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    My audio setup(s) have to love USB

    I have them almost finished; I'm just waiting on a Burson Audio Playmate 2 to show up. All hooked up to main computer through USB.
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    How do they look?

    Here's my computer audio:snaphappy: Just finished putting them together Just felt like sharing the joy of music... Speakers are KEF Q50, cans are Hifiman Sundara, Ananda.
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    Is it a scam?

    I'm tempted... But, if it's too good to be true!
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    Repurposed Corona cooler

    A work in progress...
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    anyone set up an EK-FC580 for their 580gtx?

    I'm going to be installing an EK-FC580 (Acetal + Nickel) on my 580 and was wondering if it would hurt anything to us the 1mm pad on the vrms instead of the 0.5mm pad. Would using the thicker pad impead heat transfer?:confused: Reason I ask is the vrms look like they sit lower than the...
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    Free Technet Sub

    Found @ anandtech hot deals link courtasy of AllWhacked Read carefully...I'm in so it can't be that hard to get accepted:p To everyone you are welcome.
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    Delete please

    Number one you must be logged into Windows Live or your link may not work NOT WORKING NOW, BUT YOU CAN TRY
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    MSI Wind

    If you own one, let me know how you like it.. Thanks
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    New XFX 9800GTX2

    Card was running great for 2 days... Turn rig on this morning and no life. Got an 7F on the motherboard. System specs: IP 35 Pro E3110 @ 4.0GHz PC&PC Quad 750 4GB of ddr2 2x1tb raid0 Water cooled except for the video. Put my old video card in and it works great...
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    8400 or 9450?

    I'm kind of leaning towards the 8400 since they seem to be awsome overclockers, but then again the 9450 is calling my name as well.:D Which one and why?
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    3870x2 and crossfire

    Does crossfire turn on and off automatically on the 3870x2?
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    Westinghouse LVM-37W3 need to know fast!

    I have a chance to buy a stores demo unit, but it's been in use for over 4 months. I can get it for $899 and have the full warranty. How good is Westinghouse to deal with, in case of monitor failure? Is it worth it? :confused:
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    LG L246W or Dell 2407WFP

    I already have the LG, but Dell is selling for 569.00 and free shipping. I could return the LG to BB and save $130.00, but this monitor is very nice. Is the Dell better than the LG? need some help deciding.:confused: btw: I won't be using any gamming consoles with the monitor it's...
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    CPU Temp Program for Vista 64 and QX6700

    Are there any good monitoring programs for Vista 64? Running speed fan 4.32 shows all cores, but temps seem suspiciously low:confused: Tried running TAT and core temp both gave errors.
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    Thermochill PA120.3 vs Black Ice GT Stealth 240

    I know that the Thermochill PA120.3 is the better rad, but how much better? What kind of drop in temp. could one expect to see? The Black Ice GT Stealth 240 is already in my loop and, I'm trying to cool a QX6700 8800GTX and a northbridge on an P5B Deluxe.
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    vista control panel

    When trying to access the control panel in Vista it'll start to draw up and just dissapear. I'll have to reboot hit F8 and select last know good config. When it gets back into windows I can access the c.p. I've tried system restore and that worked for awhile, but the problem comes...
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    Getting some extra cash soon and the wife said it's cool if I wanted to buy a QX670.:cool: My question is really for the one's that own one: Is it worth buying? If you had a chance to do it over would you?? Also, would like this to be the last upgrade for the next 2 years
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    Water cooling rig fresh rebuild

    Cpu E6600 @ 3.6GHz week27 EVGA 8800GTX flashed with EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTX KO ACS³ bios Speeds : 626/2000MHz, shader 1458MHz Ram CORSAIR XMS2 2GB DDR2 PC2 6400 cas 4-4-4-10 Mobo P5B Deluxe wifi PSU PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Case SILVERSTONE TJ07-S A couple of WD 500GB SATA...
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    P5B Deluxe Question??

    Can the 2nd pci-e slot be used as16x? Note: I'm not getting SLI, I just need to use the second slot intead of the first. Thanks
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    Going from 7900GT to 1900XT-XTX is it worth it?

    Basic specs: Shuttle SN25P Opty 165 @ 2,7GHz 2GB GSkill Extreme EVGA 7900gt W/1.4 voltage mod. O/C to 667/852 VX2025wm @ 1680x1050. I'm playing F.E.A.R., nfsmw right now but the games can get abit on the glitchy side at times. I could turndown the settings and miss out out on some...
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    FX55 VS Opteron 170

    Here's my system specs. SN25P FX55 clawhammer 2GB Corsair Twinx-2048C2 XFX 7900GT Extreme WD 400GB sata I'm drooling over the X2 cpu's and, was wondering if it's worth going for the Opteron 170 ?? M tempted like the time my mom's best friend :eek:
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    Inspiron 9200 is shipped and in the hands of UPS!

    Anyone else take the plunge and order a 9200? I'm amped should be here by the end of the week. Will give a report on how it is :D
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    Corsair memory

    I just recieved 2 512mb sticks of Value select ram from Newegg. VS512SDS333 Pc2700. I put the ram in my laptop Gateway M505X and I boot into windows and run cpuz version 1.24. The program says I have pc2100 ddr part# VS512SDS266 The sticker on the ram part# VS512SDS333 Am I going...
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    Dead Prescott?

    Just recieved a new 3.0e from Newegg. I took out my 2.8c and replaced it with the Prescott and put the water block back on, hooked everything up. Powered on the computer, heard the normal bootup beep. Looked over at my monitor and all I saw was a blank screen. I reset the cmos battery, and...