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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost Video Card Review @ [H]

    yep thats exactly what i'm wanting, benchmark round up on last gen and current gen cards with current games and drivers. what i can tell you is that my 560 Ti SLI setup is able to still handle any current game at 1080p with at least high settings and sometimes some AA, in terms of raw power...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost Video Card Review @ [H]

    It's tempting to buy one of these for the price with the intention of buying another in a month or two but looking at the raw performance numbers in GPU-Z on this vs my 560 Ti's i'd be downgrading in performance until i got the second card and even then the main performance increase will likely...
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    Official NVIDIA GeForce 314.22 WHQL Drivers

    What issue? they fixed it already. i waited to buy the game until they fixed the problem. with my 2x 560 Ti's i'm able to run the game at 1920 x 1080 high to very high settings across the board with tressFX on (no AA on at all) and get great graphics and 40-60 FPS constantly. when i get...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    one of the reasons i went with the A8-5600k for my HTPC/Media server machine i was building recently was because of the integrated GPU that could actually do things. its not mind blowingly fast but it will run heaven benchmark at 720p low quality and get ~30 FPS so its not your typical garbage...
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    Monitoring Trinity Temps...

    i've been going through the same trouble with my A8-5600k system i recently built for a HTPC. thus far the only program that seems to give me resonable and realistic temps is CPUID's HW monitor. but the reading from the motherboard seems low but does move up and down with loads correctly and the...
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    Up for my new every 2 with T-Mo. What to do, what to do?

    I recently finally upgraded from my nexus one (off contract) to a nexus 4 (on contract) with Tmob. great phone. very fast, the thing that shocks me the most is how fast Tmob's semi 4G is on this thing, i've tested as high as 20 Mbps down and normally get 10+ in the sf bay area. the icing on the...
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    6870 cf + BF3 Ultra Problems

    confirming what others are telling you, your running out of VRAM i have 2x 1Gb 560 Ti's in SLI and experience more or less the same thing you do if i push settings too high and run out of VRAM
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    MSI 560ti Twin Frozr II Artifacting

    i have that same card, it says right on the front of the box it has a 3 year warranty from MSI. i would contact MSI because if have tried wiping drivers and have made sure you windows install is clean (not infected with viruses or spyware/malware) and otherwise acting normally i would have to...
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    Dynamic Vsync

    all i know is v-sync and triple buffering can and often do add input lag. how much does depend on how the game makes use of them and how your driver do as well (as well as driver settings sometimes) if triple buffering was so great you would think nvidia would set it to on by default but they...
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    ATI HD Raedon 5870, less than 15 fps on High for BF3

    it's definitely your CPU. I did benchmarks on my 2500k at various clock speeds and core counts to show how much CPU performance can hold back frame rates in this game. i had to upgrade my Q8200 that was OC'd to 2.8ghz because it could not keep...
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    Dynamic Vsync In short what Vsync does to input lag varies from game to game and even nvidia vs amd in how they handle things esp triple buffering. what they say is what i'm saying if you care about input lag disable v-sync. yes if V-sync is done right and does not...
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    Would SLI improve my setup? Or is there bottleneck?

    my rig is nearly the same as yours in the main specs but i have 2x 560 Ti's SLI is a big improvement in many games.
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    BF3 64 player MP CPU benchmarks!

    what resolution are you running? i did pay attention to system RAM use on my rig in 64p multiplayer and it seemed to stay around 1.8-2 gb (total system ram used was 4-4.5 gb but thats got little to do with what the game is taking)
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    BF3 64 player MP CPU benchmarks!

    oh yeah there is a point where you have enough CPU but that point will vary from person to person based on personal preferences on how high they like/want their frame rates to be and what resolution they are running, higher resolution will require more CPU power to reach the same frame rates...
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    Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    i did some testing on my 2500k rig with various clock settings/core counts the conclusion i came to is as long as you got the GPU power the CPU is often the bottleneck except if you run AA and other settings that put a major taxing on the video...
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    Dynamic Vsync

    yeah V-sync = 16.6 ms added input lag triple buffering = 33.2 ms added input lag if its an online FPS game i would not run either due to the cost in input lag. if your playing single player then by all means run it whatever way makes the game look the best to you :)
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    help with overclock

    auto voltage i'm pretty sure, i know if i have the asus software do my overclock it will set voltage to auto and it drops the voltage when the clock goes down, i just don't like putting 1.4+ volts to my expensive cpu so i keep it manual clocked to 4.5ghz at 1.33v rather than keeping the asus...
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    Does vertical resolution have any correlation with tearing with vsync on?

    how long it takes to send the data from the PC to the display is quite insignificant and with vsync off the delay that is caused by the PC to sync the display to the frame update is removed from the situation. with analog connections (VGA) its near instantaneous, DVI/HDMI is not far from...
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    Does vertical resolution have any correlation with tearing with vsync on?

