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    Emergency security update due a very critical bug in sudo

    Emergency security update due a very critical bug in sudo
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    Critical Windows security alert, UPDATE your systems immediatly

    There is a bug in Windows Defender that allows an attacker to take ownership of a Windows system by simply reading an email or visit a website without any further action. Microsoft Security Advisory 4022344 1252 - MsMpEng: Remotely Exploitable Type Confusion in Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows...
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    Shared ZFS video editing storage for MacPro

    I made some tests to get answers about questions like Shared ZFS storage fast enough for a certain video quality SMB1 vs SMB2 mtu 1500 vs MTU 9000 (Jumboframes) NVMe vs SSD vs Disks Raid 0/Mirror vs RaidZ Single user vs multiple user Single pool vs multi pools some fast tests for...
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    napp-it ZFS Storage appliance for Linux + Solaris

    napp-it on Linux I support Linux (Debian7, Ubuntu 12 LTS) up from napp-it 0.9e2L with basic ZFS, disk and job management, monitoring and remote replication from/to Solaris Restrictions: Linux is not my preferred or main platform. Many napp-it features rely on Solaris projects like the CIFS...
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    OSX Deploystudio Mac + PC

    We are struggling with Apple 10.8 + OSX server addon + latest Deploystudio. We want to create master images for a Mac or PC (on ESXi) and store them on our ZFS NFS storage to restore them over Ethernet (mainly university pool usage) either via netboot or boot via USB stick on newer Macs...
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    "napp-it to go" - preconfigured ZFS server distribution running from USB sticks

    "napp-it to go": Preconfigured Solaris based ZFS server distribution on USB I have uploaded first betas of my preconfigured and ready to use napp-it USB ZFS server distributions with OmniOS (newest ZFS Version 5000 and LZ4 compress), CIFS, NFS , AFP, iSCSI Comstar and Xampp. -> Download...
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    OpenIndiana/ napp-it + OpenSource Clustering/ High Availabilty

    OpenIndiana + OpenSource Clustering and HA/ High Availablity added: ---------------------------------- There is now an OpenSource storage cluster available for OpenIndiana. Because this is a really killer feature, i intent to add it into napp-it - although my cluster knowledge is limited but...
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    OSX Lion + AFP/netatalk not working on Solaris ZFS server

    OSX 10.7 has moved from Samba to its own SMB with problems on some SMB servers and added changes in the AFP stack. Most Unix/ Linux sever based on netatalk 2.15 have now problems with Lion (AFP and Time Machine) To fix this problem a update of netatalk 2.2 with support for DHX2 is needed...
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    All-In-One (ESXi with virtualized Solarish based ZFS-SAN in a box)

    All-In-One (ESXi Server with virtualized high-speed ZFS-SAN solution in a box) How I have done it Modern IT services are mostly based on Virtualization and SAN Storage servers. Usually you have one or more ESXi servers for virtualization and one or more SAN storage or backup-servers connected...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    How to setup a ready to run OpenSolaris derived ZFS Storage Server +configure it + add a WEB-GUI within minutes more: napp-it mini HowTo 1 - setup a ZFS Server How to setup a All-In-One Server - VMware ESXi based + virtualized ZFS-SAN-Server + virtualized network Switch + other...