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    Begun the AM5 Wars Have....

    Wait for BuildZoid to do a complete review of all of the boards after they launch
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    Begun the AM5 Wars Have....

    Sitting out this round of cpu/mb upgrades, but could be after a better gpu if prices continue to improve. Having double the M.2 slots is a nice feature though. Any motherboards in white this cycle? /5800X3D - ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero X570 - Sapphire Nitro+ 6600XT
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    Microsoft to Remove Ability to Install Win 11 Pro Without Being Online and Signing in to Microsoft Account

    JayzTwoCents just did a video on how to get around the 'online' MS account nonsense
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    I burn DVDs and Blu's almost weekly.... God Bless Them
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    AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, RX 6850 XT, RX 6750 XT ‘RDNA 2 Refresh’ Graphics Cards Rumored For Q2 2022: Navi 21 & 22 GPUs With 18 Gbps Memory

    Couldn't care less about Ray Tracing... I don't play a single game that even supports it. Hopefully, I won't have to buy a new GPU until after the next product cycle late this year. /6600XT works just fine for 1440p gaming
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    Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11?

    I've already got a ghost image of my boot drive, but will update it. The CTD issue is weird and has been happening on/off for several years. Never while gaming or running any productivity app - only happens 1-2 times a month when playing a YT video... best guess is that my 6600XT runs out of...
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    Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11?

    My Win10 system for work/play (Ryzen 5900/32gb) is now pushing me with nags to install the Win11 update... Gaming performance in W11 is about identical to W10? I suppose MS Office performance is same. How is memory handling? I sometimes get CTD's when playing YouTube videos
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    EKWB Lays Off 25% of Workforce, Blames Lower Watercooling Sales

    Every two years or so, when I do upgrades, I'll say to myself 'time to build a W/C'... and then I look at build prices, gasp... just lazy out and put in a good AIO /has Lian Li Galahad 360 - replaced the crap LL fans and went 6-fan push-pull and get silly low temps on my 5900X /14 fans total :p...
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    Wolfenstein 3D secrets revealed by John Romero in lengthy post-mortem chat

    So.... when is John Romero going to get around to 'making me his bitch'? /Dakatana was a real POS //Romero + Carmack(s)=genius - but they were crap solo
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I think wokeness ought to be this generation's Godwin Law... the first poster crying racism, sexism, ****ism, equity, etc (and anyone dredging up Gamergate) automatically loses the thread and must stand in a corner with a dunce cap on ;)
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    5800X3D official specs listed on AMD web site

    Sticking with my 5900X. I'd like to ride with AM4 for at least another year before I start thinking upgrades again.
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Do it! We're thinking about doing the same, getting out of Houston and trying to find a nice quiet corner of the hill country that hasn't already been discovered and become unaffordable, so we might consider Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado or even Maine for our retirement. She wants to rescue...
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    Firefox Gurus... how can I disable 'You have new Updates' nag in the Registry?

    I like Brave... but FVD Speeddial doesn't run in it, as of the last time I checked. At the moment I'm just looking for a registry hack to mute FF's constant attempt to dial home
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    Firefox Gurus... how can I disable 'You have new Updates' nag in the Registry?

    When Firefox recently disabled FVD Speeddial (which is essential to me) I had to back up to a prior version of FF and then I disabled automatic updates in FF setup. Now I'm getting an unacceptable level of 'nags' every time I open a webpage reminding me to Update - How can I turn these reminders...
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    Researchers use GPU fingerprinting to track users online

    There are already much easier ways to track us.... MAC numbers on your cable modem/router and NICs, for starters
  16. L Status Quo is No Mo

    Ack... unfortunately, I think you're going to be right on this one. It might easily become a world where Gamer's Nexus and Hardware Unboxed become unprofitable.... while Linus grows and branches out with his own cooking lines of air fryers and a daytime talk show, and such :/ /starting to really...
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    MrBeast Ranks as Highest-Paid YouTube Star Ever, Earning an Estimated $54 Million in 2021

    I can proudly say that I've never even heard of any of those top ten channels
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    Intel Pressuring Board Partners to remove features from Alder Lake via bios update for "Product Segmentation"

    I haven't bought anything Intel in over ten years. Thank goodness that AMD is at least competitive with both CPUs and GPUs.
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    AMD’s upcoming flagship GPUs should be 3x faster than RX 6900XT

    Perhaps... but my 6600XT benchmarked @ 10% faster in every score than my prior 5700XT, so I kept the 6600XT and eBay'd the 5700XT for stupid money /6600XT also had lower thermals and burned less watts
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    The core i9 12900K used 2.3x power than the Ryzen 5950x in official benchmark

    Ah... a perfect thread for my Easybake oven pic with Intel Inside.... and now I can't find the bloody thing!
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    Canon Sued over Multifunction Printers that Refuse to Scan When Ink runs out.