    no, LCD's refresh much the same way CRT's do actually as far as updating horizontal lines on the screen from top to bottom. they do not refresh the entire screen all at once, plasma's do do that however. here is a type of input lag testing software running on my PC testing my LCD TV that i use...
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    yeah well my experience with my current SLI setup says i don't lack GPU performance i lack VRAM. if your cards don't have the VRAM for the max settings in a new game then all that GPU power goes to waste.
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    it is and for future proofing reasons if i was faced with a choice between 2x 570 2.5 GB cards in SLI vs 2x 580 1.5 GB cards in SLI for the same price roughly i would pick the 570's
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    GeForce 290.36

    your running the game with too high of settings more than likely if you want a smooth experience 24/7 esp in multiplayer. on my rig i use custom mode set to high everything with all forms of AA off, blur off an AO off (AO uses quite a bit of VRAM, i don't have much to spare so keeping it off...
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    Does vertical resolution have any correlation with tearing with vsync on?

    no, not really, a higher vertical resolution will give more horizontal lines for the tearing to show up and because your frame rate will be lower due to the higher resolution it may change the frequency of the tearing. as for input lag, running v-sync OFF reduces input lag because v-sync...
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    Anyone with 2GB VRAM+ get microstuttering in BF3 with 4x MSAA?

    ok so did some SLI vs non SLI benchmarks on full ULTRA settings to see whats going on. 1x 560 Ti Frames 11326 Time (ms) 300000 Min 9 Max 77 Avg 37.753 in game perf screen shots just getting into game, frame rates ok. game is playble but not completely smooth shortly after getting...
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    good to hear, i just gathered that because of people claiming it, should have known it probably was not that big of a deal considering the normal SLI fear-mongers say the same about SLI and my experience has also been very good with 2 card SLI.
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    sure it will run with 1 but what kind of frame rates to you WANT to have? i can run BF3 maxed on on one of my 560 Ti's that doesn't mean i enjoy the frame rates because i WANT my frame rates to never go under 60. 2x 560 ti's don't get me there either and its because of ether a VRAM limitation...
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    i7 2600K Temps

    use a program that will read all of the individual core's temps to get a better idea, the internal temp diode on the cores is inaccurate esp at low temps so you will often see some cores hotter than others at idle and even full load. Speedfan will show these temps as well as core temp.
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    i agree, though with SLI your not stuck with using SLI in the event you come across a game that does not work right or has issues with SLI you can just disable it in NVCP then play your game with just 1 card and even have the 2nd card handle physX to off load the main card if you want. SLI isn't...
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    Safe to use this drive internally? (W/ Pic)

    indeed! oh and good air cooled CPU coolers
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    HDD Longevity

    i would not worry about leaving them on, i have one drive that is starting to have problems but still works fine with no data corruption and its ancient, power on time on it is 2192 days!!! (yes 6 years) it has been on more days than it has been spun up (1,804 spin ups) just get a good...
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    i have never noticed microstudder on my setup in BF3 and i play a lot of BF3. the bigger issue with my setup is because my cards are only 1gb cards i cannot run maxed out settings without running out of VRAM and having huge framerate drops when that happens
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    Q9550 for bf3 worth it?

    it will be a good upgrade even if its already outdated.
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    GTX 580 SLI - Worth it for 1080p gaming?

    sure 1 will do the job, 2 will do it better with higher frame rates. ask yourself this, do you just want the game to be playable with max settings or do you want the game to stay at or above 60 fps all the time? if your want the latter SLI is a safer bet but one card is no slouch by any means...
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    Q9550 for bf3 worth it?

    yeah in 64 player MP (conquest large) you will become even more CPU bound with that 580 i bet. review sites have done a very poor job of discovering just how much CPU power matters in this game, my 2500k overclocked to 4.5 is still a bottleneck on my frame rates with 2x 560 Ti's and the right...
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    help with overclock

    yeah it is, should overclock pretty well then you just need to get the mobo settings right so the higher multi's are stable or start overclocking blck bus speed a little at a time
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    560 Ti 2win issues

    yeah they have a NF200 chip on the card to solve SLI compatibility issues with non SLI motherboards.
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    GTX560ti Artifacts

    could be it, my 560 Ti's run at over 1v by default. my EVGA SC runs at 1.05V and my MSI TF II runs at 1.012V both are clocked to 900/1800/2106 (i overclock the MSI slightly to match the EVGA's stock clocks.)
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    GeForce 290.36

    no worse performance, i think slightly better on my rig but idk have not done any solid benchmarks to find out, otherwise yeah they are working fine with BF3, no artifacting or glitches yet.
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    WTH.. Trialed beta drivers, lost SLI...

    my 290 whatever beta driver install went smooth yesterday, after reboot SLI was switched off, i forgot to check this before i started up BF3 and once in game i looked over at my gpu monitors and was like wtf my 2nd is not doing anything! lol all this being said i didn't uninstall or wipe...
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    help me find a new motherboard!

    perfect, just what i was looking for thanks