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    Anyone running a 6000 series card under Arch Linux?

    Debating on getting a 6900XT for my upgrade and as I dual boot between Win 10 and Arch linux was wondering if anyone has a 6000 series card running under Linux and any pros/cons. sam
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    Intel's GPU coming in 2022?

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    UK looking to ban scalpers sam
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    My EVGA 2080 Ti XC Hybrid arrives tomorrow..

    So my 2080 Ti XC Hybrid arrives tomorrow... I have updated my mobo BIOS (ASRock Z370 fatal1ty Gaming K6), my i7-8700k is running stock (liquid cooled), have the XC BIOS ready to flash if needed and have a EVGA 1000w G1+ PSU ready to replace my 3 yr old EVGA 750w. Besides the rosary beads...