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    Adding datestamp to a file in this vbscript

    Here is the script: ' move delivered files to pending folder Set colFiles = objFolder.Files For Each objFile in colFiles Wscript.Echo ".. delivery .. " & objFile.Name objFile.Move (strSource & "\PENDING\" & objFile.Name) 'check for error If Err.Number <> 0 Then fnDisplayError...
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    No longer see NICs in Network Connections

    Under Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Verified that the drivers are installed (reinstalled). They (the NIC connections) no longer show up in the Network Connections. They were there. Could a registry value have been altered? If so, where should I look? Would like to get this...
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    Force member servers to use a specific logon server

    I have two Domain Controllers. We will call them DC01 and DC02. I want to take DC01 down to replace a drive. We support numerous web apps and some of the web servers/sql servers are authenticating off of DC01 (provided by SET LOGON) and I want no interuptions (more specifically our GS...
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    Our customer wants us to set up MRTG so that he can monitor our servers. Is there an easier (free) way out there to configure this for 20+ servers? A script or something? I am the only SE and really do not have the time to sit down and configure PerfMon logs for every server then create...
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    IUSR_SERVERNAME General Properties Greyed Out

    I have a test environment web server that was prompting me for a username/password when attempting to access the page. I verified all of the site properties were correctly set up. I noticed that the annonymous user account is the standard IUSR_SERVERNAME. I checked the account to make...
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    MS 70-431 Exam

    In October I started a job as a systems engineer. This position has me maintaining a web application's Web/SQL servers. All Microsoft. I have alomost no SQL experience other that a few tasks at previous jobs through Enterprise Manager. So my questions are: Have you taken this exam...
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    Need help -- Win2kAS AD issues

    Ok here is what happened: I am fairly new, roughly 1.25 months. We have 2 Win2k Advance Server Domain controllers DC02 and DC03. We had the mirror die that held SYSVOL and NTDS. We will call this server DC03. When DC03 had the HDD failure, we planned to slick it and start over...
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    Help me choose a Distro! Dell E1505

    So I have my MCP exam tomorrow and want to go back to Linux on my laptop. I have included the necessary information as to what I am looking for: Specs of my laptop: 120GD SATA HDD nVidia 7300 C2D 1.6G 1.5GB DDR2 Intel 54Mbps wireless card SD card slot (gets used for pictures) What...
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    The in-laws have managed to destroy Windows no matter how well I protect it. Mom-in-law has a way of getting a virus or rolling the system back and killing the programs that are installed, or doing something to completely FUBAR the system. I've done everything I can to possibly prevent her...
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    Photoediting - 19" WS recomendations

    I use my PC for photo editing. I would like a 19" WS DVI Any helpful recommendations would be greatly appreciated
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    Help - Looking for integrated bluetooth card

    I ordered a Dell E1505 laptop last year. When I ordered it, I did not order it with Bluetooth. I am beginning to wish I had! I have found a Draft N card for my laptop from Intel, but I am unable to find an internal Bluetooth card for it. I believe it's a TM300/TM350 card, or something...
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    Dell E1505 - upgrades

    I would like to get a blue tooth card and a wireless N card for my laptop. I know I had the option of getting the 2 installed when I was building it. Is this something that is more of a hassle than anything? Thanks for any/all help!
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    Takes ~10 minutes to log into domain

    What can I do on my home domain to speed the log in process up? It consists of a domain controller and a laptop. No roaming profile or home directory to connect to. WinXP and Server Pro 2k3
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    Remote desktop not on my domain account

    I can access remote desktop under my local account before I joined the domain. This is my own personal domain btw. I tried to install the EXE from MS website but it says it's already installed. How do I access it from my domain account?
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    Endian -- Open port for uTorrent

    I have added the port to the outgoing firewall but the port test comes back saying it isn't open
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    Vista can't access in IE or FF

    Friend is getting a blank screen when trying to access He states that he has downloaded every plug in that he has been asked to download. This computer is new and has had this problem out of the box. He reinstalled Vista to no avail. I am unsure what to tell him.
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    Push domain Administrative Tools to a machine or user account

    I just recently set up a server 2k3 domain in my home. I used to work as a help desk tech and our machines had access to the administrative tools just like you would see on the server. How can I push this down to my machine? That way I don't have to log into my server any time I want to do...
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    Thinstall Virtual Suite

    Network Computing Link I just wante dto see what a large forums view on this is. I find this very interesting.
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    Hey guys I have installed Server2k3 on a computer with two NICs. I went through the adding rolls wizard to configure DHCP, DNS, and Domain Controller. The DC is connected to my DLink switch and I can UNC into it. My DC and laptop are currently static. If I try to change to DHCP I do not...
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    DHCP Server

