay I'm simply just trying to make it so the when you log on to The first page you see is your "index.htm" file. I want to password protect that page and then when you put the username and password in it redirects you to "home2.htm" Here's the code I have for the .htaccess...
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    problem with cd drives

    My friends computer does not show his cd or dvd drive in my computer. The icons are not there. It shows them in device manager but thats it. And they have a exclamation point next to them that says the device is not working ect and the driver may be wrong. So when I try to install the driver...
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    blue screen "registry error" help

    A friend of mine has a dell 2300. Everytime you start the computer it gets to the windows xp loading page and I get the blue screen saying registry error. I tried re-installing xp but when it loads all the files and asks me if i want to repair windows or install new copy I get the same blue...
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    help setting up wirless network

    Okay I'm a complete noob when it comes to wireless. My gf's mom just got a dell laptop with a built in wireless card. But I'm having trouble connecting it to their wireless network. The router is a linksys wireless B befw11s4. When I try to connect to the network it ask for a network (wep)...
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    Xbox 360 question

    Ok so they say the new xbox 360 is supposed to be running 3 symmetrical cores at 3.2 GHZ each which are custom IBM POwerPC based CPU's, which will do 1 teraflop of data a sec. And it's selling for 350 dollars lol, wtf kind of cpu's are...
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    Website resolution question

    I'm curious as to how I make a website automatically adjust to screen resolutions. Could someone explain how to do this. thanks.
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    HELP plz :(

    I turned on my computer today and right away i noticed that nothing loaded in the quick launch bar. Then I noticed no programs are opening. It lets me look through all of my files ect but nothing opens, I can't even do a system restore. It acts like its going to open then it doesn't. None of...
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    Strange photoshop problem

    Ok this is really wierd. Everytime I open up an image in photoshop that has blue in it, the blue looks teal. Same with a few other colors. The images also look a bit choppy. It opens fine in imageready. I reset photoshop numerous times with no luck. Any ideas on whats wrong?
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    Password protecting entire site???

    How would I password protect an entire site without using htaccess/htpasswd? I'm doing a website for a friend of mine that has a wholesale business and he wants a page that has directions on how to get a username and password for the site(prompts for the users name, address, phone number, and...
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    eVGA 6800gt driver problem??

    I just installed new 6800 and my icons on my desktop look choppy and when i play call of duty and doom 3 its a little choppy. Ive reinstalled the drivers like 3 times and it does the same thing. Could my psu have something to do with it, I'm upgrading to a 480w antec but not until xmas :(.
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    Help Plz :(

    Ok I'm having problems installing new vidcard(evga6800gt). I unistalled the drivers for my old ati 9700pro (ATI Control Panal, Display Driver, and Uninstaller) and booted in safe mode and ran driver cleaner, turned off comp, put in new card, now when i boot up it just stays at the mobo...
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    eVGA 6800 power consumption

    well i have nice green scan lines on my screen at the moment so I ordered a new eVGA 6800 gt from circuit city and was just curious to how much power these things need. I've read about the ultra's needing a lot of juice but what about the gt's?
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    creating a website using photoshop?

    I have just recently decided to design a website, But after reading around on designing a website, I've created more questions than answers. I planned on using photoshop to design the website template but I'm not sure I want to do that anymore. Could someone explain what skills I would need...
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    .exe problem-windowsxp

    When double clicking a program or even right click/open, the program flashes on the screen then doesn't open. same with commands from the RUN prompt. This is happening with all programs even the virus software. So i booted the computer in safe mode and the virus program ran fine but found...
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    hdd problem

    I'm trying to hook up an old win98 10.2gb seagate hdd to my computer so I can save some files onto my hdd. I set the drive as slave (seagates instructions say to remove the jumper completely which i did), and hooked it up to my secondary ide But my computer is not recognizing the drive in...
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    battery problem

    My friends laptop seems to only work when it is plugged in, and in power options the batter power says charging with 0%. I don't know much about notebooks because I don't use one, is this a problem that can be fixed through windows? Or does he need a new battery?
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    Problem booting w/ second Hdd.

    1st question. I installed redhat 8.0 yesterday on my second hdd and didn't make a boot disk, So when I turn the computer on it stays on the asus screen, Tab and esc don't work. It doesn't even go to the post screen. Did i need to make the boot disk in order to boot every time? 2nd...
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    Problem with Internet Explorer

    Everytime I open Internet explorer 6.0 I get an error message "You have tried to access a page that you are not authorized to display and were stopped by the SAS Proxy. First check if the URL you entered was actually the exact one you intended to use. If the URL is correct and this error...
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    networking printer question

    Probably a dumb question but I'm not really into networking yet and just now got a router. I have two computers but only one with a printer, Is there a way to access the printer from both computers? I tried using the network printer wizard but I'm having trouble with it. Thx.
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    dead mobo?

    My work gave me one of their computers to fix. They had a power outage and no surge protector on the computer. :/. So when I turn it on I get nothing, no cpu fan, lights on mobo, nothing. I tried swapping out the psu becuase the only thing I'm guessing could be wrong, and still no luck. It's...
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    top 3 computer certifications

    not quite sure where to post this so I'll just post it here. Whats the top three computer certifications that have most job opportunity In your opinions? -SiDiuS
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    netstat question

    everytime I log onto my computer I have the normal connections through netstat (ftp, aim) and then the longer my computer stays on the slower my connection gets, So I did netstat again and all this came up. I copied about half of what came up on netstat. Whats going on?? This happens everytime...
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    Problem with data loss

    Ok, so I turn on my computer today and go to my music folder from start up and notice right away there is no music note icon like there was before, The picture and my documents folder still had the icon on both of them. Then after opening it half of my music is gone. I did a system restore 3...