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    Amd FX8350 is not using all 8 cores

    Just updated to windows 10 x64 pro from win 7 x64 ultimate-n. Ive been having nothing but problems with win 10, its showing my cpu is running between 2.2ghz-2.81 and keeps changing actively. Also its showing in both the task manager and in cpuz, as 4 cores opposed to 8 and its showing a lower l1...
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    8350 cooling issue.

    Recently I upgraded my CPU to an 8350, Im having an issue with the CPU overheating any time i run ARK, CS:GO, Bioshock Infinate, H1Z1, heroes of the storm, or league of legends. My CPU temp is hitting 65degrees+ and my sabertooth temp sensors go apeshit. Its BSOD'd, and also has hit shutdown...
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    new cooler for fx-8350

    oc'd fx8350 @ 4.8-5ghz considering moving it to liquid cooling since most air coolers are around the same price as a dedicated liquid cooler... everyone keeps reccomending the coolermaster 212 evo i had the v8 and the temps were lacking and not at all impressive around 65c-70c @ 4.8ghz under...
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    psu dying need new one

    my psu is dying nuff said. need to find a good modular psu with at least 6 sata power cables needs 2-4 6pin pcie 4 molex and must be 24pin 4+4 pc specs. AMD fx 8350 Asus sabertooth r2.0 32gb udimm ddr3 1866 2x7870 xfired 4 sata hd's 2 optical drives x-fi sound card would...
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    5770+geforce gt610 for physx

    so i just read about this and i figured id give it a shot. a guy at the local microcenter recommended it allegedly he said its possible to run hybrid physx using an ati card on eyefinity and a geforce card with a physx engine in order to render nvidia's physx engine... well hows this done?
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    About time to upgrade. need advice pl0x ^_^

    Previous system... which is dying possibly to power issues and well... its slow! GA-M57SLI-S4, nForce 570SLI AMD 64 X2 6000+ Corsair XMS 4gb dual channel Ati-sapphire HD5770 1gb 40nm Enermax EG565p-VE So far ive got ... CPU: AMD FX 8350 RAM: 16gb or 32gb thinking either...
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    Problem with monitor.

    My computer crashed the other day BSOD driver conflict error with my sound card. upon startup my 3rd slave monitor now reads as a "non-PnP device" ive tried forcing the resolution via the registry keys to create a non supported custom resolution and yet it will not allow me to change the...
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    Blurry text issue after latest catalyst update

    updated to the latest catalyst driver 13.1 using a radeon hd5770 win 7x64 ultimate (all drivers up to date including drivers for hardware) ive yet to have any issues with this card since i baught it like 2 years ago, i updated to the latest catalyst driver and on all 3 of my monitors text...
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    x-fi problem vista :( help please

    Well i made the change to upgrade to vista because i dished out some cash for a phenom 9600 :) my x-fi card didnt come with drivers for vista, though i downloaded the ones off of the creative site the nice software that worked with xp (mode switcher etc..) didnt come with the driver package...
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    problem with any download wireless ...

    im going insane with this crap anytime i attempt to download anything off of a static server, in example, i try to download say drivers for my vid card off of nvidia's website using their normal servers it will get to a random percent and freeze it almost pauses even after hitting pause then...
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    phenom is out on newegg?? what the? when did this happen? /orders muwhahahaha
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    ordering from evga website?

    anyone ever deal directly with evga's website for ordering a vid card or really anything?
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    overclocked 8800gt?

    noticed theres like 4 different clock speeds of the 8800gt out on newegg so far..... which are all really within the same general price range so whats the point of buying an ss opposed to a standard gt? same pci-e interface, same bios/heatsync/fan.... really when it comes down to it, its the...
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    pci-x 2.0 boards?

    are there any out yet?
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    pci express 2.0???

    teh hell? is the slot any different than pcix-16? ordered a new evga 8800gt 512mb off of newegg and yeah... was reading over it and it said something about the interface being pci-x 2.0? is there any difference in the slot from pci-x16? or will it work in the normal pci-x16?
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    Need help new ram for system cas4 or 5?

    Well first off its been around 3.5 years since my last upgrade so buying a new cpu ram mo-bo and vid card. Obviously going to wait it out for video card since its rumored that anytime from now till the 15th-ish for nVidia to release their new 45nm cards (crosses fingers for next week). aaanyway...
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    Laptop problem..