    Just wanted to make sure of this: Do I go cable modem>>firewall>>Server2k3-DHCP>>switch?
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    Just scheduled

    My first MCSE exam! April 18th I will be taking the 70-290 exam :) Wish me luck!
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    How to stop Outlook from blocking *.MDB files

    How can I go about doing this? I am in a database class and Outlook is blocking the files my teacher sends us.
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    Book for intro to scripting for Windows

    I would like to get a book to toy around with the basics of scripting and creating small scripts. Any recomendations would be appreciated.
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    Starting a small business -- side job type stuff

    I wanted to start up my own business. I am not looking for anything big, I just want to make a bit of extra spending money on the side. I figured if I set up my own business, then I could be flexible with the hours I work to fit around my full time job and school, etc. Mainly I figured...
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    Windows Updates behind Endian

    I cannot get it to pull down the updates. Proxy is off and no content filtering. What am I missing?
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    This might sound dumb -- Rack mount cable modem?

    Are there any available? I did a Google search and did not come up with anything...
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    Help Desk Techs -- Do you feel stuck?

    I know I do... I live in Southern VA and currently have an AS in Network Security. I love the people I work with and make a decent sum of money. But I am not doing what I want to do. Network Tech/Engineer/Admin all seem to require 5+ years with a Bachelor's, or 7-8 with out a BS with...
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    Bought an interesting domain name -- suggest what to use it for..

    So I bought for the heck of it. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. Any suggestions? Right now it just points to my offtopic forum.
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    I can't find my stats for F@H for username COKE_CAN :(
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    Well, I done did it

    My New Year's resolution is to complete and earn 3 certifications this year. I have decided on the following: Network+ Security+ CCNA I figured I would do it in that order also. Well, I am a few chapters into my Network+ book by Sybex and I just got done scheduling my appointment...
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    Did I do this right?

    I had folding mentioned in another thread of mine so I installed it. For the last 10 minutes my console has sat at the following: [02:33:41] - Starting from initial work packet [02:33:41] [02:33:41] Project: 2125 (Run 118, Clone 28, Gen 1) [02:33:41] [02:33:41] Assembly optimizations on...
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    Endian - Snort/Barnyard/SGUIL

    I was looking at the SGUIL console that was posted in another thread of mine. Looks like something fun to play with. Now from what I understand, you have to have barnyard installed to run SGUIL (I could be wrong). Now, since Snort is integrated into Endian, how do I go and install both...
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    Endian IDS

    Can some one explain the following? Date: 12/23 17:13:58 Name: Portscan detected from Talker(fixed: 30 sliding: 14) Scanner(fixed: 0 sliding: 0) Priority: n/a Type: n/a IP info: n/a:n/a -> n/a:n/a References: none found SID: n/a Date: 12/23 17:14:05 Name: Portscan...
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    Rack Mountable Hardware Firewall

    Looking for a good hardware firewall. I have a rack, so I would like to be able to mount it. Looking for something I could find off ebay for cheap. Any suggestions? This will be for home/personal use.
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    Endian Community Edition

    Once I install it and it reboots, where do I go from there? I get the root log in screen, do I need to log in and leave it? If so, I cannot connect to the web page. I set the green's IP address and then set my pc in the same range. Now, I have 3 NICs, how do I know which one to plug my PC...
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    Windows Update 0x8024402c error while trying to connect

    When trying to connect to Windows update for Windows Defender, I get the above error. Therefor it cannot check for updates. Microsoft had a link with no info filled out. I was hoping one could assist.
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    Spyware/Adware Help!

    I can't seem to get this bugger removed On the right of the start bar where it shows network connection and other programs running, the is a picture of a mine (like the minesweeper icon) and it alternates to a yellow caution triangle. This machine has Symantec Security Suite with everything...
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    Domain Controller

    I have a computer that I would like to put Server 2k3 Pro on and make it a domain controller. I have spare NICs, but do I need 1 or 2 NICs?
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    Help Desk Phone Queue

    I am trying to propose a solution for our small help desk. We need a queue and 6 phones. We are on a tight budget, but we need something that would allow auto-in, ACW (after call work or similar), when people call they can here any outages/connection issues. Then if they want to wait they...
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    1u Rack mount Wireless Access point

    Are there any inexpensive rack mount wireless access points available? Just to use for my laptop. I have seen the Cisco Aironet (I think that's right) but those that I have seen are not rack mountable.