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    Belkin Thunderbolt dock with slow PD

    My wife bought a Belkin Thunderbolt dock for her Macbook 16" (still to arrive). I have an MSI Prestige 15 (current model). This MSI supports Thunderbolt 3 and the charger I normally use is USB-C. I tried the dock on this MSI computer and almost everything works as it should. Once the connection...
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    Does RAM speed make a performance difference outside of games?

    Currently looking into upgrading to an Intel 10700K system. I use a mITX case so I would like to stick to that. Problem is, mITX z490 motherboards are pretty expensive. (Bigger ones are not as bad). You can practically save $100 by going with an H470 variant and the only drawback for me will be...
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    Lenovo 24" 1440p IPS display $169 10/23

    Today newegg has a one day deal on a 1440p IPS display. The screen does not have a VESA cutout. 24" may be too small for some. Windows scales well these days so you can scale 115% and you should be good to go.
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    Wireless: slow AC connection, normal speed N connection

    I use an Arris cable modem/wireless AP from Comcast and this thing has me scratching my head. Two years ago, I bought an Asus AC1200 USB connector. When I connected to the router with an AC connection with that device, my download was 2mbps and my upload was what I would have expected, 40mbps...
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    Are there any desktop monitors which allow Windows to adjust the brightness?

    Windows 10 recently updated to allow people to adjust the brightness of their screen via a slider found in the action center. I have a few monitors but I've never been able to get this slider to work on any. My thinking is that this only comes up on laptops since laptops have always controlled...
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    Cross platform games

    I had Steam loaded today and I went down the list of my games to see if anyone still plays them. Steam publisher player numbers and the number of players is tracked at this site. I looked at several games that are what I can only call platformers and I was blown away...
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    Popularity of overclocking

    I hear less and less about overclocking as the years go by. Has the popularity of it been dwindling? Other explanations can be due to fewer people on the forums and the PC market not being as hot as it once was. It was super popular with the Celeron 300Mhz chip because you could get a 50% boost...
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    Acer Nitro vg271up $309

    1440p 144hz Freesync/G sync 10bit IPS Based on one of the newer panels out there. By far the cheapest I’ve seen it.
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    Have HDDs gotten any faster in the last decade?

    I remember when the 10k RPM WD Raptors came out. I think I had each iteration of the series. Even though they all spun at 10k, each one was faster than the predecessor. Most HDDs now still spin at 5400/7200 RPM like they did 15 years ago but knowing what I know about the Raptors, that does not...
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    What kind of horsepower is needed for proof of stake?

    Last year, I was interested in some proof of stake coin (I think it was PIVX). I remember reading a thread on reddit suggesting that you can stake with a Raspberry Pi. Is a RPi really powerful enough to stake? Also, do you need more horsepower to stake the bigger your stake/purse is?
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    Freesync stopped working, anyone else?

    I have an Asus VG245H . 75hz/1080p . I bought it a year ago. At the time, everything worked except occasionally, the power would flicker on and off a few times (it was actually annoying now to think of it). Also, when resuming from sleep, I would often get an error from AMD that said there was a...
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    Doom free weekend - Dead

    Steam has a promo this weekend for Doom. The price is $15 (cheapest I have seen it) but more important, you are able to play it without limitations for free till Sunday.
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    DEAD: PowerColor RX470 160-20 = $140

    Today newegg has the RX 470 for $140 after a $20 rebate.
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    What specs do I need to drive dual high res displays in 2d?

    I have a 660 TI My display setup is a 1080p monitor at 66hz for games and a 4K monitor for everything else. I can run the 4K just fine at 60fps (over DP) if only one monitor is plugged in. As soon as I plug the second monitor in (over DVI), I am downgraded to 4K at 30fps. I figure this must...
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    Mounting a NUC to VESA with swiveling stands

    I currently use a NUC with a 21.5 monitor. This monitor has 100x100 VESA mount on the back and I use it to mount the NUC. I'd love to use a bigger monitor however all the good ones use the VESA bracket to attach to their stands and leaves no room to attach the NUC. Is there some type of adapter...
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    Taking accessability options off W10 lock screen

    In the lower right hand corner, there is a button that gives the options to turn on high contrast mode, sticky keys and filter keys. Even though he isn't logged in, my son always turns these options on and of course it screws everything up with synced PCs because your theme gets over written...
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    Question about dual channel configuration

    I have an H77 motherboard, 4 RAM slots and an Ivy Bridge CPU. I have two sticks of 2GB and am running 4GB now. I want to know if I can buy 2x4GB and have a total of 12GB whilst maintaining a dual channel configuration. I know a long time ago, everything had to be matched but I am not sure if...
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    Does vsync result in energy savings?

    I recently turned on vsync on in the nvidia control panel. This forces vsync on all games regardless of the game's settings. Also, I noticed that FRAPS reports that games now run at 60 fps max. Many of these games ran at a higher frame rate before. I don't mind the 60 fps cap since I would never...
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    Are there any games that support 2+ local players?

    A lot of people including me will argue that one big sticking point consoles have over PCs is that a lot of the games support multiple local players. I was wondering if this is still the case now that a lot of PC games support controllers and not just kbm like they used to. With Steam's big...
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    What desktop resolution does everyone use?