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    Toggle Switches

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    my psu died need help...

    so yah middle of playin wow (yah im a dork) puter dies try to restart it almost acts like it surges and shuts off almost immidatly pulled of the side pannel it was like an oven in the case apparently the fan in my psu died :( or never worked at all since it never sounded like it was running and...
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    help! gfx card extream hot temps

    Idle im seeing around 74~76C, which is normal. Under load ive seen as high as 118 earlear it crashed twice, as well was tearing. so im assuming its ither burning or something.. its only been doing today dunno what could be going wrong. only thing i could think of is maybe heatsync may be loose...
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    deciding on a monitor help

    hey i got a viewsonic vp171b-2 8ms TFT monitor i was wondering how the vp730 stacks up to it. i love my vp171 but i wanna go dual monitors so really what im asking is how do the two compair, they look almost exact to each other though the vp730 has a diffrent stand.... also will the stand match...
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    audigy 4? ??? when did this happen? hahahahaha looks like that card flopped ..... but yah hows it stack up compared to the x-fi?
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    audigy 1 dying need new card

    aight what should i gets? audigy 2? or X-Fi? pros and cons of both, im also buying new speakers since my z-640's are shattered (my retard of a cousin decided to peak out my speakers and the midi eq's and shattered my speakers) gonna get teh z-5500's or z-5450s havnt decided yet, the...
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    cool betas?

    anyone know of any cool betas goin on? open betas perferably ^_^
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    i need drive covers! helllp :)

    hey i was wondering if they sell drive covers for antec cases, i need silver ones to match my antec super lanboy i just picked up liek last week anyone know where i can get some that will fit the case? i know they make them for Lian Li but are there some universal ones out there?
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    Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1

    anyone know where to get em cheaper than 499.99 ick 500 bucks for speakers but does anyone know of any speakers 5.1 that are wireless or have rear wireless speakers i so want em........,CRID=2177,CONTENTID=10928 someone go win me...
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    WoW expansion?

    So i got an email today about blizzcon and first topic line said: First ever public showing of the first Expansion Set for World of Warcraft.... Does anyone have any news on it? or really know what features it will bring to the game? Though it has been rumored about Hero Classes through...
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    Linksys SpeedBooster ..... is it worth it?

    tis time to switch to a new router since my old pos just died lasted 4 years :) but a pos at that so im thinking of going wireless n such whats the best bang for my buck? what routers are out there that are actualy reliable and really whats the best 1 out there, im concidering buying this 1...
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    problem with nvidia drivers 77.72

    i just updated my gfx drivers to the new 77.72 drivers that are on nvidia's website for some odd reason whenever i watch a movie ither on wmp or a dvd the color is all messed up ? looks like the gamma and saturation are like uber maxed though they are defaults everything else looks fine but...
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    resolution problem in bf2

    i was wondering why i cant get my resolution to go to 1280x1024 in bf2?? i have a 17" viewsonic vp171-2 native resolution is 12x10 so why wont the game go any higher than 1024x768? also i have a geforce 6800gt
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    anyone know a good site for a ps2 emu?

    just wondering if anyone has found a good ps2 emulator that u can use your ps2 disks with to play games on ur puter?
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    mp3 ringtones...

    anyone know somewhere that i can download some free mp3 (real audio) ringtones for my motorola v300 cellphone?
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    geforce 6800 problem/question

    ok i just got my geforce 6800gt YAY but yah i cant change my refresh rate higher than 60hertz my monitor should be able to do 75htz monitor is a viewsonic vp171b-2 with my old card (radeon 9700 pro) i could change the refresh rate to 75hertz without a problem, is there something wrong with my...
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    rebate; how to from newegg??

    ok i just ordered my gfx card from newegg like monday, and theres a rebait on the website for 30 bucks. which receipt from the order would i send?? the one that comes with the order, or the 1 i printed from newegg showing my order n such? btw gfx card is...
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    possible to run more than 2 monitors...

    hey is it possible to run more than 2 monitors with a geforce 6800ultra sli setup? for instance 3 monitors or 4
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    mixing ram speeds

    first off im running 1 stick of pc4000 xms pro i was wondering if i baught a stick, or 2 of pc3200 if there would be problems with running both since they run within 100mhz of each other, in just will there be stability/capibility problems, and what speed will the ram run at? o yah heres...
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    guildwars = another repeditive d2?

    a few reasons in which guildwars will always suck and have the repeditive feel that d2 had. playcontrol sux - very limited in comparison to other mmorpgs has the feel of controling a robot. no world map boring lvling system combat is very limited, although the game is supposto be geard /...
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    anyone have this control

    im thinking of buying 2 of these and such, and im just wondering how they are, and if u can use 2 of them at the same time.
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    why is my lcd screen so dark

    why is my lcd screen so dark when i first turn it on? like takes 30 seconds to get up to normal brightness, o btw its a viewsonic vp171b-2, its not even 2 mounths old
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    XFX geforce 6800gt agp

    anyone out there have the dual dvi version of this gfx card, if so how is it, im probably going to order 1 next week if i dont find something better in that price range of 350. how is xfx's line of geforce 6800's? plz dont offer ati cards, i honestly hate ati with a passion (literaly...