    HP p*ssed me off for the last time a few years ago with (the above pic) can't print, low on xxxx color nonsense. 90% of the time I could shake the cartridge and it would sound about half full. So, I bought one of the Epson Eco-tanks (midrange model) and have never regreted it. Printer ink in...
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    High End Graphics Card Stock 6900 XT vs 3090

    There are lots of tech rumor sites that are 98% rubbish, but MLID does have some decent, fairly accurate, sources and has a respectable batting average for his predictions
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    Twitch Majorly Leaked

    Just overly cautious. I just changed any password that I had associated anywhere with the leaked Username (not my primary)
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    Twitch Majorly Leaked

    The report I saw stated that all of Twitch's stored user data was hacked/leaked - including primary email address, userid's & passwords :/ Had to spend most of yesterday changing passwords at 20+ places :( /don't want to buy a pw manager... but it may come to that if this sh*t keeps happening...
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    High End Graphics Card Stock 6900 XT vs 3090

    The 6800's are pretty decent GPUs.... if sold at or near MSRP /not paying $1000 for any card, let alone $2k+ //quite happy with my 6600 XT (bought at MSRP)
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    High End Graphics Card Stock 6900 XT vs 3090

    Nope... value and price sanity doesn't enter (much) into the discussion :/ /won't buy any card not at (or below) MSRP //happy with my Sapphire Nitro+ 6600 XT for now (bought at MSRP)
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    How the years go by...
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    My Sapphire 6600 XT Nitro+ plus arrived and I'm really happy with it - even at the price. I was able to troubleshoot my wonky Gigabyte 5700 XT some more (and got it working - it was a bad HDMI cable!) and then decide which card to keep and which to just resell. FurMark for the 5700 XT was 5623...
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    'Not worth it' is an individual value decision - 2021 GPU prices are a complete train wreck. 99% of the time I would probably agree with you, but since my 5700 XT choked I needed something ASAP... and today/now buying at MSRP for the Sapphire Nitro+ 6600 XT was 'acceptable'. If I'd had my old...
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    /sigh.... apples/oranges In the last 30 days on eBay, the average NIB 6700 XT sold @ $700 (non-reference cards $50+ more) Again, in 2021 original MSRP for 2020 (and older) products is a fantasy number with almost no bearing to reality
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    Costs more than a 2080? lol... tone down the trolling, you're trying too hard ;) NewEgg doesn't show a single 2080 in stock for less than $1000. Amazon is slightly worse, even. None in-stock at MC. Burned out used mining cards on eBay aren't much cheaper. Thusly, a $1000+ card is not an...
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    Those look pretty close to the AIB MSRP prices for the better cards. All of the $389 one sold first. My Nitro from the NewEgg shuffle was $449. Sure there will be price creep up as the original stock sells out, though
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    I picked out three 6600 cards from the shuffle and actually won one of them - the Sapphire Nitro+ one (the one I actually really preferred). At 1440k it seems to have about identical performance to my late departed 5700 XT and the MSRP price was a lot cheaper than what I'd have paid on eBay to...
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    I've entered the NewEgg shuffle for this.... at worst, maybe this new release of GPUs into the market will (slightly) reduce the demand/prices on eBay for 6700 XTs... maybe
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    Lucky and/or fast are not my forte's :/ I have been checking eBay for 6700 XT's... and perhaps after the 6600 launches this might drop the price pressures on those.
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    TPU AMD RX 6600 XT Review

    The only thing I care about now is, will it be obtainable at MSRP and fast will it get scalped out of existance??? My 5700 XT may have died this week and I'm limping on my emergency backup gpu - a GTX 1030
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    What does your Desktop look like?

    I recently had a corrupted Win10 update and got ticked off enough to wipe/reinstall windows. White tiles are just games that haven't been relaunched since on the Steam games drive. Utilities on left, then the columns of the wife's games, then my 'usual' games, then other games on the right...
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    I think it has to be 7 Days to Die with Steam logging over 1200 hours, with Stellaris closely behind at 850+ hours. Banished is relatively close at 500+, along with Space Engineers. If I added all Out of the Park Baseball versions 17-22 that would be about 500+ total also. Now the wife has...
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    Intel 12900K benchmarks leaked

    5900X / Gigabtye RX 5700 XT / X570 ASRock Velocita / 32gb G.Skill Ripjaws -3600 CL14 (No overclocking) Score seems low to me, but I had about six programs loaded in background + bunch of TSRs. Also my old AIO is on near life-support and is about to be replaced this weekend