    I am currently 1680x1050 (dual screens) and I am always itching to upgrade to 1920x1200. I use VS2010 and a text editor for simple stuff. I'd like to hear what everyone is using. The more the better I have always thought but I am sure there is a point where more real estate becomes a non-issue...
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    Wired Xbox 360 controller on Win8

    I have a wired Madcatz Xbox 360 controller and I have been using it on Windows 7 x64 for years and Vista before that. I upgraded to Win 8 x64 a few days ago and am unable to install the controller. When attempting to install, it identifies it as an Xbox 360 Controller but I get an error that...
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    What does mobile data throttling even mean?

    Everyone is so up in arms over it but what exactly does it even mean? If they throttle my LTE, does that mean it goes down from 20Mbps to 10MBps? Does it go from 20Mbps to 1Mbps? Because geeks are the biggest whiners out there, I wouldn't be surprised if throttling was something completely...
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    Android screen capture apps

    Why are all the Android screen capture apps paid? I don't think they do anything special to take screen captures on rooted phones but of the few there are, they are all paid. Looks like there used to be one or two free ones but they are now gone. I have bought a handful of apps so I am not...
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    Difference between SATA cables?

    I have an Asus Sabertooth motherboard and it has a Marvel 6.0Gbps controller on it. I currently had a hdd plugged into it and I'd experience Windows freezes once in a while, usually coming back from S3 sleep. I finally re installed Windows and figured out it was NOT Windows causing the problem...
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    Difference between SATA cables?

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    Bad Company 2 SPECACT upgrade DLC

    I recently purchased the SPECACT during the Summer camp sale on Steam. This pack is not too well documented but really promises presumably the most advanced unlock of that class and special uniforms. I have played MP several times and can not figure out how to use the gear. I looked it up and...
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    Does partition 1 start on the outside of a HDD platter?

    I have always been under the impression that Partition 1 starts on the outside of the disk and works its way inward. If the whole partition takes up a whole platter, the partition then extends onto the outter regions of the next platter. The seek time should be faster on the outside of the...
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    When did resolutions become standard with size?

    I have a four year old Dell computer. Screen is 14.1 inches and the resolution is 1440x900 which I think is excellent. I am not looking for a new laptop, same screen size and all I can find is 1366x768. What gives? Do only low resolution screens exist nowdays?
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    What software do you use to determine stability?

    I have always done simple overclocking, usually just running up my FSB. I go up incrementally until I see crashes. I raise the bus, run a benchmark that runs for a few minutes and then if it passes, raise the bus speed some more. Today I used a flyby benchmark from the game Stalker (a free...
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    Versions of the C# language

    I have two books covering Visual Studio 2005. One book is about the core language and the other is about thread management and all the other intricacies of what Visual Studio 2005 allows you to do. I believe now Visual Studio is two versions ahead of 2005. I have always wanted to read these...
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    Live online player stats

    Gamespy used to have a page which would list most the popular online PC games and it would list how many people were playing at that very moment. I enjoyed looking at that page but it for the last 4+ months has been down. The page says it will come back eventually but I am not sure if this stat...
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    Why does scrolling in web pages make static sounds

    I am using an Audigy 2 analog output. When I scroll up or down in web pages, it makes a quiet static sound through my speakers under the process is done. I thought maybe it was because of the monitor refreshing but even with it off, it still does it. Is this caused by the fluctuations of power...
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    World of Goo on Windows 7

    I am using the RTM (un activated) Win 7, World of Goo from Steam and have a GTX 260 When I run the game, the screen repeatedly goes from the desktop to a low res black screen until I kill the process. I tried reinstalling it and same issues. Does anyone have this game working in Windows 7?
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    Does anyone play World. of Goo in Win 7?

    I am using the RTM (un activated) Win 7 from Steam and have a GTX 260 When I run the game, the screen repeatedly goes from the desktop to a low res black screen until I kill the process. I tried reinstalling it and same issues. Does anyone have this game working in Windows 7?
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    Loss of sound quality

    It seems that a lot of people on this board fully endorse the Xonar (or what ever it is called) sound card even though its high price. They sight its high DAC rating as a justification to buy it. I recently bought a cheap Rocketfish sound card from Best Buy. It has an Audigy chip on it and...
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    How does the Nano display song titles with analog FM stations?

    Last year I rented a car and what I found amazing was that it could display song titles even though the radio appeared to be totally analog. Apparently the iPod Nano can do just the same. Where is it getting the information from? Is it being broadcast over the analog frequency or is it tapping...
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    Next Xbox dashboard update

    Is there one scheduled for Spring 2009? I have not heard anything about any update and the usual internet who always raises these questions and stirs up some conversation about the issue has failed me this time. Does anyone know when the next update will be?
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    Good well rounded video benchmarks

    I am not sure about the nvidia scene but whenever a new ATI driver comes out, there are tons of people clamoring to the forums wanting to see if this one has any performance gain over the last one. The thing is that people here are too lazy to actually run benchmarks so 5 pages are easily posted...
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    Dual DVI input options

    It seems ridiculous that even high end LCDs still come with only one digital input. Finding a monitor with more than one digital video input seems pretty rare. I have two computers at my desk and they both use the same monitor. I would love for them both to use digital as it is clearer but it...
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    Who uses a PHP debugger

    I have been writting PHP forever in a text editor and just recently wondered if there are any easy to understand debuggers out there. Because of PHP's very lenient compilation constrains, I usually end up with variables that are never used and the worst is when I misname variables only to figure...