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    Wolfenstein - Blade of Agony (Fan Mod)

    Not sure how many of you play this. But seems like someone made a mod for Wolfenstein that is recently complete.
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    No one ever did this yet? Use Lumilor paint on a case?

    Well I just found out about lumilor paint but I am surprised I dont see anyone making a case mod with this yet.
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    Recommand Me A Case

    Been on a hunt for a small form factor case but still be powerful and can hold a good amount of storage and a good gpu. Now i am thinking of getting this case: But this doesnt look too small and a cube like case. Saw...
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    Listen to relaxing music of halo

    Seems like someone ripped halo music and started a fan site at source:
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    Intel Buys Off Mac Guy

    Mac is slowly going away from intel since the M1 chip. Intel is fighting back saying PC is better Source:
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    Japan uses Hello Kitty to fight against priacy

    CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Association) is now using Hello Kitty to teach people about piracy
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    Super Mario Songs Restored From Gigaleak

    Seems like the big gigaleak someone was able to track down the uncompressed songs for super mario that later got compressed to 16bit. You can read the full article here: The songs are here:
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    Play Diablo in a webbrowser!

    Seems like someone reverse engineer diablo source code and than someone else converted it into webgl you can play the game here now kind of cool
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    Remember The Incredible Machine?

    Not sure how many of you even remember or know that game. Long time ago during I think DOS era and later to windows 95. Seems like they remade that game and change the name and it is called: Contraption Maker Now my question is, is there any type of games like this where people can make crazy...
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    NUC 11 Extreme?

    Anyone have much information about this? Heard it is using the new tigerlake with pci 4.0 , thunderbolt 4 (usb4) which is just usb 3 to the max, and lpddr4, and wifi 6 build in. Been trying to find a small but powerful system that doesn't take up much space.
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    Boom3d promo 75% off - 10 dollars

    It is like atmos for mac Mac: Windows: so 10 dollars total.
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    Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Test Open For Signup

    For all nintendo fans out there the android version of Mario Kart Tour is now open for closed beta signup. You must view this site on your android device.
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    Serious Duke 3d

    I was surfing the web to see if any new duke was coming out and saw this project Just like to share.
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    Nvidia Introduced GeForce RTX R.O.N - The World’s First Holographic Gaming Assistant
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    thermaltake level 20

    Anyone have this case? trying to find reviews on it.
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    Best single player first/3rd person shooter campaign by year?

    I been a bit out of date with games. trying to find fps games that have great single player. Thanks :)
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    Theme Hospital Remade!

    It is now called Two Point Hospital Not sure how many of you remember this game, but just something from my childhood that I played before.
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    Starcraft Remastered is not free cost $15
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    Euclideon's Unlimited Detail Engine

    I know you guys heard about this before but I just thought today what are they doing now and how much more ready is their tech. Seems like they are getting closer to releasing and I am still unsure how great this will be. I got a feeling for this to be extremely great, they would need to mix...
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    How many of you use vue js and how do you like it?
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    How much bottleneck will I get if I just upgrade the video card on my old computer?

    I have a intel dp55kg motherboard with a old i7 processor that I won by a random drawing. if I get a new gfx card like the 1080ti when stock are available how much of a drag will the motherboard do? it is a pci express 2 and also ram is ddr 3.
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    La County Fair Tickets $5 Dollars Each.

    So broke, not even sure should I go this year when the times come. So many days of the fair there is different cities that belongs to la county "day at the fair". So here is one of the cities and the date to buy and use the tickets. The tickets with the city promocode will become 5 dollar...
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    5 Dollars La County Fair Tickets! On Select Days

    If anyone in LA County area and want to go to the fair, here are a list of 5 dollar tickets normally tickets are 12 dollars. however i cant find any deals on parking pass, so 15 dollars for parking to the fair
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    Unreal engine 4 games that are out?

    Anyone know what games using unreal 4 engine for pc are out? The only game I found that is out using unreal engine 4 somehow is tappy chicken
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    Final Fantasy Agito

    Seems like there is a New Final Fantasy Game It seems like it is in japanese however you can download it on your device from google play by using chrome and apk downloader. I am installing it on...
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    Anyone play this game? i saw it at posts about the steam game of the day. i am bored and want to race with people on the forum. so to race with me just go to this link: for the link for me to race with friends.
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    Free Indie Games lot of games for free to download
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    Best projector for business conference room?

    Just wondering if any of you know what is good to use for business conference room projectors? We are hoping to keep the lights on in the room so it needs to be able to produce a bright image. Thanks btw good features to have is able to display tablets and wireless hdmi or widi
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    C&C Ultimate Collection 7.19 download

    GameFly has Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection (PC) for $8.99 - 20% off with coupon code GFDNOV20 = $7.19 downloaded. Features all 17 Command & Conquer games plus early access to the next Command & Conquer game...
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    Dell PowerEdge 3750W Rack UPS help

    Hi, it seems like the dell poweredge 3750w needs a 30amp electrical plug connection. I am wondering how do I plug servers into that type of ups. I do not want to fry the current systems. anyone know anything about this type of ups?
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    Plants vs zombies 2 for android I cant seem to download it. anyone can?
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    Used Geforce Titan ($835.94) superclocked ($981.08) Use promo code: RMENOT10 order total will be $835.94 only 1 left so whoever wants it another deal for the super...
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    Organizing Server Room Eithernet Cables?

    Hi, I am wondering is there any Ethernet cable that is quite organized that will be going from the cisco gigabit switches to the patch panel. Like a cable that goes to 6 eithernet port on each side
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    Duke Nukem 3D Updated?!?!? Wow, they updated the old game!
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    How much is your steam account worth right now?

    I must be crazy and bought so many games on steam and not play most of them My Steam Profile (from SteamDB) Worth: $3329.03 Games owned: 350 Games not played: 287 Percentage: 82% Hours spent: 1,783.6h
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    Not hot but FF7 on steam!
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    Smoking[H]ot Borderlands Bundleganza (B1+B2+DLCS) for $21.99 Smoking hot!
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    NeverWet $20
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    Photoshop like art without photoshop

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    3 Gallon Fishtank $24.99