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    Lenovo ThinkBook 16p 16x10 5600H 3060 $1,245.46 (possibly cheaper with coupons)

    ThinkBook 16p Gen 2 AMD (16”) | Lenovo US Can try CLEAR10, CLEAR15DEAL to get it a bit lower. Decent deal for those looking for a gaming capable laptop without the gamer look. Screen is 2560x1600 but only 60hz. This has the Legion 7 Slim internals but power limited. 75W 3060, has mux. Edit: I...
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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev3

    There is now a rev3 for 240 and 280 (and possibly 120). Changes seem to be the installation only: I bought a 280 recently and got the rev3. The new AM4 mounting system allows for shifting the mounting for Zen2/3 but is not compatible with boards...
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    HP L2201x 21.5" 1080p $80

    This monitor only has DisplayPort. On the plus side it is a MVA panel at 1080p and extremely portable. Good for a cheap monitor for your laptop if it has DP. Newegg business but they do not verify your tax id (or you can...
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    Zero config VPN

    I am trying to set up a zero config vpn so that all internet access through the client computer is tunneled to the server before actually going to the internet. I know a VPN server can do this. However I have an additional requirement in that the server's ip address is unknown and I have no...
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    L shaped PCI-E power cable

    Has anyone ever seen a PCI-E power cable that is L shaped? As in it is perpendicular to how the connector is located. I have an HTPC and nowadays a lot of cards have the power connector at the top of the card adding a good amount of height. Been looking around but thought I'd throw it out here...
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 $95 + FS

    Amazing deal for anyone looking for a pair. Been looking around for awhile since I had 2 Shures crap out on me. Taken from
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 $95 + FS

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    SSD write slows to a crawl

    I have a 128GB Samsung PM800 SSD. Read is perfectly fine. When I try to write to it however it transfers fine for around awhile but inevitably slows to a crawl (like a few kb) before picking up speed again for a bit and slowing. Was using this in OSX so I thought it might be an OSX issue but...
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    Confused about 3.3v output

    I have a 1.8" SSD that I was looking to hook up to my desktop. It requires 3.3v. Looking at my PSU specs it lists a 3.3v output (Corsair 750TX) yet I was under the impression that the molex connectors are where does the 3.3v connector come from?
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    Using Disk Util Restore to backup

    Does it copy everything? Want to try SL but need a backup in case something doesn't work. If I restore to another disk if something goes wrong can I just boot off the other disk and restore back into my internal? Thanks.
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    Triple Ebay Bucks!

    Normally is 2% so triple is 6%. Stacks with Bing Cashback. Only 6 days starting today. Check here to see if you have the invite. Thanks to Slickdeals
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    Volume db calculation help

    I was curious as to how loud 95db sounded like and realized that I have no easy way to tell. So I thought to calculate out the maximum volume of my Ipod Touch with a Shure SCL3 and estimate. So what I know: Shure SCL is 115db/mW with 26ohms impedance. Ipod Touch outputs 30.6mW at 10ohms. So...
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    Silverstone Zeus fan replacement

    Swapped out all the fans from of my case to try to lessen the noise...and I found the PSU was the culprit :rolleyes: Anyway the Zeus 750w has a 42CFM fan inside. I am looking to replace it with a Scythe S-FLEX SFF80C which is a 28CFM fan. I have a Lian Li V1000 case with an 120mm intake on the...
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    SLI Dual Monitor

    I know dual monitor works with SLI now. However does both monitor have to be connected to 1 card? Can I have 1 on each? It matters for my hackintosh. Thanks.
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    EMU 0404 vs Auzen X-Meridian

    Thinking of going OSX totally. Anyway the X-Meridian or any CMI8788 for that matter does not work on OSX due to lack of drivers. After looking around a bit the EMU 0404 seems to be the best bet. I am only interested in stereo analog output as I mostly use headphones. How does the EMU 0404...
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    X-Meridian OPAMP problem

    I finally got around to replacing the OPAMPs. I tried to replace the stock with 4 LM4562NA. However I found serious static at higher frequencies and volume. It is as if the OPAMPS just ran out of gas. I tested all 4 in the front L/R channel and all have the same problem. Switched back to stock...
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    Dug up a pair of old Polks

    So was back home and went into the closet and found a pair of these: It needs 20-125W per channel. Only spare subwoofer I have on hand is a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 sub. It can power 2 35w satellites. Would there be any benefit in...
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    MSI GTX 260 $135.98 Shipped

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    On board NIC disappeared...

    Was swapping my gfx card today on my server (Biostar TF-7025) and somehow the onboard NIC disappeared. Does not even show up in Device Manager. After the gfx swap I upgraded the driver to the nvidia's latest and the next thing I know I can't get online anymore. Removed all the drivers, cleared...
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    MBP Bootcamp Vista extremely long boot

    I have Vista Business 64bit installed via Bootcamp on my MBP 4.1. Vista itself loads fine. However before it actually goes into loading there is a 1 minute or so dead time with a flashing cursor on the top left. Anyone else have this issue or better yet know how to fix it? Thanks.
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    How good is the Silverstone Zeus 750w still?

