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    EVGA GTX 780 3G or EVGA 960 2G?

    I just built my son a new budget gaming computer for Christmas using the following parts: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk mobo 16gb Corsair Dominator Pro RGB 3200 memory 1 TB NVME SanDisk boot drive 2 TB spinner Since I can't get my hands on a decent newer video card unless I want to pay...
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    Is nVidia trying to bring back SLI in OpenGL? Interesting article on Phoronix about nVidia adding multi-GPU extensions to open-GL. Since multi-GPU has not seen any adoption since Windows 10 I think this might be cool.
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW $329 + $20 MIR @ Newegg Good Deal and it includes Monster Hunter and EVGA page shows free Destiny 2 which includes both Expansion I: Curse of Osiris & Expansion II: Warmind.
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    Dell U2711 Power Issue

    I have a Dell U2711 monitor and it is starting to act strange. Sometimes it will not turn on when I hit the power button. I have to disconnect the power cable and insert a different power cable. If I reinsert the same cable it still will not turn on, I have to physically change the power cable...
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    Asus P8Z77 Burned Up

    I bought an Asus P8Z77 Pro in April of 2012 and it has been a rock until a few days ago when It let out the magical blue smoke. My Antec power supply died so I replaced it and as soon as I powered it on one of the surface mounted components lit up and burned out. You can see it to the left of...
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    2500k vs 4690k

    Last week I was at Fry's and they had the MSI z87 M-Power SP on clearance for $88 plus a $30 rebate. I could not pass that up so I took one home. Today I finally picked up an I5 4690k to drop in there. My question is, I currently have an Asus P8Z77 Deluxe with an I5 2500k clocked at 4.5 gHZ. I...
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    Dell 2711 DisplayPort or HDMI

    I just picked up a Dell 2711 at Frys for $200. I know it's old and not the greatest but for the price I figured why not. If I don't like it the wife can surely use an upgrade. My question is, in order to use 2560 x 1440 do I need to use DisplayPort or can I use HDMI? I guess DL DVI works too...
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    Phenom II X4 965 $84.99 + FS @ NE

    $84.99 w/ Promo Code EMCXVWL69 + Free Shipping! AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
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    Galaxy GTX 560ti multi monitor issue

    I just added an old Samsung 19" monitor next to my 24' Asus monitor to rig in sig just to keep Web browser open while gaming. It woks just fine in windows but for some reason the bios screen always displays on the Samsung until it gets to the windows log on screen then it switches to the Asus...
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    Take 2 Interactive moving to Las Vegas saw it on the local news. Good for the local economy and they said they are looking for testers.
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    560ti kills CPU overclock?

    I just picked up a Galaxy 560ti card for the rig in sig and it seems to have killed my overclock. I had been running at 3.5ghz for about 4 or 5 months with the GTX260 but now I get lockups when it goes into sleep mode. When I restart I get a bios message that my previous overclock has failed and...
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    Back to the Horde - lil problem

    Hey all, finally got time to start folding again after a few months off. I figured that there'd be a new client out so got 6.30 downloaded and ran the config with the smp flag but it seems to be only loading 1 core about 75% and the other 3 cores about 10%. If I recall bigadv should only be run...
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    240 vs. 280 Rads?

    First time building a loop and was wondering if there would be much of a benefit using a 280mm versus a 240mm radiator. I was going to get but was wondering if a 280mm...
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    AvP for PC $8.99 @ the egg

    Alien vs. Predator (PC) for $8.99 at newegg. I think it was $9.99 during the Steam sale, but I may be wrong
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    Bioshock 2 $9.99 @ Best Buy B&M

    Picked up a copy of Bioshock 2 for $9.99 at a Las Vegas Best Buy today. YMMV Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    MSI GTX 480 399.99 @ EGG

    warmish I'd say.
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    Board POSTs Twice

    I got my sig rig Oc'd to 3.45 and whenever I start from a cold boot all the fans spin up for a second then shutoff for a second then starts back up normally. CPU voltage is at 1.45. Memory is at 1410Mhz with a slight voltage increase to 1.6 (2.0 is max according to Patriot). If I reset CMOS it...
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    Sparkle GTX460 1GB $189.99 @ TD

    Sparkle GTX460 1GB for $189.99 at Tiger Direct. Use coupon DVB8314
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    Kid's folding boxen advice

    My 7 year old kid has officially been bitten by the bug. He wants to start folding on his computer which is a socket 939 3500+. I know he can't run the client on that but it's got an SLI mobo so I was wondering if 2 450's running the GPU client would work OK. Or should I take my 260 out and put...
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    Seagate HDD succesfully destoyed

    Well, after a hard drive failure (Seagate 7200.11, surprise surprise) I had to reinstall everything. Now I gotta setup the cpu and gpu client again, but I'm going on vacation today so gonna hafta wait til next week. Can someone pick up my 12k ppd drop for the [H]orde?
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    Phenom II X$ 810 OC

    Not stable with these numbers. MHZ - 3006 FSB - 231 MUlti - 13.0 VCORE - 1.36 HT - 2312 FSB-DRAM - 3:10 DRAM - 770 MEM VOLT - 1.5 Idle temps are 34 and Intel Burn Test peaked at 49 but generally hovered at 45 -46. Any suggestions to get it a lil more stable? Never BSOD'd but...
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    New Boxen Build

    MSI NF980 Tri SLI goodness, Still using the Phenom II X4 810 for now but gonna add 2 more 260 core 216's when I can find some deals.
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    SMP problem solved...I think

    OK after running the SMP for about a month and realizing I had the wrong user name in it, I think I got it all set up. I spent the last few days uninstalling and reinstalling I think I finally got it running. Then last night Windows Update restarts my computer and I lost my whole night of...
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    New (Old) Boxen worth it?

    I have a few Atlon 64 3500+ boxes laying around and was wondering if they would be worth setting up a lil baby farm. I'd need a few new video cards to run the GPU clients so any suggestions would be appreciated. Money is a lil short right now due to work being very slow so keep that in mind. I...
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    OK I finally set it up after years of procrastination. Dunno what took so long, especially considering my wife is a multiple cancer survivor.
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    Zombie attack in FL. OK which one of you is responsible for this?
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    Error sending mail

    I have an HTC Tilt 2 from AT&T and am having trouble sending e-mail. I got a the Pop3 and SMTP server settings from Cox's website and have no trouble receiving mail just get an error sending. Any ideas?
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    MSI NF980-G65 AM3 NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI

    MSI AM3 w/ SLI mobo, sweet.