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    Google introduces a virtual 'Genius Bar' to answer device questions
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    Ubuntu Phone? Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

    Taken from I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry
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    My options for replacing a cracked screen on a Moto X

    None apparently :o
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    NZXT rep on [H]?

    Do we have a NZXT rep on the forums?
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    DIY 3D dual play glasses for split screen gaming

    Has anyone tried this? I despise split screen in games and thought this was pretty interesting It involves a passive 3D TV and switching out one lens from another 3D glass so it has the same color. The result is either player will be able to see only their screen. Apparently this works on cheap...
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    How much is a Verizon Unlimited Data line worth?

    And what is the best way to transfer the service to a new owner. :)
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    Motorola Builds First U.S. Made Smart Phone, Hires 2,500 People In Fort Worth

    This may be old news to some, but I found this interesting while checking on weather conditions at Fort Worth EDIT: Meh, I just noticed it was mentioned awhile back. Was using...
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    Jamo S 426 HCS 3 WENGE 5-Piece Home Theater System $199 @ Amazon with FREE SHIPPING

    Not my favorite speakers personally, but this is a good deal considering a pair of towers are more then then the cost of the bundle. Jamo S 426 HCS 3 WENGE 5-Piece Home Theater System $199 @ Amazon
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    Iflicks 2.0 (BETA=free)

    For anyone that hasn't bothered to try iflicks in the past. I suggest you do so now since it's in beta and free directly from their website Notable features that were added is watched folder support
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    Asrock z77 ex6 149 shipped @superbiiz

    Asrock Z77 Extreme6 $149 shipped after coupon "holen1" Not bad but better then what rottenegg has to offer. Coupon applies to anything over $100 IINM
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    Need advice on 17' laptop with Intel 3630 and Nvidia 680

    Read subject :D Upo further investigation. I'm looking at the NP9370 is there any reason I should not get this laptop ? Are there any issues that I could perhaps not be aware of? Also if I get the msata sad elsewhere. Do I need mounting brackets?
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    Crucial M4 128GB $109 /w FS

    Geez when is the madness going to stop lol, no coupon needed for this one. For those in California or where state tax applies when ordering on You may try price matching the 128GB M4 with Tigerdirect via phone 800-800-8300 Crucial M4 128GB via Tigerdirect link, theoretically this...
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    Crucial M4 256GB $209 AC

    1. Add Crucial M4 to cart 2. Redeem $10 coupon 3. Create new account 4: Profit, 256 Crucial M4 for $209 /w FS
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    Amazon starts Instant Video for PS3 today

    I'm sure there are quite a few PS3 owners here that would be interested in this. "Amazon Instant Video is now playing on the PlayStation 3 system. Register your PlayStation 3 today to start watching over 120,000 movies and TV shows, available to rent or purchase. Prime members can also watch...
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    Red Box game rentals

    Well here is another alternative to renting games. Apparently you could reserve online and pick up the game at your nearest Red Box kiosk. The selection is limited, but it looks like they have newer releases such as Dirt 3 and DNF.
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    NZXT Hale90 850w PSU @ Directron $149 w FS rebranded Super Flower
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    Compatibility check

    Building a system for a friend, he was fairly concerned about aesthetics so I had to make some compromises. Please feel free to critique this build ASUS P8P67 Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB(I wasn't aware of the heatspreaders being so tall till now, these might end up going back to Amazon) Intel...
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    Bad Company 2 ATI issue does this look normal to you?

    As you can see the screenshots above looks like I have the contrast turned up. I'm getting excessive white crush on bright scenes. I didn't have this issue on my 8800 GTX. I tried calibrating through Windows 7 calibration utility and still get the same results. Messing around in CCC gives little...
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    Commiting old system to HTPC use

    I have a old setup which consists of the following. E6600 XFX 680i LT 4GB DDR2 ATI 6850 Corsair 550HX Antec 900 Pioneer SATA DVD DRIVE Creative Fatality XFI I'm considering in transferring my old components to a horizontal ATX HTPC case and adding tuner and DVR functionality. Any...
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    Galaxy 460 GC at TD 89.99 after 40 & 20 MIR link to rebates Purchase a qualified product listed on this form between dates 1/31/2011 and 3/6/2011. -$40 Purchase a qualified product listed on this form between dates 2/1/2011 and 2/13/2011. -$20...
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    PS3: Free HD streaming movie rental through VUDU

