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    Nvidia DSR, understanding why 4x 0% smoothness is WOW while 2x is terrible.

    Anyone know how to run DSR 8x?
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    Acer XB321HK panel Seems like a similar problem.
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    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    It doesn't matter. If I buy a very expensive screen I don't want dead pixels at all.
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    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    Dead pixels will be a problem. I bet it's almost impossible to get a 8k(33 million pixels) monitor without dead pixels.
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    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    Dell UP3218K
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    49 vs 43? Is 49 too big?

    Hello, I'm doing fine, thank you, and you? How much is the 49'' cheaper? Maybe you can buy a bigger desk for the money that you save.
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    In Europe we must play panel lottery if we want to buy a 43'' MU6xxx TV. You can get AUO VA or BOE IPS BOE IPS 43B6AU0VK AUO VA 43L6AU0VM
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    Do you think Samsung is using B-grade panels too in their TVs that use AUO and not their own panels? Edit: I saw you have tested a lot of TVs lately. How often do you had dead pixels?
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    We will get 8K TV-s later this year. AUO will start making 8k panels this year.
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    OLED is overrated anyway. I have a phone with OLED screen and it isn't that impressive at all. OLED has more dead pixel problems, burn in and are overpriced. IPS is still very good and cheap technology. Only thing that OLED does better is contrast, but all other things are almost same as IPS.
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    Damn, I was hoping maybe they use the same AUO VA panel that Samsung 43'' MU6xxx TV-s use in EU. Seems like a very good and fast VA panel.
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    Who makes screens for TCL 43S405 ?
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    Any 40-43" 4k without PWM?

    Wouldn't it be easier/better just reduce brightness in Nvidia Control Panel?
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    24" 1080p budget choice for my kid?

    Almost every IPS/PLS monitor with the flicker free technology.
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    When we get 2018 model Samsung TVs?
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    How to Disable Windows 10 Bass Limiter?

    Do you think I still need these plugins if I don't use int. sound card? I use Uni Xonar drivers. This problem is only with hard bass songs. Edit: I use headphones maybe I need headphones amp? My headphones use 40ohm and with 40mm elements
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    How to Disable Windows 10 Bass Limiter?

    How can I disable bass limiter? Songs with good bass if I use 50% or 100% VOL are same loud. Can I remove or disable it anyway and get more juice out?
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    Is projector better than TV?

    Is projector better than TV?
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    How to make white look more like yellowish?

    I have used CCFL monitor where white is more like yellow and more eye friendly but now I have LED monitor and white is too cold or grey but I like more yellowish white because it's feel so much better for my eyes.
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    Ergonomic mechanical keyboard?

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    Microsoft All In One keyboard n-key rollover?

    Does this keyboard support NKRO or 6KRO rollover?