    Tempted to get that Antec 1kw in [H]otdeals. The Zeus is kinda old now, how does it compare to some of the newer units? Thanks.
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    MSI GTX 260 $135.98 Shipped

    Decided to downgrade from my X2 since I dont game much anymore and saw this on Ebay: They have more listings, just look for it. $40 rebate + 25% cashback. Seller is Mwave. Whatever you buy from their Ebay store will...
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    File corruption after OCing

    System in spec except I OCed it a bit more to 3.75GHz. Even before I took it further I noticed some issues but did not think much of it at the time. When I was using winrar to unzip a large file I keep getting file corruption errors. After a reformat Vista SP1 refused to install. I ran OCCT for...
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    Dual boot: RAID 0 or separate?

    I got a Gateway FX notebook recently and it has 2x drive bays. There is a 200GB 7200.2 already installed and I have a 320GB 7200.3. I run Ubuntu and Vista. Which of these two would be better: Get rid of 200GB and grab another 320GB to run RAID 0 and partition the array into two. Dont...
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    Asus P5Q Deluxe standby issues

    Anyone else having sleep issues with the P5Q Deluxe? Specs in sig. Usually I just shut the computer down however I was looking for a quick way to turn off all my LCDs without having to wait. Anyway the problem with this board is that when you sleep it will not wake. It just dies...literally...
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    Heatsink backplate removal tip

    Not sure if this was mentioned before. People usually suggest a hair dryer. Use a LAMP. On my spare board I had a Tuniq and I wanted to remove it. I do not have a hair dryer (I am in college lol, doubt anyone on my floor has a hair dryer :rolleyes::p). Anyway I was scratching my hair out as the...
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    Fiio E3 $8.45 shipped, excellent headphone amp for the $

    Saw this on SD, it was OOS when I looked awhile ago. Very nice amp and got excellent reviews at HeadFi. Black: White: HeadFi thread:
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    Windows Home Server Questions

    I was looking on wiki as to the capabilities of Home Server and noticed this: A single folder namespace (no drive letters) Is there any way to turn it off? I have a bunch of extra parts and I am thinking of making it into a NAS/Server. However I like separating the OS on a drive, downloads...
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    Cosmos 1000 front door

    For those with the case with the door closed is there any way for air to get past the door? I looked at some pictures and it doesnt seem like that is the case. Thinking of getting a Kama bay if possible. Thanks.
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    ATI + Nvidia card in one computer?

    Iv been trying to get a X1800XT and a 6200LE to work under Vista 32bit and so far Iv had no luck whatsoever. Theoretically it should be possible if the drivers are installed but not the software that comes with the cards. In my case the X1800XT being the primary installs fine but the 6200LE...
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    Remove blue bar in Vista Explorer

    Anyone know how to remove that blue bar that is right underneath the address bar? Also is there any way for Vista to display the folder size when you are in the folder like in XP? Thanks!
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    [H]ot! Galaxy 8800GTS 512 OEM $268 AR ($50) + SH Do the US checkout. Only some left so hurry. Galaxy isnt well known in the states (big in Asia mostly and Europe) so RMA may be a hassle. Should not be too bad though since NCIX covers 3 months and I havent had a card fail in...
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    Infinity in NSK480

    Think it is possible? I estimated the height of the board + the infinity and it is very very close. Would be great if someone has actually done it. edit: Meant the NSK4480
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    BIOS recovery help

    Got lazy for once and flashed through Windows and my Biostar Tforce is toast. I dont have a PCI gfx card so I am doing it blind. I managed to get it into DOS. However when running AWDFLASH (AWDFLASH N68PMA12.BST /py/sn/f/cc/r) the drive is busy for like 15 seconds then the access light stays on...
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    Logitech Z-5500 $154.99 AR FS Amazon Grab it now before it is gone. Excellent price on this. edit: This apparently is not free shipping. I didnt get a shipping quote on this when...
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    AM2 4000x2 Brisbane + 2GB Corsair XMS2 DHX DDR2 6400 $60.99 AR FS

    This is basically the same deal as the 5000x2 Black Edition posted earlier. It was dead for awhile and now it is alive again. This IMO is the best combo. Or go to the page on Newegg for Corsair XMS2 DHX CAS4...
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    Ghost in my Asus P5B Premium

    Well not a ghost. I have the P5B Premium in a PC-A05B. Its my workstation and most things works well. I even gave my E6600 a mild overclock to 3.2GHz even though I dont need it. The problem is that this computer refuses to turn off. I traced the problem to the USB 3/4 on this motherboard...
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    Connect X-Meridian to X-FI

    Is it possible to output digitally from the X-Fi to the X-Meridian? I know the X-Meridian has a digital-in. However I cant seem to find whether the X-Fi has a digital out that can be used for such a purpose. Im trying to share a set of 5.1 speakers with two computers and its a major pain (I dont...
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    Invert left/right channel

    Im wondering is there a cable that can switch the left and the right channel. I want to have the speaker with the controls to the left of the LCD since it is easier for me to reach. I dont want to do it via software since I use headphones as well. On my recievers I can just switch the cables and...