    VUDU is offering one free HD movie rental through their service via your Playstation 3. Only requirement is a valid email address. Download the "VUDU" client from the PSN store.
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    FGR22D removed root, what are my options

    I accidentally updated to FGR22D OTA, what are my options in getting root back? I'm familar with the RSD downgrade method, but it's a PITA since it's hit or miss during the flashing process. Are there any other alternatives that I am not aware of that dont involve RSD lite?
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    Starcraft 2 Hardforum user list

    Thought I would get the ball rolling by creating a SC2 [H] user list via google spreadsheet. See you on ladder and on AT :). First link is the google form which will populate the google spreadsheet. Starcraft 2 form Starcraft 2 Hardforum user list Starcraft 2 Hardforum ladder standings...
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    Android SDK for dummies: Google App Inventor (Beta)

    Is anyone in beta for this? Google App Inventor
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    OMSA 6.2 with CentOS 5.4 -storage controller not found

    Man I'm tired of dealing with this issue and the Dell reps on the linux-powerdge mailing list don't seem to have a concrete answer. We are running PE210's and R710's with OMSA 6.2 and CentOS 5.4 Installing OMSA from the Dell Linux repo results in storage controller not being found along with...
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    Android 2.1 OTA update for Droid , starting on March 18
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    Google gesture search for Android 2.0 +

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere Google Gesture Search for Android
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    Droid clock question

    Has anyone found a way to place the digital clock on the home screen which is identical to the one found on the lock screen on the Droid?
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    Alternative to Acronis Snap Deploy?

    What is everyone using for server deployment? I'm currently looking for an application to slipstream and install openmanage, cygwin , and the R2 disc from a bare metal state remotely for our server installations. The ability to pre-configure dedicated/global hotspares for the PERC cards would...
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    Street Fighter IV headed to Steam

    Some interesting notes for the PC version Global Online gameplay Exclusive to the PC version of the game, three visual shaders based on the "artistic" trailers give a new look to the gameplay: Watercolor, Poster, and Sumi-E ink Apparently...
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    TMPGENC with CUDA 260/280 GTX

    Has anyone tried using TMPGENC with a CUDA enabled card? Could someone perhaps execute a 3 min 2 pass 1080p encode using a 260 or 280 GTX. TIA
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    Little Big Planet co-op thread

    List your PSN ID along with what your timezone your in. Looking forward to playing with some fellow [H] members. PSN ID: denze Timezone: PST I know I have a couple of you already on my friend's list Google PSN ID spreadsheet
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    Blizzard Digital downloads utilizes Peer to Peer?

    I found this interesting, I opted to install WC3 FT using Blizzard's digital dowload store
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    COD4 release date set

    FWIW, Aspyr Media announced the release date for COD4 MAC Sept 15, 2008 hardware requirements
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    Logitech to acquire Ultimate Ears

    Kind of old,saw this on another forum I frequent. Looks like Logitech is buying out Ultimate Ears .
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    Simple DNS Plus question

    We are running Simple DNS, for whatever reason when we try to set a new default NS and SOA record. The field shows it has taken effect,but when creating new zones we see the old record. Does this require shutting down SimpleDNS? Please tell me there is an easier workaround..
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    Show your custom SCIV characters

    Saw this linked at CAG lol at #7
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    8800 GTX to Quadro 5600 softmod

    Has anyone tried this? I'm building a workstation for a co-worker that will be using Solidworks for his design company. What limitations may I encounter If I proceed to do this? ( choice of o/s , features in software etc) He has agreed to buy my card for $350 if I can soft-mod it to a 5600 :D
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    PS3 HD upgrade SAMSUNG 2.5" 500GB finally available

    Heads up for those looking to upgrade their HD space on their PS3 or notebooks $219
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    Blizzard updates WC3:FT Patch 1.22

    Logged in today,surprisingly to find FT updating WARCRAFT III: THE FROZEN THRONE VERSION HISTORY -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch 1.22...