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    new mobo?

    hey all, I've been out of the PC hardware scene for a few years and I'm wanting to do a new build. Do you know of a wrap-up of all the latest intel/amd chipsets for the past year? I've stayed up with video cards and CPUs pretty well, just not mobos. thx
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    Internet Filtering Appliances

    have you looked at barracuda web filters? I have heard really good things about them. If they are anything like the spam filtering appliances, they should be great.
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    2 post rack adapter

    I have a few Dell 2950 and 1900 servers right now that are temporarily sitting on some rack mount shelves on a two post rack. I have space constraints and I'm not sure if I will be able to fit a full 4 post rack/cabinet in the room it needs to go in. I have seen some kits available online that...
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Pretty basic running irssi and bsflite aim client
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    World of Warcraft on ibook?

    its playable on an ibook. i do it all the time on a new 12" ibook. it will run better when your running off ac power than battery.
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    Let's just make it simple ... WallpaperMania!

    That's an outstanding wallpaper. I would like some of those pics sent to me via pm plz.
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    Let's just make it simple ... WallpaperMania!

    Those are excelent examples of fine wallpapers!!! :D :D
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    Good Download Site for Linux
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    wait on ibook?

    which of the two ibooks did you get? im thinking about getting one soon and want some opinions on the latest models. Pretty much all the reviews out there now are on the older ones.
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    The Annarchy Case... COMPLETED!

    hahaha. Thats impressive way to stand out from the rest
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    Trouble Ticket system?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an online based trouble ticketing system for logging and storing calls and apointments. Preferably web based, php, and free :D
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    Asus Z71v?

    Has anyone had any experience with the Asus Z71v? Im looking for the best bang for buck and this is one that i have put at the top of my list. I was also looking at a t42 or some kind of dell...maybe.
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    Network Inventory Program

    Does anyone know of a good program that will search a local network for computers and record the specs of the machine in some format. Thanks in advanced.
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    Sharing calendars accross a network

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a program that you could share a calendar accross a local network to different users. Similar to what you can do with exchange and outlook. Thanks in advanced.
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    iis 5.0 question

    It uses windows accounts for ftp accounts. Its right under where you would configure the IIS ftp server for anonymous access.
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    Dell 1704FP vs. Samsung 710N vs. LG L1730B?

    Did you ever settle on what monitor to get? I just got a viewsonic va721 and the text is total crap. Im looking at the Dell 1704FPV and the samsung 710N2.
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    Best budget 17" LCD?

    Have you used that monitor for gamming? I'm seriously looking at this display as apposed to a 19" crt and cant make up my mind. What is the ghosting like on it?
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    Wanting to start my own IT consulting firm

    Love to see revised threads! I personally have found that people (especially small businesses) don’t want to pay two people or companies to do what is in their eyes one thing. They also for the most part think that it shouldn’t take two entities to complete one job. The most I have ever worked...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    Destruction via windows!!
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Thats pretty rediculous right there...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    I dont think that is a desk, its a hutch from a desk that is already broken beyond use
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    Its just the shelf with one of the units half attached. Its alot sturdier than i thought it would be. I also put a piece of plexiglass on it to make it more of a desk. Works very well, and looks cool.
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    For a home network, everyone pretty much has a similiar ip address scheme...but who cares, do what you want.
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Visio power click for bigger
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    When you got out to a repair, what do you take?

    A phillips head screwdriver!!! ;)
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    MX Duo 59.99 Free 2nd Day Air

    I have never been a fan of wireless mice/keyboards, mostly becuase i can notice lag on the mouse with every mouse i have tried. To much lag for me to justify to dish out the $$ for one. Not only that, but using a corded mouse over the years, i have come to hone my skills in accordance with the...
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    Post your common run commands here.

    "Anyone who thinks Linux is free, place no value on their time." Thats the best quote i have ever heard!!!
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    Making a server....Questions

    hmhmm, you have a 500mhz athlon might have something to do with your problem of RH being slow. I will say however that its desktop is pretty slow, with Suse 9.1 being the slowest.
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    Making a server....Questions

    i personally like freebsd the best out of all. I have been running my webserver with freebsd 5.1 for about a year and have had no problems at all. Really stable and fairly easy to setup.
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    Firefox 1.0 PR

    And i do on a daily basis mind you.
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    Firefox 1.0 PR

    Especially a noob when it comes to GOOD free software. In fact, firefox is one of the few pieces of free software that i would recomend to people.
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    ZyXEL 623R-T1 + webserver possible?

    Port forwarding.
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    ZyXEL 623R-T1 + webserver possible?

    Yeah disable wan access. Are you running your web server on your computer? Can you get to it from the local ip address of the server ? Also you wont be able to get to the server via your external ip address from inside your network or any domain name bound to it unless you have a dns...
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    is that going to be a theme for a third-party shell like litestep? or a theme for a skinning software like stylexp? looks realllly awesome.
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    Useful programs for Techs, need suggestions, making CD for work

    It amazes me how much money spent and time wasted by just removing spyware. Like, where have the real computer problems gone?
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    Zone Alarm update problem

    re-install zone alarm or get a better firewall like Blackice. Just dont get norton internet security if you know whats good for you.
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    My mom did a Dell Demension 4100 mod!

    sweet. I cut a window in one of those cases once. Kinda sucked cuase you have that metal sheet right behind the panel. But if she can window that case, she can window any, and that will be [H]