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    Ice Giant ProSiphon - Cooling the 3900x

    So it appears the ProSiphon that kitguru reviewed is now available to buy with an estimated Q3 shipping date. I managed to nab 2 of them with the $19.99 lock-in and $100 purchase each. Shipping to Australia was unfortunately $100 but that's what I get for living in super-sized alcatraz in the...
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    Samsung 55" Curved NU8500

    Hey Gents, Just letting you guys know I picked up this bad boy due to my failing eyesight to replace my AOC AGON 35QCX 200hz. Gotta say once properly set up it has not skipped a beat. There's a pretty decent review, I purchased mine in...
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    7700k or AMD R 1700 (non x)

    Good Morning All, I have a dilemma, I have recently done away with my sr-2 board due to epic power usage which is pricey in Australia. I currently run a 6700k on a gigabyte z170x gaming g1 board, I wish to run 2 games servers (7 days to die and ark survival evolved). I have the option of...
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    EVGA Classified SR-2 (question)

    Hey Lads, Didn't want to necro the SR-2 owner's thread so decided to post my own. If anyone with previous experience with these boards could enlighten me on a couple of things I would be most appreciative. 1. I managed to land some cheap x5670's paired up ready for the board. Would these...
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    Will an i7 3820 make a decent game server?

    G'day Again, Just wondering if anyone here has had experience setting up home servers and could possibly give me feedback. System #2 in my sig will be used but with a UPS, 64gb RAM and 1tb SSD's x2 possibly individually or in RAID 0. The questions I am having difficulty answering myself are...
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    Is my i7 6700k throttling?

    G'day Lads, I have owned my 6700k for around a year now and have started benching for extended periods. But when in the 2k range in P95 I am noticing the ratio drops from 44 down to 36. My temps are acceptable (in the tropics) @ 85c on the highest core usually fluctuating back down to 80c...